This morning, the EJ Interiors team took a little field trip to the Global Views warehouse sale! We got there right at 9 a.m. thinking we would be the only ones there… but the place was already packed! It was crazy and definitely took a lot of work, but we walked away¬†with some AMAZING bargains!

There were rows and rows of tables covered in fabulous accessories…vases, candelabras, mirrors, trays, lamps, fabric, furniture, anything you could imagine… and people were grabbing everything in sight!

These etageres are to die for! I wanted to buy them all.

We started a little pile of our finds (which eventually grew into a HUGE pile), and continued adding as we discovered more!

Look at the assortment of trays we rounded up! We ended up buying two of the quatrefoil ones for ourselves ūüôā And the cream Barbara Barry tray was a steal! Wouldn’t these look great on a coffee table or ottoman?

Amazing selection of mirrors. We came back with two of these also…

This was a great set but we really wanted a few more to finish it off so…

We decided on this set of 6! Not really sure where they are going yet but somebody needs these!

And finally, here are a few pictures of our THREE dollies full of goodies! Please don’t show my husband these photos…

These lamp shades might be going in the office or be made into a funky light fixture for a client!

These vases were a hit! (Everyone kept trying to grab them!) They are real silver leaf and imported from Italy! Such a good buy.

As you can tell, we had a wonderful time and came home with A LOT of great stuff! Now we just have to find a place to put it all!

The Global Views warehouse is located at 7301 Ambassador Row in Dallas and sale ends tomorrow at noon! Definitely worth a visit!

For the past month, we’ve been hard at work on a vignette for Dwell with Dignity’s new Thrift Studio store which just opened up in the design district here in Dallas.¬† Five local designers were asked to plan out a room vignette using Dwell’s vintage furniture and accessories from their warehouse, as well as other donations from the design community.¬† We had so much fun on this project because it was different from any other project we had done before. We really had to stretch our creativity on this one! We had a really short time to complete it in, limited resources, and virtually no budget, but we were definitely up for the challenge!

Taking this lackluster space from this-


To this- in just a couple of weeks was a little bit of a stretch for EJ Interiors but somehow we managed to pull it off!

{After- EJ Interiors’ dining room vignette for Dwell with Dignity’s Thrift Studio opening}

Our room centered around bold orange and turquoise. The inspiration? A pair of these adorable chairs that we managed to dig up in Dwell’s warehouse…

The process was so unique that I had to take some photos along the way to document our Dwell journey!

Phase 1- All of the designers meet at Dwell’s warehouse to grab the pieces they want to use for their vignette.¬† I put everything in my little pile that could be a possibility for the space.¬† Now the question is- what in the world am I going to do with it all?

Phase 2- There was a lot to do in a little amount of time.  Since most of the things in the warehouse were older items, I knew that re-upholstering and re-painting furniture had to happen..and quick!

I couldn’t believe my luck in finding these four matching chairs in the warehouse…

And¬† then I was even more shocked to find the perfect turquoise fabrics hidden in a corner…

It was meant to be!

M&M Upholstery donated the upholstery labor and Nicole Horne of Modern Relics donated the painting labor for the chairs…what a fantastic team they made!

Phase 3- Time to get the room painted!¬† Twenty five Neiman Marcus volunteers came out to help us get our rooms ready and I must say that I couldn’t have done it without them!¬† They quickly helped my vision come to life and did such a great job painting the walls and trim.

I loved our little team! If any of you are reading this, thank you again so much!

The Thrift Studio starts coming together…

Loved the entrance!

Ok we are making some progress..drapes are almost up!

Phase Four- Completion! Everything is in place for the sneak preview party and so now we just wait for people to shop, shop, shop!

For those of you that weren’t able to make it for the great deals at the preview party last Friday, not to worry because the Thrift Studio pop up shop is open from now until October 29th- Monday through Saturday 10-5:30 pm at 1616 Hi Line Drive in Dallas.

So many great deals to be had and such an amazing way to help out a good cause!

So many volunteers helped make the Dwell with Dignity event such a success.  Thank you again!  Some of the sources below..

{Royal Old Fashioned Tumblers- Wisteria Outlet}

{Mirror- taken off from an old dresser and re purposed for the buffet.  Christian at Think Twice kindly helped us hang the mirror by decorative gold chain}

{Bust- Pettigrew Associates}

{Pedestal- Dwell with Dignity}

{Custom white drapes with turquoise band on leading edge- Stitches by Carmen; wood drapery rods- Williamson Supply}

{Crystal Sconce- Dwell with Dignity}

{Vintage Gucci bag- Dwell with Dignity}

{Painted brackets from Hobby Lobby, vintage New Orleans prints, wall sunbursts, antler horns- EJ Interiors}

{Chandelier- Visual Comfort, Taylors on Ten}

{Wall Color- Benjamin Moore paint}

{Flatware, dishes, wine glasses, decorative bowls- Dwell with Dignity}

{Dining table- Dwell with Dignity- base painted orange}

{Mercury glass vase- EJ Interiors}

{Sticks in vase- found in a pile of bulk trash-no kidding ūüėČ EJ Interiors}

{Chaise lounge- Dwell with Dignity- repainted creamy white}

{Custom 18″ pillow- Trina Turk fabric; chaise upholstery- Childress leopard print fabric- EJ Interiors}

{6×9 Sisal rug- Dwell with Dignity}

Photos by: Fort Worth Real Estate Photography

I was so excited when I received this email from Wisteria! It is finally time for their Warehouse Sale this Thursday, Sept. 22nd through Saturday Sept. 24th! (I will be there tomorrow with bells on!)

Their warehouse is located just outside of Dallas in Farmers Branch (see map HERE). I highly recommend heading out there sometime this weekend for some great deals on fab furniture, home accessories, jewelry and more!

The other weekend I randomly stumbled upon the most fab vintage shop, called Think Twice, which is located inside Hollywood Floral in Dallas.

The owner of the store is big into collecting so a lot of his inventory are things that he has accumulated over the years. ¬†His furniture obsession was bigger than mine if that’s even possible.

And talk about a small world- when I got there, I realized that I had been to one of the sales that he has had at his own home before, so this wasn’t the first time we’d met!

This store is a hidden gem off highway 30 and Grand Ave and prices are amazing here.¬† The regency chair below was selling for $30, if I remember correctly! It needs a little TLC, but hey, what vintage chair doesn’t? ¬†I must say, that the best part of buying something used is the PLANNING process! ¬†What fabric, what finish, do I do tufting or nailheads, and will it be skirted or have legs…the world is your oyster with vintage chairs! (especially if the chair is only $30, it leaves room to spend more money on amazing fabrics!)

They had a bunch of great pairs of chairs..

And some good looking singles too-

This tufted deep pink chair is only $95-

This glass top piece used to be a floor lamp…but why not use it as a metallic accent table instead? ¬†(and I have to admit that is what I originally thought it was anyways!)

This channel back chair is in great condition and selling for $125…

Last but not least, I couldn’t leave without showing you one final image! It’s on their Facebook page and is my favorite- a quirky orange bamboo chair and table set that I regret to say has already sold! ($300 for the whole sha-bang) I’m a little jealous as I would have loved this for my patio! (but probably would have switched out the table for a bright white piece to prevent it from looking too orange) Sigh- a girl can dream!

I suspect that there are lots of great things to come for Think Twice!

Be sure to visit them at-

5611 East Grand Avenue

Dallas, TX 75223

Yesterday marked the three month anniversary of being in the new office space. ¬†It’s hard to believe that ninety days have gone by and I still have a ¬†mishmash of furniture in there. ¬†As a designer, this normally is something that would drive me completely bonkers, but we’ve been running around so much these past few months that we’ve barely had time to notice.

{the big blank space}

Last night I finally got serious about purchasing some new office furniture. ¬†I did some extensive research and discovered that a lot of people were giving the CB2 Bubble White Office Chair really good reviews so I took the plunge and ordered one for Taylor’s desk. ¬†Of course, then I stumbled upon the¬†CB2 Vapor Counter Stool and its acrylic good looks (and the fact that I had been borrowing my sister’s stool for my craft desk) had me at first glance. ¬†Before you knew it, the darned thing was in my shopping cart too!

A few Crate and Barrel gift cards later, my order was processed.  Mission accomplished!

But wait- blank walls, a counter stool that practically disappears into thin air and a white desk chair didn’t scream “interior design office'” to me. ¬†It was more along the lines of “chic sterile hospital”.

Luckily, visions of kelly green and shiny metallics started to pop into my head and soon after, this inspiration board was born-

Now for the reality of it all- (what I have and what I still need to make this happen)


  • My own desk chair is currently upholstered in the blue Duralee geometric printed fabric and sits in front of a glass and chrome sawhorse desk.
  • The artwork above that used to be in my home, is a perfect way to incorporate the color from my desk chair fabric as well as bring in the jolt of kelly green. ¬† I also love how the black and cream in the art provides a nice graphic punch.
  • I had the EJ Interiors logo bags made for client projects (off Vista Print) and staggered about twenty of them on Container Store brushed nickel hooks down a long, unused and really boring hallway when you first walk in the door. ¬†You’d be surprised how interesting this looks with the repeated logo coming down the hallway.


  • Touches of metallic in mirrors and furniture hardware
  • A smidgen of animal print- like Jan Shower’s favorite Snow Leopard fabric
  • Would like to paint Taylor’s desk a funky Kelly green color with brass hardware
  • Would love to eventually have more comfy seating- four lounge chairs sitting around a round coffee table
  • A very large sisal rug

We desperately need a little more color and pattern in this place.  All in due time I suppose!

But for now I’ll just have to settle with this black and white printed fabric that our EJ Interiors mascot brought in- ūüôā

I get a certain catalog on a regular basis in the mail (never signed up for it, I just somehow randomly get it- kind of like my catalog relationship with The Company Store, James Avery, etc…thirty catalogs later you are still trying to remember when you signed up?) ¬†Anywho… I have never actually opened this catalog before but for some odd reason, I got the inkling today and ended up coming across some pretty great affordable finds…

Chippendale-style chair-

Moroccan inspired buffet-

Set of gold convex mirrors-

Tufted upholstered headboard-

Colorful outdoor bench perfect for summer-

Glossy white ceramic lamp-

Stylish mercury glass candleholders-

And you’ll never guess where these pieces came from either! Click¬†HERE to find out how to get the look for less through this catalog/e-commerce site!

We’ve gathered all our “junk” (and unique finds) for a one of a kind garage sale in Dallas TOMORROW!

Sam Sano of style/SWOON, Kristen Dowd of Gypsy Soul Interiors, Megan Masoner of ReFINEstyle, and myself have put in our stuff and are ready to sell!

Sale will be tomorrow, May 21st, starting at 8 am, for you early birds!

Here’s a preview-


7406 Hillwood Lane

Dallas, TX 75248

See you there!

About a month ago we hosted a contest with Home Goods where one of our Dallas readers won a $100 gift card to use at the new Home Goods at Park Lane. ¬†She wrote a lil guest blog for us on her shopping experience at the store and we wanted to share with all of you! This gal Meghan is hilar- I’d shop with her any day of the week! Read about the interesting pieces she stumbled upon the other day at their new store….

Walking into the new Home Goods at Park Lane Place is like getting slapped in the face by a thrifty designer. There is so much cool stuff to look at, there’s no safe place to rest your eyes. The most difficult part of my trip was limiting myself to around $100 – I could have filled up my car, plus strapped some stuff to the top and still not grabbed everything I wanted to…love this place!

I know what you’re thinking…yeah, yeah, you love it because they gave you a gift card. But, it’s not true. I almost (accidentally, sort of) broke into Home Goods before it was even open. I stalked Park Lane Place every day to watch the progress. I almost set up a tent outside. Yes, I love it that much and yes, I need more hobbies.

On to the goods for your home. There are deals and steals and awesomeness as far as the eye can see…

Even though there is SO MUCH to check out (seriously, take your ADD medicine before you walk through the doors) it doesn’t seem that crowded. Sort of like going through your crazy, but hip aunt’s attic.

They think of everything there, too – check out the little hanging rulers. Perfect if you always forget a tape measure (like me) and have to use your fingers and forearm to measure stuff…that’s how I know my chest of drawers is three forearms plus three fingers and a thumb wide by one forearm plus one hand deep.

You can literally get anything for your home here. Need a giant stuffed dog larger than a three year old? They’ve got it.

Planning a party and want only pink accessories and serving dishes? Yep, you’re covered.

I was looking for a few specific things – a large-ish art piece for my living room wall, a bathroom shelving thingy (technical design term, of course) and a bedside table for my guest room. But, I got majorly distracted in the garden section. They had some crazy business up in there. Mosaic snail…shiny turtle…statue of raccoons helping eachother drink water out of a bowl. The possibilities for your garden are literally endless.

Now for the money shot. I really needed a bedside table for my guest room so my guests wouldn’t have to put their water glass on the floor or sleep with their book in the bed with them. My guest room has grey walls, all white ruched bedding and a green desk. So, I was looking for something with green in it. I had so much trouble deciding between the two on the top, but finally decided to go with the one on the left.

Moral of the story: You are wasting money and being dumb if you don’t love shopping at Home Goods.

Thanks to Home Goods and Material Girls for this shopping adventure!!

When I think of World Market, images of rattan, mahogany, and wind chimes come to mind. ¬†My only purchases there in the past few years have been bottles of wine, so it hadn’t dawned on me to go explore their furniture, until my future sister-in-law asked my thoughts on one of their dining tables. ¬†When she sent me the link, I expected to see their traditional four legged rustic mahogany table pop up right in front of my eyes, but instead I was pleasantly surprised when this came up instead-

For only $699, I’m digging this French-inspired weathered table.

In the midst of my disbelief in finding this style on their site, I went searching for more atypical World Market pieces and ended up discovering these-

I wonder if they are trying to branch out from their typical look?

I was reading designer,¬†Emily Clark’s blog today which featured a recent bedroom makeover that she completed. ¬†My jaw practically hit the floor when she revealed her source for the nightstands. ¬†She took a big box retailer’s run of the mill chest (for $79.99) and then added pretty hardware to it. ¬†I swear, it looks like a whole new piece!

Click HERE to find out what retailer Emily got her revamped nightstands from- you won’t believe it!!