The New Queen of Bling

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Fashionista and trend setter are just two ways to describe this new Queen of Bling!  If you haven’t already heard of this outstanding jewelry maker, there is a very good chance that you have unknowingly seen several celebrities wearing her fab colorful jewelry on the red carpet lately.  She is EVERYWHERE!

I have to say that I was so out of the Kendra loop until last weekend when my friends Lindsey and Beth gave me some of her earrings for my birthday (there is a Kendra Scott store in the West Village, here in Dallas apparently).  They were so adorbs that I had to put them on immediately and wear them out the rest of the night! It was such a fun surprise of a gift, and I should have known something was up when Lindsey called asking what my favorite color was earlier that day.  You see, Kendra doesn’t just make jewelry in a couple of colors, she has a RAINBOW spectrum of options! The colors in her jewelry are even good inspiration for a room design..I’m loving the green onyx and orange coral.

A little bit about Ms. Kendra…she got her start back in 2002, making her gorgeous creations out of the spare bedroom in her Austin, Texas home.  Today, you can find her fabulous earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets in three of her boutiques which are located in Dallas, Austin, and Beverly Hills.  You can also come across her items at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and Lord and Taylor or purchase her beautiful bling on her website.


Reese Witherspoon sporting a pair of Kendra Scott earrings on the red carpet.

Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara in a pair a Kendra’s gorgeous chandelier style earrings.

Heiress Paris Hilton showing off a stunning pink jade necklace.

Kelly Osbourne dazzles in these show-stopping lapis and 14K yellow gold earrings

One of the things I love about Kendra’s web site is the “color bar” feature.  Here, you can create your own custom pieces with endless possibilities!  What a marvelous way to complete an outfit, by making your own Kendra Scott custom jewelry!  Below are just a few that I made on her web site that are sure to be showstoppers!

My husband gave his groosmen “themey” cufflinks last summer as gifts at our wedding…but I think Adrian or Geoff would have looked much more chic sporting Kendra’s teal cufflinks! (Ben however, might beg to differ 🙂

Take a look at a few of the other jewelry pieces that are available on her website!  With her large selection of semi-precious stones set in gold or silver,  there’s something to surely strike everyone’s fancy-

A few weekends ago, my husband and I ventured out to Discount Home Warehouse in Dallas looking for vintage exterior pieces for the house.  I had never been there before but had heard great things from a few different people in the design district.  I soon came to discover that they were right- it is a random hidden gem off Empire Central!

DHW is perfect for finding those salvaged, vintage pieces that can make any room come together.  It is a local warehouse for building materials and architectural pieces that have come out of homes that are being remodeled or completely taken down in the metroplex.  They have everything from cabinetry and mantels, to outdoor accessories for your garden.  They even have a wishlist that you can make and they’ll give you a call when what you’re looking for comes in! If you’re looking for that one-of-a-kind piece on a budget, Discount Home Warehouse is definitely the place to go.

Here are a few of my “finds” when we were there-

Living in an old 1933 home, we definitely could use a few of these esutcheon replacements-


Adorable gold and crystal antique chandeliers-


Lucite, lucite, lucite! I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they had pieces like acrylic trays and coffee tables-


Tons of beveled mirrors at great prices-


Black granite remnants at a steal!


If you are looking for lanterns, this is your room!


White carrara marble remnant- only $150!


You really never know what you will find here…


Cute little twin headboard and footboard-


Salvaged door heaven-


And… a plethora of garden accessories and iron gates.  Ben and I went to look for a vintage gate and we couldn’t believe that we found the perfect size- 12′ wide x 80″ tall- what are the chances? Now I’ll just be spending the next few months refinishing it 🙂


New stuff comes in everyday, so start that wishlist and keep checking it out!

1758 Empire Central
Dallas, 75235

Art by CJ!

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I love discovering local artists in Dallas…and it’s especially fun when they happen to also be in your circle of friends!

I first met Carolyn Joe Daniel (“CJ”) through my husband Ben.  She is married to one of his friends from UT.  Of course I took an instant liking to CJ and who wouldn’t? She is one of those people who always has a smile on their face. Her energy and enthusiasm for life is contagious! Throughout the past few years, we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well but it wasn’t until recently that I was exposed to all of her amazing artwork.  Not only is she an amazing artist whipping out gorgeous paintings on the weekend (no big deal), but she is also a busy mother of two. How she does it all, I will never know!

We hope to collaborate on something soon together, but I thought in the meantime, you all might be interested in some of her current work. She does commissions also- any size or orientation!  Contact her HERE or at












As a first time homeowner, the idea of filling your entire home with furniture (and filling it quickly) can be daunting and not to mention, expensive.  The case of my home is especially severe because a) I’m extremely impatient and want every room done yesterday (I’m still trying to comprehend the fact that I will live here for 5+ years and there is no deadline)  b) I am constantly changing my mind and switching out things so nothing stays in the same place longer than a month’s time.

{Zoey on the day we moved in…. thinking- “mom, how are we going to take this entirely pink painted house with gross peeling trim from drab to fab (and fill it with furniture) by next week?!”}

So where does this leave me?  Well, in Ben’s eyes it definitely doesn’t warrant buying all new super nice furniture for every room and honestly, I don’t think I could ever have a house of all new things. I love old things just way too much and especially giving pieces a whole new look through refinishing them. Lately, I have been doing a LOT of that.  Sometimes I paint the pieces myself and other times if it’s just too difficult, I hire someone to do it (ok, I admit, a lot of the time I  hire someone else to do it).  Remember the part where I said I was impatient? 🙂

Here are some of my recent before and after furniture projects and the info on the paint colors that I used-


Antique secretary-


Antique Secretary-

Paint- Benjamin Moore- 689- Rhine River- Satin Finish


 {still needs to be accessorized!}


Vintage Dorothy Draper-esque Nightstands-



Vintage Dorothy Draper-esque nightstands

Paint- Benjamin Moore White Dove with gold accents

(Need your opinion here dear readers! Do you think the gold is too orangey and should I go back to more of a soft/antique gold or do the outline of the drawers more of a yellow gold like the pulls?) Decisions, decisions!

BEFORE-Funky vintage sideboard with geometric detailing-

AFTER-Funky vintage sideboard with geometric detailing-

Paint- Home Depot- Behr- Custom Color Match

BEFORE-Fiberglass peacock chairs

AFTER-Fiberglass Peacock Chairs

Paint- Home Depot dark charcoal spray paint

{Excuse the flowers falling from the tree and our nice mess in the background :)}

BEFORE-Faux bamboo armoire (can’t seem to find the before photo so I borrowed this photo from Bazaar of Serendipity blog)

AFTER-Faux bamboo armoire

Paint- Sherwin Williams- Pure White

BEFORE-Faux bamboo dining chairs and table

AFTER-Faux bamboo dining chairs and table

Paint- Benjamin Moore- White Dove

So basically throughout the house I painted most of my furniture white and gray so they’d stand the test of time and then sprinkled in other pieces with more bold pops of color to add some excitement.

And stay tuned for the “afters” of these “befores”!