A few months ago I started working on my client Stacey’s home office.  From the get-go, she really wanted to incorporate navy in her scheme and sent me this photo below of Carrie’s apartment in SATC 2 for inspiration.  She loved how the warm yellow and golds were mixed with cooler colors such as grays and silvers (with a splash of navy as an accent).  Of course, we both were completely infatuated with Carrie’s slipper sofa too so wanted to try to incorporate that into our planning.

Stacey’s wall color was currently light gray and I went over and over in my mind about how we were going to tie in golds, navy, white, and gray.  I needed a fabric that pulled EVERYTHING together- one that would help it all make sense in there.

Enter: Lee Jofa

One sunny afternoon in Dallas, I was perusing the fabrics at Lee Jofa and stumbled upon the most incredible fabric I had ever seen!  I sent Stacey an email as soon as I saw it with the message- “this would be perfect for your office”.  It was one of the 25 fabrics from their new Oscar de la Renta line.  The fabric I chose in particular was a gorgeous linen-silk made of grosgrain ribbon, designed in a chevron pattern (appropriately dubbed Chevron Ribbon).  To make the fabric sighting even more rewarding, Lee Jofa had all of Oscar’s fabrics displayed in long pieces so you could really see the patterns and colors in them. I was really wowed by it all!

For Stacey’s office, I started with the Gray/Cream/Black colorway (trying to convince myself the black was just a really really dark navy 🙂 but the cream in it didn’t fly with her bright white trim so I went out on a limb and proposed something else to Stacey.

Chevron Ribbon- Gray/Black/White colorway

I proposed that we paint the entire room navy and go with the Navy/Slate colorway instead.  The bright white background of it would look amazing with her white trim and wall paint from connecting rooms, and she would get the navy color that she’s been wanting, with a very graphic look. Luckily her and her husband were all for it, so we’ve started working on the scheme-

{Sources- Lee Industries, Lee Jofa, Global Views, Amanda Talley, 1st Dibs, Benjamin Moore}

Stacey’s color scheme reminds me of a post on Kravet’s Inspired Talk, that featured de la Renta’s clothing in navy, white and orange-

His fabrics are so stunning, you could honestly get out your sewing kit and make a skirt out of them, but of course Oscar has already thought of that!

Online Auction for Charity- Custom skirts designed by Oscar de la Renta

I took photos of some of the other Oscar fabric swatches that I got at Lee Jofa to give you an up close and personal look at all of his colorways (apologies in advance for the awful photography and background, but I do have to say that sisal looks great with his fabrics!)

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4 Comments to 'Fashion Fabrics'

Marilyn G Russell 08 Oct 10 at 11:54 am

Wow, what a fabulous selection. Your final selection for your client’s office is outstanding. I love it when people aren’t afraid of color. Can’t wait to see the final outcome.

Maddie 08 Oct 10 at 12:27 pm

I love it Emily. It’s so beautiful.

Sarah 09 Oct 10 at 7:16 am

What a gorgeous fabric! I really like the idea of the navy walls and stark white contrast, it will look great! the fabric is perfect as well – I just started seeing the ads for the Oscar fabrics and I took a second look…:)) good luck and we’d love to see pics when you are done!

maison21 10 Oct 10 at 6:49 pm

glad to see the blog back up!

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