Yes, please!

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For only $15.99 a pop, I’ll take one of these outdoor pillows in every color!

Thank you Rachel from the Raenovate blog for featuring Before and After projects from EJ Interiors.

Rachel’s fabulous blog showcases the transformation of rooms by interior design firms.  Be sure to check out other Before and Afters on her site- including fellow MG blogger, Julia Edelmann’s!

This week, the Dallas Total Home and Gift Market is taking place at the Dallas Market Center; however, this year is a little different from past markets, as the DMC has launched a new part of the show, the Dallas Hospitality & Contract Design Show.

This event will take place from June 24-27 and will showcase thousands of product lines and exhibits, as well as provide educational opportunities (think seminars, tours, and forecasts!) for those in the hospitality and contract industry.

I’ll be up at the DMC tomorrow getting an early start to Market..come join in on the fun!

My Kind of Plant!

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As a busy workin’ girl running two businesses, I find it hard to do anything but work sometimes.  When I get home from being out all day at client meetings, I still have a huge to-do list on my plate- answering emails, updating my Quickbooks, drafting blog posts, etc.  The list never ends!  My home is still not completely organized since moving and my backyard? Let’s not even go there.  I wish I had time to garden, or let alone have a few thriving indoor plants, but who has the time?  Sure, watering only takes a few minutes out of the day, but that’s just one more thing to add to my ever-growing daily to-do list.  That is probably why I prefer anything inanimate…Mitsumata Branches, anyone?  These branches are the only natural looking pieces of decor in my home and I preferred to keep it that way…until now!

I recently heard about Grobal self watering pots and they are pretty much the greatest thing since sliced bread.

For only $24.95, you can be the proud owner of one self-sufficient plant.  This candy-colored potted plant will water itself!  No more worrying on vacation if your plant is getting enough nutrients from your plant sitter.  The Global will take care of itself and leave you stress-free.

Sign me up!

These little beauties were designed by Karim Rashid and make being a plant owner a breeze. If you aren’t ready for a huge commitment yet, Baby Grobals are also available!

Artichoke Fever!

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I have been so obsessed with the “artichoke motif” for the past few years.  It all started when I saw the artichoke accessory that my mom purchased from Stephanie Anne.  Of course, I wanted the exact same one when I saw it, but having just newly entered the working world, I settled for the less expensive version from Z Gallerie.

While all of my other accessories were put up on Craig’s List because I got tired of them, my white artichoke was the one piece that stayed with me from move to move (I suppose that means I must REALLY like it since things don’t stay around too long in my house)

Then the other day I ate lunch at the Bleu Artichoke Cafe (located in the Found Antiques showroom) and I just completely fell in love with the food and ambiance.  There was even a blue artichoke sitting right next to me on the window ledge.  How fitting!

My love for the artichoke just keeps on growing as I see it more and more in interior design.  My mom even suggested that I start collecting them! I think they make adorable accessories.

Some of my favorite artichoke sources below-

Wisteria- Artichoke on Stand

1stDibs- Murano Crystal Artichoke Chandelier

Z Gallerie- Artichoke Beverage Dispenser

Duralee- Tobin Exclusive Print

Crate and Barrel- Faux Artichokes

Design within Reach- Artichoke Lamp- White

Stray Dog Designs- Artichoke Lamp

Mecox Gardens- Cynara Finial

Horchow- Crab and Artichoke Dip

William Sonoma Home- Needlepoint Pillows

5 Years!

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Again and Again is celebrating their five year anniversary tomorrow at their adorable shop on Bonita Avenue in Dallas.  There will be hot dogs, champagne, and a big tent on their front lawn.

The best part? EVERYTHING is 50% off!!  I am so excited to see what other treasures I can find for my home.

Goodbye this week’s paycheck!  It’s been nice knowing ya…

I’ve been buying up a storm lately for my new home since there were so many things that I didn’t have to begin with when I moved.

I didn’t even have a dresser!  (and lots of drawer storage is a must in a house this small, with no closet space) I am always on Craig’s List looking for vintage finds (which can certainly be hit or miss), but a few weeks ago I tried typing in the search term “regency” juuuust to see what would come up.  Turns out, there is a whole booth at White Elephant Antiques in Dallas that is Kelly Wearstler-esque!  Most of the booth’s listings were on Craig’s List and I was pleasantly surprised to see furniture pieces that stylish on there (no offense Craig’s List, but you can get pretty outdated looking at times).

I joined the booth’s email list and got the sweetest email from Kristen, the owner and buyer for the booth at the WE.  She asked me what I was looking for and of course, I proceeded to tell her my entire house list!  It turns out, she had just the pieces for me.  I ended up buying a white bamboo dresser and four cane back dining chairs (and I didn’t even desperately need dining chairs, but who could pass up such a good deal!)

Kristen sells out of her finds very quickly (her prices are very reasonable), so it’s best to hit up her booth before the weekend.  She has done so well at White Elephant, that she is now acquiring the booth next to her existing one, so she will have double the space (and double the goods!)

Below are some of her current pieces in her booth (but I guarantee they won’t be there for long!)

I had to admit to Kristen that I’ve been to White Elephant for the past four weeks in a row (and multiple times in one week).  Antique shopping really has become an addiction.  I felt better when she admitted that she was a consignment store stalker too and am pretty sure there must be more of us out there!

White Elephant Antiques

1026 North Industrial Boulevard

Dallas, TX 75207

Booth #1121

Last week, I had the pleasure of working in the charming city of Baton Rouge.  I was in town to accessorize the laundry room belonging to the winner of the Wisk Laundry Room Makeover contest and also to watch the filming of the makeover (which will be featured on Designing Spaces in August).

Kristen and Matt Maurel entered the contest back in March by submitting this video.  If you haven’t already seen it, you must watch it!  Their video was so creative and so entertaining, I found myself laughing out loud at parts.  Kristen and Matt found out that they won the Wisk contest mid April, and then I had about two weeks to select the finishes and accessories for their laundry room while coordinating the makeover process with Whirlpool and Star Exhibits.

When I first went out to Baton Rouge for a site visit in April, I made sure to take tons of photos and measurements while I was there, to document their existing laundry space (and I knew I’d want to hold onto the original photos for some interesting Before and After comparisons!)

Their laundry room seemed even smaller in person than it appeared on their video (if you can believe it!)


Outdated vinyl flooring, an old washer/dryer, lack of good storage, and a poor room layout were just a few of the things that stood out to me on the site visit.  I knew that the room had a lot of potential and that it could look SO much better with more color, a little bit of pattern, and updated finishes.

Probably the most awkward part of the room was the window between the office and the laundry room.  This room was originally a sun porch, which explained A LOT.

The Maurels needed a new laundry room and needed it fast.  EJ Interiors to the rescue!

My intern Katie and I arrived in Baton Rouge on Tuesday and coincidentally enough, had our first meal two doors down from the Maurel’s house (I promise, we weren’t stalking!) Bistro Byronz came highly recommended and it did not disappoint.  Their blue cheese chips were a great start to the trip.

Wednesday morning we arrived at the Maurel’s home bright and early to start the decorating process.  The renovation had already been completed based on the finished we had specified a few weeks before, so all that was left was the decor.

The electrician finished installing the light fixture that morning, just in time!

And Katie (my awesome intern) measured the walls and cabinets in order to plan for the accessories.

The Maurel’s dog, Marty, was just a little overwhelmed by all the chaos and visitors, but was a great sport about it all.

After spending almost twelve hours putting the finishing touches on the room, we retired for the day and got ready for the big shoot that was to happen the next morning. Designing Spaces showed up bright and early Thursday morning along with Kristen, a scientist from Wisk.

{The Maurels, Katie, and Kristen}

At this point, Kristen and Matt had not seen their new laundry room yet and the big reveal was going to soon be on camera.

{Kristen and Matt two seconds away from seeing their new laundry room}

{Kristen from Wisk, showing them their new Whirlpool stackable washer/dryer and explaining to them that they must only use HE detergent in their HE washer/dryer}

All in all, it was a success and Kristen and Matt were overjoyed with their new room.

The color palette in their laundry room was taken from the rest of the house and its existing colors so it would all flow.   If you noticed in the previous photo, their kitchen is painted a grayed out blue/green color so this was the jumping off point for our design.  I chose a fabric from Duralee for the flat roman shade that incorporated this color and also a creamy white.  The creamy white color was then used on both the beadboard and built-ins (Benjamin Moore’s OC-13 Soft Chamois).

The flush mount light is Alexa Hampton for Visual Comfort (this fixture was love at first sight for me) and the ceiling is painted Benjamin Moore’s Gray Wisp (1570) to match the shade color.

Since Kristen and Matt told us their laundry personality was “Type A All-The-Way”, I made sure to include organizational pieces such as the numbered jars and woven baskets from Pottery Barn.  I decided to go with a lucite stool to add a bit of excitement and also since it takes up less visual space.  Towels are from West Elm and just happened to match perfectly to the window treatment and laundry basket.  The jute leather rug is also from West Elm and has flecks of blue/green in it which coordinated nicely with everything else.

I decided that yellow would be the accent color in there to add that extra bit of pop among all of the subdued colors.

Kristen and Matt- hope you enjoy your new laundry room half as much as I enjoyed working on it!

My mom just got back from Houston and brought me back a little souvenir.  Well, not the typical souvenir you would imagine!

She emailed me an inspiration photo of a room vignette that she saw at a shop there called Boxwood Interiors (one that sells Farrow and Ball wallpaper and paint.)  She snapped a photo of the room for me so I could live vicariously through her jaunt around Houston visiting all of their cool shops and showrooms.

I am OBSESSED!  I wouldn’t have ever thought to put all of those different patterns together in a room and would have been afraid that it would get “way too busy”; however, for some reason, it works here.  I really love all of the individual elements and that wallpaper is amazing!  I predict that the bold blue hue above will replace the turquoise fad (at least I hope so! I love turquoise but I’m so ready for a new blue to take over.  What about you?)