My friend Bonnie sent me photos of her recent furniture purchases from (relatively) new consignment store, Area 25 in Dallas.  She got a really great looking glass top dining table and two stylish white leather x benches for a song!

As you probably already know, I am crazy for consignment shops so of course had to scurry on over there to check it out for myself.  This is one I hadn’t heard of before!

First to give you a lil background info…Area 25 was started by Home Stager, Sheryl Lawrence, and includes a bunch of her own pieces that she’s accumulated throughout her career as well as unique finds from others.

There really was something for everyone here. Pieces ranged from the more ornate traditional style to the sleek and modern.

I spy..Bonnie’s benches!

They even had cowhide rugs (including metallic ones).  Too bad my living room is the size of a closet and there’s no cow small enough to fit in it.

I want a bust sculpture so badly!  They had a few different sized ones there that would look great on a console, chest or pedestal.

Some well priced apothecary jars…

Someone please get these electrical sconces!

I loved this really cool chrome table base.  All it needs is a glass top and you’d be good to go!

I thought these gray “log” candleholders were pretty interesting.  Actually just about anything gray is catching my eye these days!

It’s almost that time for me to make another visit to Area to see what new finds have come in!  Be sure to venture over there and/or join their mailing list.  You’ll be glad you did!

4901 West Lovers Lane, Dallas

Dallas’ own Lisa Luby Ryan (interior designer and owner of Vintage Living) has just launched her collection for Arteriors at Highpoint.  A few days ago I received the catalog in the mail with photos of her European inspired pieces and they really are stunning and such a great addition to Arteriors!  I can’t wait to get to ordering some of these pieces for my own clients!

I think my favorite would have to be the Nelson Metal/Brass French Safety Deposit Box- tres chic!

No Love for Uma

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Uma Thurman’s five story NYC townhouse is currently up for sale and going for $14.2 million!  I discovered this today while reading Perez and was a little surprised when I viewed the slideshow of her former home.  The home’s design is far from what I envisioned the Kill Bill star’s house to look like.

During her rise to stardom, Uma has played out many personalities….

but never did I take her for the white slipcovers type? A white and blush color palette and an overall formal, dainty residence is a stark contrast to some of the characters Uma has played over the years (and it definitely wasn’t what I would have pictured for her real life persona!)  Why did I think she was more boho chic and eclectic than this?  Am I dreaming?

Some of the comments on Perez are not too favorable either.  Most reviews gave it a thumbs down.  Some comments- “it looks like my grandmother’ s house” and “no wonder Ethan Hawke left”.  Ouch!  Do you think it’s as bad as they say it is?  What type of place would you have envisioned for Uma?

After all the years of hearing about Lauren’s wonderful trips to the Roundtop Antiques Fair, I decided to make a trekk out there of my own for their bi-annual show.  Of course, the weather was completely deceiving the day I went.  It started out pretty nice in the morning but then by lunchtime, it had reached around 100 degrees.  It was b-r-u-t-a-l walking booth to booth in the heat, but I must say that despite all the sweating, body aches, and dehydration that we endured, it was definitely worth it.

My first stop was Clutter (which Lauren had identified as “having the best prints!”).   I think I spent an hour and a half roaming around Clutter.  Don’t ask me how I managed to do this, seeing as it is as big as a two bedroom apartment, but somehow I ended up spending most of the initial “cool hours” at this really interesting show.

I fell in love with all of their adorable dishes and glassware.

I was on a mission for plates and plates I found!  I needed some for my dining room shelves and others for a wall in my kitchen.  I ended up buying a set of these-

And also these gray, cream and gold ones-

I seriously could have stayed in Clutter’s back room all day.  With two table fans and a generous collection of antique and reproduction prints, I was all set.

Art work can get pretty expensive, so I find that one of the more inexpensive ways to fill your walls is to frame and matte a series of botanicals, leaves, eggs or shells (really this method can be done with just about anything).  A series always looks great and you can never go wrong with something it!  The prints at Clutter were the answer to all my blank walls.

I’ve always wanted leaf prints and I thought the perfect opportunity would be to do a couple of them in my living room (since the color in there is mainly chartreuse). However, it’s not often that you see leaf prints that go more on the yellowy-green side and less on the grass green side.  You can imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this lone ranger on the left- a chartreuse leaf print!  I’ll take one of each please.

I also got six of these architectural prints for my dining room- a steal at only $6 each!

Next, we headed to Excess (Lauren’s favorite show).   She was right in that there are so many great things to see that you can get really overwhelmed.  At this point, overwhelmed was an understatement. I wanted to see it all, but time was running out!

I really wanted one of these clam shells to put inside my fireplace nook (a recessed fireplace that serves absolutely no purpose)- but sadly, these were too deep for it.

I haven’t seen many tortoise shells in Dallas, but there was certainly no shortage of them at RT!  (We’ve actually gotten quite a few emails from readers asking where to get them so if you aren’t too far from Roundtop….)

We started craving barbeque so our stay at Excess was short lived.  We drove down the main road and found the best barbeque we’ve ever had (I wish I had remembered the man’s catering company who cooked it for us out of his trailer).  It was amazing and hit the spot.  Right near the BBQ stop was another show with the most beautiful French antiques.  I started getting really dirty looks when I snapped photos, so I only could sneak a few in.

(Does anyone know the name of this show? I loved it! It was the end of the day and by this time, we were quite delirious, so I can’t recall where it was or what it was?)

The show was comprised of an entire tent filled with painted furniture (my dream!)

If you haven’t ever been to Roundtop, I’d definitely recommend it!

And after three weeks, I finally got around to framing my egg prints from Clutter for my bathroom- a nice memento of my first trip to RT.

I’m definitely looking forward to going again in March (but in cooler weather!)

It feels like eons ago that I went to see the latest Dwell with Dignity installation here in East Dallas.  I haven’t been able to blog about it until now because of our little Malware issue (so that’s why we’re a little late to the party on this one) but I figure- better late than never!

{Dwell’s latest install on Ross Avenue in Dallas}

If you haven’t heard of it already, Dwell with Dignity, is a non-profit organization located here in Dallas that has garnered much attention since it originated just one year ago.  Founder/Owner Lisa Robison and Executive Director, Kim Turner (both interior designers and former design school classmates) have gotten much of the design community actively involved in creating inspiring homes for families struggling with homelessness and poverty.  Their latest installation on Ross Avenue was for a single mother and child.  I got a chance to see the apartment before they moved in, and I must say that it was truly amazing to see all of the volunteers’ hard work towards such a great cause.  Dwell ‘s approach is through the use of simple, creative design and much of the pieces for the homes are donated from showrooms, stores, or hand crafted by volunteers.  You can certainly tell that a lot of hard work goes into creating these apartment homes, that are meant to “inspire those less fortunate to maintain a standard of living they can be proud of and thrive in.”

Dwell’s latest news is that they are hosting a contest called Ready, Aim Re-Design.  The contest started October 1st and will end November 29th (winner will be announced December 1st).  The premise of the contest…Dwell wants to see how you’ve transformed one of your own furniture pieces!  All you have to do is send in your entry fee of $25 (which will be donated to Dwell with Dignity) and also the Before and After photos of the piece.   Anyone can enter!  Honorary judges include Jonathan Adler, Rhonda Carmen of All the Best, Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge, Crystal Gentilello of Plush Palate, Samantha Sano of style/SWOON, and Rebecca Sherman of Houses, Gardens, People. What a great contest. Good luck!

Of course, I couldn’t end this post without showing you the Dwell install on Ross from a few weeks ago-

Living Room-

Thank you to Kim for inviting me into their most recent install and taking the time to give me such great background on Dwell and the incredible impact that it’s having on the Dallas community!

A few months ago I started working on my client Stacey’s home office.  From the get-go, she really wanted to incorporate navy in her scheme and sent me this photo below of Carrie’s apartment in SATC 2 for inspiration.  She loved how the warm yellow and golds were mixed with cooler colors such as grays and silvers (with a splash of navy as an accent).  Of course, we both were completely infatuated with Carrie’s slipper sofa too so wanted to try to incorporate that into our planning.

Stacey’s wall color was currently light gray and I went over and over in my mind about how we were going to tie in golds, navy, white, and gray.  I needed a fabric that pulled EVERYTHING together- one that would help it all make sense in there.

Enter: Lee Jofa

One sunny afternoon in Dallas, I was perusing the fabrics at Lee Jofa and stumbled upon the most incredible fabric I had ever seen!  I sent Stacey an email as soon as I saw it with the message- “this would be perfect for your office”.  It was one of the 25 fabrics from their new Oscar de la Renta line.  The fabric I chose in particular was a gorgeous linen-silk made of grosgrain ribbon, designed in a chevron pattern (appropriately dubbed Chevron Ribbon).  To make the fabric sighting even more rewarding, Lee Jofa had all of Oscar’s fabrics displayed in long pieces so you could really see the patterns and colors in them. I was really wowed by it all!

For Stacey’s office, I started with the Gray/Cream/Black colorway (trying to convince myself the black was just a really really dark navy 🙂 but the cream in it didn’t fly with her bright white trim so I went out on a limb and proposed something else to Stacey.

Chevron Ribbon- Gray/Black/White colorway

I proposed that we paint the entire room navy and go with the Navy/Slate colorway instead.  The bright white background of it would look amazing with her white trim and wall paint from connecting rooms, and she would get the navy color that she’s been wanting, with a very graphic look. Luckily her and her husband were all for it, so we’ve started working on the scheme-

{Sources- Lee Industries, Lee Jofa, Global Views, Amanda Talley, 1st Dibs, Benjamin Moore}

Stacey’s color scheme reminds me of a post on Kravet’s Inspired Talk, that featured de la Renta’s clothing in navy, white and orange-

His fabrics are so stunning, you could honestly get out your sewing kit and make a skirt out of them, but of course Oscar has already thought of that!

Online Auction for Charity- Custom skirts designed by Oscar de la Renta

I took photos of some of the other Oscar fabric swatches that I got at Lee Jofa to give you an up close and personal look at all of his colorways (apologies in advance for the awful photography and background, but I do have to say that sisal looks great with his fabrics!)

We’re Baaaack!

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After two and a half weeks of having a Malware message attached to our blog site, we are finally back in business! I have to say that although at first, it was a nice little vacation from blogging (since design projects have taken over my life), but after the one week mark hit, I was going crazy without being able to blog.

However, there was one positive thing that came out of this lull…the two weeks gave me time to come up with some great blog post ideas that I’ve been storing up for when we got back up and running!

We want to sincerely apologize to the other design bloggers (and their readers) who felt the effects of our Malware virus these past few weeks (it seemed to have caught onto their sites too since they had outgoing links to us).  So again, we are truly sorry and promise we won’t give you any other diseases!

So happy to be back and hope you’ll forgive us for the radio silence!