The Two W’s

Posted By Emily-Dallas | Jun 30, 2011 | 4 Comments | Category: Events, Material Girls Projects

The two W’s have been taking over my life lately (Work and Wedding planning).  I have been having a hard time finding time and energy to do anything else these days (including cleaning my house and blogging!), as there always seems to be another decision to make or another email to send out.  Whoever said there weren’t enough hours in the day, definitely knows what he/she is talking about!

The two W’s are constantly on my mind.  I go to bed at night dreaming of marble slabs and fluttering peonies and wake up with a to-do list as long as Veruca Salt’s Christmas list.

It’s funny how many similarities there have been between planning a wedding and planning out a client’s project.  Both require lots of attention to detail and decision-making. Color, texture, materials, furniture, accessories, and a deadline (!) have all come into play mimicking a lot of my own projects for EJ Interiors.

If I could sum up my dream wedding design in one virtual color board, it would go something like this….

Are you loving the sound of this collaboration as much as I am- Allegra Hicks + West Elm?

Mmmm…I think yes!

When I got an email that Allegra Hicks had teamed up with the modern retailer, it had to be the most exciting thing since…sliced bread? (or to put it in designer terms, the best thing since Suzanne and Ballard)!

This totally made our day knowing that someone with such great taste has whipped up some fabulous designs for one of our favorite retailers (and one that’s just half a mile away to boot!) I can’t wait to see these in person, but for now, feast your eyes on Allegra’s newest designs for WE-

And to top it off, if you are an Elle Decor reader, you get an exclusive opportunity to shop the new collection before it hits stores and the online shopping world.

Click here for the sneak preview– now through July 12!

If these candles smell as good as they look, then we are in for a huge treat.  Jo Malone’s newest David Hicks candle is comprised of lime, basil and mandarin scents (triple yum) and is sold at Neiman’s.

Any candle that is wrapped in a fun graphic fabric print has my approval from the get-go!  I have always loved David Hicks’ La Fiorentina fabric so this could be my way of getting a little bit of heaven for forty five hours (burn time, that is)

I’m also loving these other bold prints in the Jo/David collaboration-

These candles are limited editions, so get ’em while they’re hot!