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Monday, April 11, 2011 | Category: Fashion, Shops and Showrooms

It’s not often that I digress from interior design on MG and post about other topics, but I recently discovered two fashion sites that I thought would really appeal to MG readers so I just had to share!

The founders of these sites are young, hardworking entrepreneurs with a lot of style and a lot of energy.  I know how difficult it is to launch a website and run a business, so I really admire what these two are doing and how quickly they have grown their businesses.  I’ll tell you one thing, this guy and gal are on on the rise and one day I’ll say…”I knew them when…”


ReFINEstyle- I recently met Megan Masoner, the owner of ReFINEstyle at a girls “Poker Night” (A.K.A.- “Girls drinking wine night”)  She is just what you would expect- incredibly nice, fashionable, and really dedicated to her work.  She started ReFINEstyle, the “online marketplace for pre-loved designer fashion and accessories” in 2009 and since then, designers on her site have grown to eight hundred premier brands and selected merchandise sales are often 70-90% off retail prices.  Megan and ReFinestyle were just written about in In Style magazine and were also featured on Good Morning America! Way to go Megan!

Check out some of ReFINEstyle’s fab items up for grabs!

{Louis Shoulder Bag}

{DVF Wrap Dress}

{Joe’s gray skinny jeans}


Needle’s Haystack- Stephen Lehn, whom I have known since gradeschool, recently launched Needle’s Haystack, an online marketplace for jewelers.  The website idea came about after he searched and searched last summer for the perfect birthday gift for his mother.  After finding a very talented, local jewelry designer, in his search and discovering that there was a lack of markets focused specifically on jewelry, he began building the foundation for NH.  After months of hard work, Needle’s Haystack, finally launched last week!  Congrats to the NH team (can i just say how much I love their web banner and logo?)

Now that you have your outfit from ReFINEstyle, all you need are some accessories….here are some of my faves from Needle’s Haystack-

{Crystal Knot necklace}

{Amazonite Elegance Necklace}

{Golden Seraph Necklace}

With the click of a button to these two sites, you could seriously plan out a whole outfit! Now that’s my kind of shopping….

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