Emily Johnston – MG Dallas

EJ Interiors

20 Questions

Name three cities you’ve lived in. Only Dallas and Norman.  I don’t move around much!

What is your Starbucks order? Not a big fan of coffee…so either a Vanilla Steamer, a lemonade, or a Vanilla Crème Frappuccino. Depends on my mood and the weather!

Three words that would describe your perfect client. Trusting, adventurous, and focused.

If you weren’t a designer you’d be a…Professional organizer.  I love to organize closets, drawers, shelves- you name it!

Which celeb’s style is most similar to your own? I guess I would have to say Natalie Portman.  I love her girly look and “less is more” attitude.

Favorite Beauty Product? Clinique’s City Base- I’ve been using it forever.

Soda, pop, or coke –what do you call a soft drink? Every soft drink is a Coke!

Favorite fabric? Any geometric fabric

Your signature design element? Mirrors

Flats or Heels? Both!  But usually flats during the day (especially if walking around the Design District).

One of your favorite paint colors? It’s always changing but right now it’s the color of my office, which is a creamy white (Sherwin Williams- 7011 Natural Choice). It’s so nice coming home to a clean palette after looking at colors all day.

Favorite museum? The Met- NYC

Every room needs… Some “sparkle” (metallics, mirrors, etc)

Dream vacation spot? Italy

Biggest design pet peeve(s)? Drapes that are too short and art that is hung too high.

Gold or Silver? Gold

Guilty Pleasure TV Show? Mad Men

Favorite Book? The Time Traveler’s Wife

Strangest job you’ve ever had? None of my jobs have been too strange, only random!  I worked at Neiman’s corporate office right out of college, which was a little random since I wasn’t too much into fashion and my ultimate goal was to work in the interior design field.

Favorite room/space to design? Bedroom

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