My “Fabric Of the Moment”

Monday, August 09, 2010 | Category: Designers, Fabric, Shops and Showrooms

Would have to be Barry Dixon’s Ishtar in Turquoise sold through Vervain.

I saw a woman carrying it around in Robert Allen the other day (trying to match it with some of their fabrics) and I just about followed the woman to her car, trying to get a glimpse of its tag stating where this stylish fabric was from.  I learned this much- that it’s from the S.Harris/Fabricut/Vervain showroom which was only a few doors down from Robert Allen! Yippee!  I proceeded to run into their showroom only to discover that all of the samples were checked out and I was going home empty handed.

I’m still waiting on my sample in the mail and hopefully it will get here soon so I can continue to drool over this gorgeous fabric.

It would look amazing on big pillows in any of their colourways (Brown, Cinnabar, Grey & Lemon, or Yellows)

But I have to say that after seeing it as upholstery on the Vervain website, I’m all for putting it on a chair too!

Ahhh pure bliss! Love it!

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2 Comments to 'My “Fabric Of the Moment”'

aansy 10 Aug 10 at 6:10 am

love the details of the figurine look so astonishing

Jodi Manes 10 Aug 10 at 10:40 am

Thanks for this picture! I just bought vintage thomasville childrens furniture(bamboo) That is yellow. I wa going to paint it because I have gray walls. This fabric would be great

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