About a month ago we hosted a contest with Home Goods where one of our Dallas readers won a $100 gift card to use at the new Home Goods at Park Lane. ¬†She wrote a lil guest blog for us on her shopping experience at the store and we wanted to share with all of you! This gal Meghan is hilar- I’d shop with her any day of the week! Read about the interesting pieces she stumbled upon the other day at their new store….

Walking into the new Home Goods at Park Lane Place is like getting slapped in the face by a thrifty designer. There is so much cool stuff to look at, there’s no safe place to rest your eyes. The most difficult part of my trip was limiting myself to around $100 – I could have filled up my car, plus strapped some stuff to the top and still not grabbed everything I wanted to…love this place!

I know what you’re thinking…yeah, yeah, you love it because they gave you a gift card. But, it’s not true. I almost (accidentally, sort of) broke into Home Goods before it was even open. I stalked Park Lane Place every day to watch the progress. I almost set up a tent outside. Yes, I love it that much and yes, I need more hobbies.

On to the goods for your home. There are deals and steals and awesomeness as far as the eye can see…

Even though there is SO MUCH to check out (seriously, take your ADD medicine before you walk through the doors) it doesn’t seem that crowded. Sort of like going through your crazy, but hip aunt’s attic.

They think of everything there, too – check out the little hanging rulers. Perfect if you always forget a tape measure (like me) and have to use your fingers and forearm to measure stuff…that’s how I know my chest of drawers is three forearms plus three fingers and a thumb wide by one forearm plus one hand deep.

You can literally get anything for your home here. Need a giant stuffed dog larger than a three year old? They’ve got it.

Planning a party and want only pink accessories and serving dishes? Yep, you’re covered.

I was looking for a few specific things – a large-ish art piece for my living room wall, a bathroom shelving thingy (technical design term, of course) and a bedside table for my guest room. But, I got majorly distracted in the garden section. They had some crazy business up in there. Mosaic snail…shiny turtle…statue of raccoons helping eachother drink water out of a bowl. The possibilities for your garden are literally endless.

Now for the money shot. I really needed a bedside table for my guest room so my guests wouldn’t have to put their water glass on the floor or sleep with their book in the bed with them. My guest room has grey walls, all white ruched bedding and a green desk. So, I was looking for something with green in it. I had so much trouble deciding between the two on the top, but finally decided to go with the one on the left.

Moral of the story: You are wasting money and being dumb if you don’t love shopping at Home Goods.

Thanks to Home Goods and Material Girls for this shopping adventure!!

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4 Comments to 'Meghan’s Home Goods Hunt!'

Jessie 17 May 11 at 1:42 am

Meghan is hilarious, I love her way of narrating her Home Goods shopping adventure! Great pick with the nightstand!


H.G. The Countess 17 May 11 at 12:10 pm

I love Homegoods!!! Really wish there was one in NYC, but I’ve driven out to one in Westchester and it was worth it.

jmpw 23 May 11 at 10:29 pm

I have five petrified wood stumps that are GORGEOUS and came from Home Goods. They were $129.99 each (something like that). They’re over two grand at ABC Home. Crazy. Yes, dumb if you don’t love it!

jmpw 23 May 11 at 10:30 pm

HGTC – Staten Island Home Goods. Killing it!

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