Oh to be in college again! <Sigh>.  As my intern Kim gets ready to go back to school, I’m left living vicariously through her start of a new semester.

It feels like a million years ago that I lived in the dorms, but no matter how much time passes, I don’t think I’ll ever forget that decrepit building, the long trek up four flights of stairs to get to my room, those “pain in the neck” shower caddies (not to mention the awful community bathrooms) and the Laura Ashley floral EVERYTHING that I decorated my room with.

“Kids these days” are so lucky that there are such stylish and affordable decor options out there to make the dorm room the comfortable home away from home that it should be.

I recruited Kim (the recent dorm residing expert) in helping out with my top picks for cheap (but not cheap looking!) small space/dorm must-haves.

Airgo Chair- currently on sale!

Small Double Bell Alarm Clock- White

Twin Cherished Garden Quilt

Girls’ Solid Canvas Bins

Desk Lamp- Green

Tranby Mirror– only $19.99! A mirror at this price is pretty unheard of

Coming and Going Coat Rack

Knitted Poufs- beanbags with a twist!

Splendent Suzani Pictures

Perfectly Prepped Hair Accessories Organizer

Brocade Desk Accessories

Bredgrund Shower Curtain

Kim sent me photos of her dorm room from a few years ago and I had so much fun taking a peek into her hot pink, black and white dorm room world! Truly a designer in the making…

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5 Comments to 'Back to School!'

Down comforter 19 Aug 10 at 10:02 am

so much fun stuff! I love that clock, and the beanbag and the rack..and the pen holder, and the hair accessory organizer! Miss the fun dorm days!

kristin 19 Aug 10 at 11:20 am

Very cute site! Love thqt pink chair… come visit me sometime! 🙂

Frank McDonald 20 Aug 10 at 4:51 pm

So totally amazing! I love it all. Another good reference for some cool things: http://www.overstock.com/Worldstock/Wall-Decor/2058/cat.html?TID=WSSP6

Dana 22 Aug 10 at 12:32 am

Oh, what I would do to be back in college. Not only do they have great and affordable dorm room funiture/accessory options today as you mention, the thought of having minimal responsibility makes me want to turn back time. I truly appreciate those care free days in college. Now in the real world…..
Thanks for sharing and Kim’s room looked great.

Nicole 23 Feb 12 at 6:04 pm


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