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Dallas Blog | Material Girls | Dallas Interior Design » MG’s “Guinness Book of Design Records”

Tallest Bed

tiny tim

{Tom Scheerer Incorporated}

Largest Clock


{Jay JeffersHouse Beautiful}

Most Multi Functional Sofa


{Cote de Texas}

Most Challenging Stair Climb


Steepest Tub


{Shoe shaped bathtub by Massimiliano Della Monaca- via Coco Perez}

Most Books in a Library


{Karl Lagerfeld’s Library via Delish}

Narrowest Room


{Domino- via La Dolce Vita}

Most Whimsical Chandelier


{Nanette Lepore’s den- via Shelter}

Most Fittings in a Shower


{Vicente WolfElle Decor}

Most Colorful Wood Planks


{Met Home}

Most Natural Four Poster Bed #1 (it’s a tie!)


{Marjorie Skouras DesignMetropolitan Home}

Most Natural Four Posted Bed #2


{Philip Hooper & Sally Metcalfe- Elle Decor}

Most Light Fixtures within a Fixture


{Metropolitan Home image- via Pink Wallpaper}

Busiest Entry


{room via Domino}

Largest Bust Statue


{Kelly Wearstler’s Home– Vogue}

Most Extensive Art Series


{The Peak of Chic}

Darkest Kitchen

black kitchen kelly

{Kelly Wearstler}

Tidiest Library


{via the Scoop}

Pointiest Headboard


{design by Mary McDonald}

Most Patterned Fireplace



**Disclaimer: These awards are purely based on my own knowledge and my own knowledge alone.  I am pretty sure I’ve never seen the pointiest headboard in the world nor have I experienced the most challenging stair climb…but feel free to send me pics that rival my finds or any other photos that you think should be in MG’s Guinness Book of Design Records!**

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3 Comments to 'MG’s “Guinness Book of Design Records”'

Jaime 28 Oct 09 at 1:43 pm

Clever “awards”! I like that birch bed, but that staircase is ridiculous! I think some of these rooms would make me dizzy, haha

Renee Gaddis 29 Oct 09 at 9:02 am

Great stairs!

Dallas Decorum 06 Nov 09 at 10:15 pm

Where did that huge snowflake light fixture come from?! Love it! Great post!

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