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It’s that time of year again… The weather is hot and sandy shores with glistening waters are calling your name.  Or perhaps the cool mountain breezes are beckoning you to the mountains.  Maybe it’s the call of the open road with the top down, to head to an unknown destination to see what adventures are in store for you.  What ever your fancy, it’s summer time in the good ‘ol U.S. of A, and it’s vacay time! (for most of the general American population anyways).


Above view of a couple driving in a car.


I have always dreamed of owning a vacation home of my own, but alas, if that day ever comes it will be quite a long time from now.  In the mean time, I’ll just have to save my pennies so that I can rent one every once and again when vacation time or a trip rolls around.

Clean Lines Beach House

I’ve always admired beach homes that have clean and simple lines.  I feel like there’s nothing to distract from the view of the beach and the ocean.  It sure does look like a lot of glass to clean though!


Modern Beach House

A semi-outdoor entertaining area like this would be the ultimate for me!  Doesn’t it look relaxing, and welcoming?  Your guests would never want to leave! Who could blame them?

White Modern Beach Interior

I’ve always found that the majority of beach vacation homes have light colors throughout the interiors, and are full of refreshing natural light which I love.  It’s so revitalizing and invigorating!  This space just feels so fresh and clean!


This Malibu beach house has a perfect living room.  The wood cocktail table and built-in cabinetry add an excellent element of texture.  Take a look at that panoramic view! It’s like a giant painting on a wall.  This room doesn’t even need any wall decor because the view does all the talking!

Outdoor Dining Beach House

When I’m on vacation, one of my favorite things is to enjoy a wonderful fresh seafood meal right on the beach.  How fabulous would it be to dine at a tablescape like this one with a gorgeous chandelier made from beautiful seashells!

If the beach isn’t quite your scene, the mountains are always a great escape for cooler weather.  I love mountain cabins, and their cozy environments with commanding views of majestic mountain vistas.

Mountain View Modern

The majority of mountain retreats that I’ve visited are usually have a great rustic feel that really makes you feel like a part of all the natural surroundings.  This particular living space is a little different, in how it combines both rustic elements with contemporary furnishings and sculpture.

Dining Room Lodge

If I were lucky enough to own a mountain get a way, I would just die for a dining space like this! The soaring ceilings make a perfect shelter for the quaint and simple white dining table and chairs.  I totally adore the book shelves in the area too!  It’s almost like dining in a library!  I love how the white chair upholstery adds a new and fresh touch to the old, rough floors and ceiling.

Mountain Living Room

This cozy living area is in the same home of the one pictures above.  The mix of furniture styles, along with the contrast of wall and ceiling colors, make this room have a curated feel that I would love to curl up in! Especially with that Hermes throw and a good book!

Another marvelous vacation destination for those with distinguished palates for wine, is Napa Valley.  A good friend of mine just returned from there with her husband.  They told me that the scenery was amazing, the wine was fabulous, and the houses they saw there where breath taking and calming.

 Napa Valley Exterior

This Napa Valley home has some great outdoor rooms to relax by their amazing pool, while they can take in the views of the vineyards below.

In House Wine Cellar

Most of the luxury homes in the area of the country wouldn’t be complete without a grand wine cellar to hold all their vintage labels of their extensive wine collection.  Not sure what to serve with the foie gras you’re having for dinner? Just call the sommelier, he’ll tell you!


Now this is the kind of solon you’d expect to see on your way up from the wine cellar.  The beautiful crispness of the white accented with gold, and the baby grand in the corner, would be excellent for entertaining an intimate group of friends while sipping on a delectable wine.  I’m really digging the furniture placement in this room.  It’s not stuffy at all, and allows a few different areas for guest to sit and mingle at.

Napa Valley Bathroom

After you’re done entertaining guests, you can retire to your grand bathroom and soak in the tub overlooking the vineyard below. The large floor to ceiling windows may be too much for someone on the modest side, but it sure does make a great view and allow for maximum natural light!

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Tina 29 Jun 13 at 7:26 am

Oh, I just love the semi-outdoor space on the beach property. That would be my ultimate dream vacation home without a doubt!

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