Tonight I had another wonderful shopping experience at Target (much less to my husband’s chagrin).  Ben and I have always had opposing views on Tarjay (so much that it’s become a running joke around here) and I always get “the look” when I announce my departure for the red bullseye building of amazingness.

Ben thinks it’s out of the ordinary that I go to Target so often and not to mention, spend hours upon hours there (is it so bad that Target is one of my hobbies?) He doesn’t understand why I can’t go to Walmart (it’s that darn lighting) or The Dollar Store (just not enough options) and price compare every single one of my toiletries…or better yet he wonders- “why do you even need all those toiletries?  You need contact disinfectant AND solution??”

But alas, I admit, Target for me is the experience.  It’s the fact that I can toiletry shop, clothes shop, accessory shop and home shop (while picking up my groceries).  Target is probably one of my top ten favorite places in the world (it’s a close tie with Paris) and it’s become a family outing for my sisters, mom and I to “go to Target” on the weekend.  I mean come on, who doesn’t need stuff that they really don’t need?

So on each Target visit, I manage to discover SOMETHING new that I can take home with me and prove to Ben why Target is so great- whether it’s Nate Berkus’ new home line, a nifty pet lint brush, or disposable hand towels, Target is my place!

Tonight I discovered Threshold.  Maybe it’s an old brand there, maybe it’s brand spanking new, all I know is that this home brand never jumped out at me before like it did tonight.  I LOVED the concept of each one of their items.  They are the perfect pieces for an apartment or a smaller first home. My only complaint would be that I wish I could enlarge their pillows and end tables two or three sizes. They were quite small and really short, but the designs were so fun, I had to share!

I loved the design of the white mirror below.  Also, the navy and white throw pillow with the greek key tape trim pattern was so chic!  Like I said though, I like my pillows BIG and if this pillow was a 22″ or a 24″ square instead, I would have scooped it up in a heartbeat.  But really who am I to complain, custom pillows with tape trim in this design can be a pretty penny in general, so I was really impressed that they offered this design at such a low price (no matter what size it was)!

The colors and patterns that they use are so fun.  I loved the little white bird canisters and chevron storage bins.

I would totally use these mirrored cabinets or tables if they were taller but they were just too short to be level with a regular height mattress or sofa arm.  I could see them being used in a smaller space like an apartment or a stylish kids room.

I thought this coral lamp was really punchy and could bring a lot of energy to a room-

(notice how they also have tape trimmed lamp shades too for all of your naked lamps at home)


I thought these metal tables were cute for only $69!  They reminded me a lot of Arteriors’ hammered metal accent tables which are a lot more expensive.

Ok how adorable is this coral x bench (WITH contrast white cord included already)?! Hello faux custom! I wish I had a place for this…

And this geometric painted tray….sorry for the horrible photo with the lovely Armstrong tiles in the background a la Target…but this one was an amazing find because it can be so hard to find a good tray (a square one especially).  I could see this on an upholstered ottoman (posing as a coffee table) with lots of pretty accessories gathered in it….books, bowl, vase….I can see it now!

Hope you enjoyed the new Threshold line!  Collections like these make shopping for contact solution so much more enjoyable! 😉

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6 Comments to 'Need something ELSE to buy at Target?'

Nancy at Revival Room 01 Jan 13 at 8:43 pm

Thank you for this! I get a bit overwhelmed at Target myself, but I appreciate your diligence. I am intrigued by the color palette here…I may just have to go in and buy a lamp shade!

vintage market place 01 Jan 13 at 8:45 pm

I totally agree with all stated above.
Love the Target and all it holds.
It seems to have hit a lull in the past years but they are steppin’ up their game again lately!
Especially with this area, the last few lines in this home decor area have been amazing!!!

Brenna 02 Jan 13 at 7:31 am

I am so glad I am not alone in my love of Target! Now that there’s a Starbucks in ours, my friends and I could hang out there all day!

Kim 02 Jan 13 at 5:39 pm

I’m so glad someone else appreciates the lighting at Tarjay!!! Bad lighting can ruin your whole day! It’s why I don’t shop at Kroger.

Leslie Wood 03 Jan 13 at 10:33 am

I adore the Threshold line. I haven’t been to Target in a while-trying to stick with my budget. However, I am heading to Target today. I must have the orange lamp.

Jeff van Slooten 28 Jan 13 at 3:03 pm

Glad to see people liking these new pieces.
I loved them when I saw them in the factory
Not too happy that they pushed my production
back in the schedule! But Kudo’s to the Target Team!

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