IO Metro Giveaway Winner!

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Congratulations to Lisa from Plano, TX on being the winner of our IO Metro pouf giveaway!! Lisa is the lucky new owner of this adorable pair of gray and white kilim poufs!

We wanted to ask Lisa a little about her design preferences and her plans for her new poufs –

Lisa told us that she recently furnished an entire room with IO Metro pieces – Her new poufs will fit right in!

Lisa also told us that her favorite paint color is Benjamin Moore’s “Nimbus Gray” which is a soothing blue-gray color –

Here it is used in a bedroom –

Thank you to all of our MG readers who participated in our giveaway! Stay tuned for the next giveaway coming soon!


Bright Ideas

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The problem: you coordinated your dream room and finally selected the perfect lamp to compliment the look- but there’s no outlet in sight… OR the only thing in sight is the lamp’s bulky cord. A tripping hazard and just plain ugly. We’ve all been there.

The solution: (we wouldn’t leave you without one!) Cordless lighting solutions from Modern Lantern! This husband and wife team was tired of searching for outlets and decided to do something about it. With over 15 years of product development and interior design experience between the two of them, they are now combining their talents to create a product that has never been seen before.

Cordless and sleek, these lamps operate off a lithium ion battery and LED bulb duo and can last 15 hours when fully charged. Their convenient concept allow you to move them from room to room on a styling whim and are offered in 6 different styles to best suit your space!

Talk about a bright idea!



Not only are these lamps functional, but they go with just about every decor – from modern to girly glam! Say goodbye to ugly cords and hello to Modern Lantern! We think we’ll be seeing a lot more from this innovative duo!

Although it’s fun to keep up-to-date with the latest and greatest in design trends, it sometimes pays off to look into the past for a little inspiration.

Campaign furniture as we know it has been in use since the traveling armies of Julius Caesar, but is most commonly associated with the British Armed Forces. Why the war-time trend? Because that’s where the ‘campaign’ name comes from.



Considered to be any type of furniture made to be easily broken down or folded for easy transportation, campaign furniture was initially designed for armies to pack up and carry with them on their marches. Demand for these portable pieces increased in 18th and 19th century England but now you’ll find them all over the globe (including in Dallas, on Craig’s List)!

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon an extremely affordable and chic campaign desk on Craig’s List that just needed a little bit of extra TLC. I had been wanting a piece of campaign furniture for a long time, but hadn’t come across “the one” yet.  Since we are moving into a new office and need another unique desk (I’m not one to buy office furniture from IKEA), I snatched this up from sweet Bonnie and immediately started searching for painted campaign inspiration.

{Desk looks very similar to this one here}

While the most common item of campaign furniture is actually not the desk but the traditional chest of drawers (also referred to as a military chest or campaign chest). These campaign cuties come in so many different shapes and sizes, the options are endless. Campaign furniture is most often made of mahogany or teak, and can be easy to distinguish because of their recognizable folding places, but others only have their standard brass corners and strap work (originally used for travel protection).

We love their worldly feel, and even though you may not be packing up your entire set of drawers for your next road trip, these pictures of inspiration show that you can still have lots of fun with them.

This kelly green painted campaign dresser quickly became an internet sensation-


Are these nightstands brown or black? I can’t tell…either way, I’m in love!


This deep blue color is stunning!


Other kelly green beauties…


Classic white paint always looks good and boy does it make the gold hardware pop!

Ok I don’t know if it’s the gold chair with the zebra print or what, but I’m completely obsessed with this set up here-

Va va voom coral!

This turquoise color is nice and fresh! Notice the black top for contrast…

And the best of every world- multi-colored campaign!

There are so many color options out there! Now I ask you dear readers, what color do you think I should paint mine? Leave a comment if you have a favorite bright furniture paint..would love to get your opinions!