Suzanne Kasler’s furniture line for Hickory Chair is nothing short of stunning.  I’m always drooling over her French inspired pieces and daydreaming about one day adding a piece of her collection to my own living room.

Well, that day isn’t going to be anytime soon unfortunately, so you can imagine my surprise when I came across her Tuxedo Chest at Hickory Chair and almost fell over when I saw how closely it looked to the vintage 1950’s chest that I just bought at Lula B’s Antique Mall in Dallas.

Of course the first person I emailed was my boyfriend (who definitely didn’t share my level of excitement) to tell him that there was our entry chest’s twin (well, its three paneled, more expensive twin) sitting at Hickory Chair for about $7,000 more than what I paid.

I swear, you really never know what you will find at these great vintage shops on Riverfront!

{Suzanne’s Tuxedo Chest}

{Lula B’s vintage chest}

Of course nothing compares to Suzanne’s furniture (and I can’t say I’m any less obsessed with her collection), but after taking the former laminated countertop credenza from Lula B’s and transforming it with a marble top, it looks like a whole new piece of furniture!  I call it my “Suzanne inspired piece”.  Now if only Lula’s would get a quatrefoil shaped chair in the Alexandra’s likeness, I’d be on a roll!

Be sure to visit Lula B’s Antique Mall for other amazing deals and steals!

1010 Riverfront Boulevard

Dallas, TX 75207

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Down comforter 13 Sep 10 at 10:14 am

Love that chair, it looks so comfy too

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