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Friday, August 23, 2013 | Category: Dining Rooms, Holiday

Ok, I’ll admit it… One of my favorite things in life is being domestic.  And my favorite part about being domestic is designing and decorating my home.  So of course, this includes decorating my kitchen and dining tables!  Some times I’ll even host a party, or invite people over for dinner, just for the sole purpose to have a reason to put together a new and exciting tablescape!  (If you’re wondering, yes, it drives my partner Tim nuts).  Part of this comes from my love to entertain people, as well as cook.  I’ve always enjoyed dining, weather it’s with friends and family at a restaurant, or at home, and it’s always way more fun when the atmosphere is exciting and pretty!

I was so, so, so, SUPER excited when Emily and I were asked to be a part of the 2013 Kappa Kappa Kappa Gamma Tablescapes hosted by the Kappa Dallas Alumnae Association!  This year, the event’s special guest is James Farmer, the Editor-At-Large for Southern Living Magazine!  Along with being an author, he is also a floral and interior designer, and garden-to-table lifestyle expert.  The theme for this year’s tablescapes is From Garden to Table.  I absolutely cannot wait to get started on this project!  All the tables are always over the top, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what fabulous things all the designers come up with this year!


Purple Party Soire

I’ve noticed that purple tones are making a big splash.  How would you like to have a little purple party soire at this table setting?  I know I sure would!  I’m more than obsessed with the purple agates at each place setting, and the amber/gold toned stem ware and dinner plates are totally gorgeous!  I also love how this ostentatious floral arrangement drapes across the table diagonally.

Summer into Fall

This table setting is a perfect mix of summer and fall.  The bight green and white daisies coupled with fiery reds, oranges, and yellows makes for an excellent setting for a goodbye summer / hello fall dinner get together!


For those of us who lean a little more to the traditional side when it comes to table dressing, check out this table decked out in harvest colors.  I love the white vases with artichoke bases holding a spray of golden wheat.  The silk autumn leaves hanging from the light fixture above add a little touch of whimsy.  Excellent for Thanksgiving!  Now Im craving turkey and dressing!

Orange and Pink

How fun would it be to lounge around this table for a fun luncheon with girlfriends while sipping on sangria and mai tais?  I’m in love with all the energy this color combo gives off!


The Little Mermaid has long been one of my favorite movies…. and when I saw this table, I couldn’t help but want to sit down and enjoy dinner with Ariel and her entourage of  ocean dwelling friends!  I love the use of those gorgeous pearl colored shells used as vases to hold simple flower arrangements.


Here’s another fantastic sea side set up!  Any seafood meal would taste better if you were eating it at this table!  Check out those awesome silver plate chargers!  The rustic style place-mats and wine glasses, mixed with the blue and silver color palate make a beautiful contrast.


Decorating my dining table for the holiday season is always fun.  I typically go with the more traditional red/green/gold color scheme, but this year, I think I’m going to go for something more like this!  I’m obsessed with the non-traditional colors here, but with traditional items like the ornaments and frosted mistletoe.  How pretty are those blue tones with the gold and green?!


I can’t wait to put together a table like this one!  I think it would be perfect for a tea party, or a mother’s day luncheon!  You can never go wrong when it comes to pink, gold and white on china!  I really like how the china patterns are all mixed here too!

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