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Dallas Blog | Material Girls | Dallas Interior Design » You Got Those Where?!

I was reading designer, Emily Clark’s blog today which featured a recent bedroom makeover that she completed.  My jaw practically hit the floor when she revealed her source for the nightstands.  She took a big box retailer’s run of the mill chest (for $79.99) and then added pretty hardware to it.  I swear, it looks like a whole new piece!

Click HERE to find out what retailer Emily got her revamped nightstands from- you won’t believe it!!

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9 Comments to 'You Got Those Where?!'

Maddie 21 Feb 11 at 10:32 pm

Hi Emily. I really like how the room turned out but I especially like how they used their personal photos as art. Maybe we can do something like that in the retreat. I got a ton of those photos !

chic coles 22 Feb 11 at 9:53 am

She did such a great job!

Paula 22 Feb 11 at 1:11 pm

OMG. If my husband will let me, we’re copying this. I have a love/mostly hate relationship with Ikea (I’ll buy storage boxes and candles there, but not much else), but I always thought the white version of this dresser was great for a closet (though not nice enough to stand on it’s own in a room). Happily, Emily has proven me wrong!

The Hungry Housewives 23 Feb 11 at 3:05 am

That’s funny- I have those EXACT drawer sets in my bedroom (but in brown). Nice to know a cute update for when I get bored!

Sue 23 Feb 11 at 3:44 pm

Great job. I love the hardware. Where can I find it?

Charlotte 23 Feb 11 at 11:52 pm

Amazing makeover and nice lamp. I like the color of the bedroom. It looks neat and pleasing to the eye. Good job!

french provincial homewares 10 Mar 11 at 11:01 pm

The bedroom looks elegant. I think the major attraction is that storage box. It’s amazing to see how a simple storage box can add so much class to a bedroom. Good work Emily.

french provincial homewares 06 Apr 11 at 8:51 pm

Wow…this picture shows excellent interior design and bedsheets..i would like to buy it..from where can I get it.?

Emily A. Clark 21 Apr 11 at 8:17 pm

Hi Emily–Somehow I missed this post, but thanks for the mention :)

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