Mirror Mirror….

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One of my clients went to Vegas last winter and came back from her trip telling me how much she love love loved the bed at the Encore hotel.  She was attracted to everything about it- from the mirrored headboard down to the mattress and fluffy white duvet cover.  Her stay was perfect timing, as we were about to start re-doing her master bedroom.  It was only a matter of days before she sent me photos of the room and info on the bed from their Home Store.

{Encore Home Store}

{Encore hotel room}

We decided to order the bed frame, mattress, box spring and bedding from the hotel, so all we had left to do was….design the entire bedroom around it!

Her walls were painted Camelback by Sherwin Williams and her floors were hand scraped hardwoods so we had a nice neutral palette to work with.  We started discussing headboard options and she sent me one that she loved from Horchow that consisted of a beige/neutral fabric; however, I just knew this color wouldn’t be right and would fade right into the Camelback walls.  I decided then and there that we needed something bold, something sexy, something dramatic!  After all, she was about to become a newlywed so her bedroom needn’t be ignored!

Nothing says sexy like TUFTING, nothing says bold like GREEN, and nothing says dramatic like MIRROR. So what did we end up with?  A custom-made tufted velvet headboard framed in beveled mirror.

{Inspiration board for client’s room}

The client came back from her honeymoon to this and fell head over heels (I finally saw it today and was equally as smitten!)

{Headboard covered in Kravet’s Versailles Velvet- E26304; coordinating pillow fabric in Schumacher’s Blades Lush Summer Lawn}

Although it was a tedious process designing the headboard, seeing the finished product makes me want to do it all over again.  I love the hint of sparkle that the frame gives the room and the luxe look of the tufted velvet.

Here are some mirrored bed photos to inspire you to give your room that extra touch of bling…

{Paris Hilton bedroom}

{Domino Magazine}

{Miles Redd…in bed}

{Bunny Williams’ bedroom}

{photo via Design Hole Online}

{Bedroom I did for the Dallas Market Center’s Home for the Holidays event.  The Design Directions showroom so kindly lent me their bed!}

{via Interior Design Daily}

Hoppy Easter!

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It’s really hard for me to believe that Easter weekend is already here.  This year has just flown by!

As I sit here with my own honey bunny, Zoey, getting ready for a busy weekend of family and fun, all things pink, purple, blue and green keep popping into my head.

I’m not normally a fan of pastel colors, as they remind me of my dentist’s office circa 1990, but here are some rooms that I found where designers did the pastel thing SO right-

{Elle Decor}

{Elle Decor}

{House Beautiful}




{Elle Decor}

Have a great weekend everyone!

The winner of our Material Girls/Home Goods “Tweet Your Find” contest is….

Meghan from Dallas!  Check out what she found-

“Found the perfect girly but beachy vase at Park Lane Place!”

Looking forward to posting Meghan’s shopping experience with her $100 HG gift card in the upcoming weeks! Stay tuned!

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the opening of the Park Lane Home Goods in Dallas.  Well, in celebration of the store opening, MG has teamed up with Home Goods for a contest called “Tweet Your Find!”

Here’s the low down…all you have to do is take a trip to the Home Goods store at The Shops at Park Lane in Dallas (8188 Park Lane, Suite 160, Dallas, 75231) and SHOP!  Select your favorite find from the store and tweet us a photo of it via Twitter!  In the tweet, make sure you call out @materialgirls and @homegoods so we can mark you down as a contest entrant.  A winner will be chosen at random and will receive a $100 gift card to Home Goods!  Also, the winner will get to guest blog on our site, after shopping with the gift card, and show us what he/she found for $100 at Home Goods!

Contest starts NOW and runs until Home Goods at Park Lane closes on Sunday, April 17th at 8 pm.  Winner will be announced Monday night on The Material Girls blog!

I actually went to Home Goods for their “soft opening” last Friday afternoon and I purchased an amazing lamp. It’s too bad I can’t enter the contest :), but if I could, here would be my tweet-

@materialgirls, @homegoods- Loving the acrylic lamp I found for $150 at Home Goods! Will look perfect on the chest in my entryway.

(insert pic of fab find here…)

Entering the contest is as easy as that.

Happy shopping! Can’t wait to see what you find!

It’s not often that I digress from interior design on MG and post about other topics, but I recently discovered two fashion sites that I thought would really appeal to MG readers so I just had to share!

The founders of these sites are young, hardworking entrepreneurs with a lot of style and a lot of energy.  I know how difficult it is to launch a website and run a business, so I really admire what these two are doing and how quickly they have grown their businesses.  I’ll tell you one thing, this guy and gal are on on the rise and one day I’ll say…”I knew them when…”


ReFINEstyle- I recently met Megan Masoner, the owner of ReFINEstyle at a girls “Poker Night” (A.K.A.- “Girls drinking wine night”)  She is just what you would expect- incredibly nice, fashionable, and really dedicated to her work.  She started ReFINEstyle, the “online marketplace for pre-loved designer fashion and accessories” in 2009 and since then, designers on her site have grown to eight hundred premier brands and selected merchandise sales are often 70-90% off retail prices.  Megan and ReFinestyle were just written about in In Style magazine and were also featured on Good Morning America! Way to go Megan!

Check out some of ReFINEstyle’s fab items up for grabs!

{Louis Shoulder Bag}

{DVF Wrap Dress}

{Joe’s gray skinny jeans}


Needle’s Haystack- Stephen Lehn, whom I have known since gradeschool, recently launched Needle’s Haystack, an online marketplace for jewelers.  The website idea came about after he searched and searched last summer for the perfect birthday gift for his mother.  After finding a very talented, local jewelry designer, in his search and discovering that there was a lack of markets focused specifically on jewelry, he began building the foundation for NH.  After months of hard work, Needle’s Haystack, finally launched last week!  Congrats to the NH team (can i just say how much I love their web banner and logo?)

Now that you have your outfit from ReFINEstyle, all you need are some accessories….here are some of my faves from Needle’s Haystack-

{Crystal Knot necklace}

{Amazonite Elegance Necklace}

{Golden Seraph Necklace}

With the click of a button to these two sites, you could seriously plan out a whole outfit! Now that’s my kind of shopping….

Last weekend was the bi-annual Roundtop Antiques Fair, in Roundtop, Texas.  You might remember my trip out to Roundtop last September, which I blogged about here.

Anyone who has been to Texas in September, knows how unbearably hot it can be, so after my last trip down there in the Fall, I promised myself that I would go back for better weather (85 to 90 degrees) the next March.

Well, the weather cooled off and March 2011  rolled around.  I couldn’t wait for my adventure to Roundtop to begin!  I had my room measurements and fabric swatches ready to go; however, there was just one small detail that had to be ironed out before the show- I had to bribe my sister into going with me!  Now let me just tell you about my sister, Catherine. She has always had an amazing eye for fashion, but has never really been much into interior design (which is the complete opposite of me).  I could care less about saving up for the “it” bag or switching out my winter wardrobe for new Spring clothes.  I instead, look forward to the new “it” fabric and switching out my pillows for Spring.

I never thought in a million years that Cath would come to Roundtop with me, so was extremely surprised when she said “I will come with you, if you promise a beer, a bathroom, and some unhealthy food”.   Substitute bathroom for “porta-potty” and she had herself a deal!

{No trip to Roundtop is complete without a visit to Royers! Above, picture of Bud Royer}

When we got to Roundtop, I told her my list of things that I was trying to score on this trip.  Here is how the conversation went-

E- “I am looking for an animal head for my wall”

C- “A what?”

E- “An animal head!  Don’t be silly, I don’t want one with a face!  Just one that’s cast in resin.”

C- “Who would want that?”

E-  <Sigh> “People like me.  I also want a bust.”

C- “Excuse me?”

E- “You know, a bust.  But only a woman bust, not a man bust, or Ben might get creeped out.”

C- (shakes her head in confusion)

So thus began our trip to Roundtop!

It dawned on me that the things I constantly see in magazines, on blogs, and in showrooms (things that most of us bloggers/designers are already tired of), were all new concepts to a design newbie like Cath.  I decided to make it my mission to get Cath out of her retail, mass produced, interior design bubble and show her the things that (whether you hate ’em or love ’em) people are putting in their houses….

#1- Ginormous Foo Dog– Ok, I can’t say that this would be the first thing I’d choose to put on my doorstep to greet visitors, but it was fun to see the look on her face when she saw this enormous red Chinese guardian lion.

#2- Elegant Bust (pearls included?)- Cath had to get a pic with her new lady friend….

#3- Oversized Crown- Cath admired a crown accessory fit for the Jolly Queen Giant (he he)

#4- Animal Head- I think this was the thing that shocked her the most (and she is still skeptical to this day…)   I promised her that she will think it’s normal once it reaches Pottery Barn next summer.

#5- Cowhide- Cath got “Cowhide 101” and literally had to “pet” the rug

#6- Suzani– Cath enjoyed taking her time checking out this Suzani (I got excited thinking that she and the suzani might have connected, but I think it more had to do with the fact that this was the only booth with A/C)

#7- Clam Shell– If there was a cartoon bubble above her head, Cath would be thinking “You don’t see these mammoth clam shells lying on the beach every day in Cabo…”

#8- Mystery Glass- Here Cath is, weighing in on the mystery glass (literally).  I actually bought one of these for myself to put on my entry chest and am so in love with it.   Granted it’s not Kryptonite like the booth owners originally told us, but it comes in close, as colored glass from a glass plant overseas.

#9- Nude Figure Drawing- Another piece Cath had a hard time understanding.  I think at this point, she’s not liking this blog post game anymore and is begging for me to stop thumbing through original art sketches brought over by an adorable French couple at this booth here.

Now she’s thinking…”We’re finally done!  Take me somewhere in Roundtop that I really want to see.”  So off we went to the worlds’ smallest Catholic church!

{Thanks for coming with me Cath and for being a great shopping buddy! I’m putting you down for next year’s tour.. :)}