Oh the Tanners!  How could we ever forget you?  Jesse’s mullet, Michelle’s baby voice, Danny’s obsessive cleaning disorder?  I’m still wondering why and how this show ever left the TGIF lineup!


But what was even more memorable was their San Francisco based home.  In the opening credits, a row of Victorian houses are shown to the memorable tune “Everywhere You Look”.  Remember these?  They are located in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Fran and some even date back to the 1800’s.

full house1

Most people think that one of these houses must be the Tanner’s.  But in actuality, the red doored home that they claim to be the Tanner residence, is really located on another street named Broderick.

Some unforgettable interior shots of the Full House house.

Notice the plaid sofa-


And that overdone window treatment!


Can we say 80’s wallpaper? (and I spy…a mullet!)


This kitchen needs a renovation!


Luckily Full House was just a make believe set and we can now fast forward to the decor of 2009.

Ahh much better!


I know you won’t believe me just by looking at it, but this home (owned by Courtnay Daniels Hayden) actually has a lot in common with the Full House set…and that is, they were both featured on the show!  Well, to get more specific, the exterior of the Hayden residence was.

Courtnay’s San Francisco home is often surrounded by bunches of tourists taking photos of the home’s exterior.  Such a unique conversation starter when guests come over- “I live in one of the Full House houses!”  But this house is certainly a far cry from the outdated set of the 80’s sitcom.

So you want to see photos? You got it dude!






{Elle Decor- January Issue}

That’s the end of the tour. Chity chi bob botta!

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8 Comments to 'Whatever Happened to Predictability?'

Tammy@InStitches 29 Dec 09 at 9:32 am

I’m giggling at those “overdone” treatments. I bet you a dollar they are Dorothy’s Ruffled Originals…… or was that just a Southern thing ?

MomKat 29 Dec 09 at 9:46 am

I absolutely love this post! Brings back memories of my “80’s” decor:( Love the transformation! Maybe there is hope for me after all… Ha!

Barbara M 29 Dec 09 at 11:02 am

They were just trying to make the window treatments have as much fluff as the Jesse’s hair. LOL

OK, the entry way in Courtnay’s house is lovely. It is what I dream of (after we get the plumbing done).

MBH@DrawingRoom 29 Dec 09 at 12:01 pm

I hate to admit this, but this was a family favorite in our home, my kids now in their 20’s grew up watching this show and now watch the rerun’s. I love how this couple updated and added modern touches while retaining the beautiful architectural details!

My Notting Hill 29 Dec 09 at 2:04 pm

Wow – those ’80’s were crazy (but fun!) I hope that 20 years we don’t look at the new interiors and think yuck. Love the house you featured.

down pillow 29 Dec 09 at 2:32 pm

Oh, I can’t say I miss the show at all – soooo cheesy.

MaterialGirls 29 Dec 09 at 11:54 pm

Love all these comments! That show was too funny (and yes Down PIllow- so cheesy but that’s what made it so entertaining :)- especially when the serious music always came on at the end of each episode and Danny would give out one of his life lessons)- seems everyone had their own experience with Full House!

Julienne Wilson 01 Jan 10 at 4:45 am

….and my husband thinks I have a book problem!!!! Just love all those bookcases.

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