Top 5 Fabric Trends for Spring

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 | Category: Color, Fabric, Shops and Showrooms, Trends

Spring has sprung! Besides getting ready for the beautiful weather, we’ve been busy asking our favorite Dallas showrooms about the top fabric trends for spring. This is what they said is big for 2012:

1. Ethnic/ Tribal Prints
Spring is a time to be playful, and these fun designs have been almost impossible to keep in stock.


2. Children’s Rooms
Grownups shouldn’t have all the fun- infants through teens are all enjoying the new designs this spring, especially the new line from Lulu DK that has been flying out of the Schumacher showroom.


3. Outdoor
Not too surprising is the popularity of outdoor fabrics.  Although we love spending time in our homes, there’s nothing like sprucing up a patio or porch for the upcoming warm weather!



4. Orange and Blue
Every season has its perfect palette, and this year, showrooms have noticed the popularity of bright orange and blue hues. Seen in almost every popular line from Modern Colors to Alexa Hampton, these colors are everywhere!


5. Colored Leather
One unexpected trend is the popularity of colored leather. Used for all types of spaces from bedrooms to offices to living rooms, this fabric is a fun little surprise, especially in bold colors.


Bonus: The anticipated trend for 2013? Kelly Green, and lots of it!

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