My client, who is a close friend of Laura Day, sent this video to me via YouTube called “A New Spin”, which features Laura getting crafty with markers and paper plates.

Make sure you watch until the VERY end to see what Laura does with this paper plate-

Is she not the cutest?

Click below to see what fabulous piece of room decor Laura makes from this bold paper plate!

For step by step instructions, the video shows exactly how Laura came up with this colorful creation! Loves!

My friend Bonnie sent me photos of her recent furniture purchases from (relatively) new consignment store, Area 25 in Dallas.  She got a really great looking glass top dining table and two stylish white leather x benches for a song!

As you probably already know, I am crazy for consignment shops so of course had to scurry on over there to check it out for myself.  This is one I hadn’t heard of before!

First to give you a lil background info…Area 25 was started by Home Stager, Sheryl Lawrence, and includes a bunch of her own pieces that she’s accumulated throughout her career as well as unique finds from others.

There really was something for everyone here. Pieces ranged from the more ornate traditional style to the sleek and modern.

I spy..Bonnie’s benches!

They even had cowhide rugs (including metallic ones).  Too bad my living room is the size of a closet and there’s no cow small enough to fit in it.

I want a bust sculpture so badly!  They had a few different sized ones there that would look great on a console, chest or pedestal.

Some well priced apothecary jars…

Someone please get these electrical sconces!

I loved this really cool chrome table base.  All it needs is a glass top and you’d be good to go!

I thought these gray “log” candleholders were pretty interesting.  Actually just about anything gray is catching my eye these days!

It’s almost that time for me to make another visit to Area to see what new finds have come in!  Be sure to venture over there and/or join their mailing list.  You’ll be glad you did!

4901 West Lovers Lane, Dallas

It feels like eons ago that I went to see the latest Dwell with Dignity installation here in East Dallas.  I haven’t been able to blog about it until now because of our little Malware issue (so that’s why we’re a little late to the party on this one) but I figure- better late than never!

{Dwell’s latest install on Ross Avenue in Dallas}

If you haven’t heard of it already, Dwell with Dignity, is a non-profit organization located here in Dallas that has garnered much attention since it originated just one year ago.  Founder/Owner Lisa Robison and Executive Director, Kim Turner (both interior designers and former design school classmates) have gotten much of the design community actively involved in creating inspiring homes for families struggling with homelessness and poverty.  Their latest installation on Ross Avenue was for a single mother and child.  I got a chance to see the apartment before they moved in, and I must say that it was truly amazing to see all of the volunteers’ hard work towards such a great cause.  Dwell ‘s approach is through the use of simple, creative design and much of the pieces for the homes are donated from showrooms, stores, or hand crafted by volunteers.  You can certainly tell that a lot of hard work goes into creating these apartment homes, that are meant to “inspire those less fortunate to maintain a standard of living they can be proud of and thrive in.”

Dwell’s latest news is that they are hosting a contest called Ready, Aim Re-Design.  The contest started October 1st and will end November 29th (winner will be announced December 1st).  The premise of the contest…Dwell wants to see how you’ve transformed one of your own furniture pieces!  All you have to do is send in your entry fee of $25 (which will be donated to Dwell with Dignity) and also the Before and After photos of the piece.   Anyone can enter!  Honorary judges include Jonathan Adler, Rhonda Carmen of All the Best, Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge, Crystal Gentilello of Plush Palate, Samantha Sano of style/SWOON, and Rebecca Sherman of Houses, Gardens, People. What a great contest. Good luck!

Of course, I couldn’t end this post without showing you the Dwell install on Ross from a few weeks ago-

Living Room-

Thank you to Kim for inviting me into their most recent install and taking the time to give me such great background on Dwell and the incredible impact that it’s having on the Dallas community!

Suzanne Kasler’s furniture line for Hickory Chair is nothing short of stunning.  I’m always drooling over her French inspired pieces and daydreaming about one day adding a piece of her collection to my own living room.

Well, that day isn’t going to be anytime soon unfortunately, so you can imagine my surprise when I came across her Tuxedo Chest at Hickory Chair and almost fell over when I saw how closely it looked to the vintage 1950’s chest that I just bought at Lula B’s Antique Mall in Dallas.

Of course the first person I emailed was my boyfriend (who definitely didn’t share my level of excitement) to tell him that there was our entry chest’s twin (well, its three paneled, more expensive twin) sitting at Hickory Chair for about $7,000 more than what I paid.

I swear, you really never know what you will find at these great vintage shops on Riverfront!

{Suzanne’s Tuxedo Chest}

{Lula B’s vintage chest}

Of course nothing compares to Suzanne’s furniture (and I can’t say I’m any less obsessed with her collection), but after taking the former laminated countertop credenza from Lula B’s and transforming it with a marble top, it looks like a whole new piece of furniture!  I call it my “Suzanne inspired piece”.  Now if only Lula’s would get a quatrefoil shaped chair in the Alexandra’s likeness, I’d be on a roll!

Be sure to visit Lula B’s Antique Mall for other amazing deals and steals!

1010 Riverfront Boulevard

Dallas, TX 75207

Oh to be in college again! <Sigh>.  As my intern Kim gets ready to go back to school, I’m left living vicariously through her start of a new semester.

It feels like a million years ago that I lived in the dorms, but no matter how much time passes, I don’t think I’ll ever forget that decrepit building, the long trek up four flights of stairs to get to my room, those “pain in the neck” shower caddies (not to mention the awful community bathrooms) and the Laura Ashley floral EVERYTHING that I decorated my room with.

“Kids these days” are so lucky that there are such stylish and affordable decor options out there to make the dorm room the comfortable home away from home that it should be.

I recruited Kim (the recent dorm residing expert) in helping out with my top picks for cheap (but not cheap looking!) small space/dorm must-haves.

Airgo Chair- currently on sale!

Small Double Bell Alarm Clock- White

Twin Cherished Garden Quilt

Girls’ Solid Canvas Bins

Desk Lamp- Green

Tranby Mirror– only $19.99! A mirror at this price is pretty unheard of

Coming and Going Coat Rack

Knitted Poufs- beanbags with a twist!

Splendent Suzani Pictures

Perfectly Prepped Hair Accessories Organizer

Brocade Desk Accessories

Bredgrund Shower Curtain

Kim sent me photos of her dorm room from a few years ago and I had so much fun taking a peek into her hot pink, black and white dorm room world! Truly a designer in the making…

Yes, please!

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For only $15.99 a pop, I’ll take one of these outdoor pillows in every color!

I’ve been buying up a storm lately for my new home since there were so many things that I didn’t have to begin with when I moved.

I didn’t even have a dresser!  (and lots of drawer storage is a must in a house this small, with no closet space) I am always on Craig’s List looking for vintage finds (which can certainly be hit or miss), but a few weeks ago I tried typing in the search term “regency” juuuust to see what would come up.  Turns out, there is a whole booth at White Elephant Antiques in Dallas that is Kelly Wearstler-esque!  Most of the booth’s listings were on Craig’s List and I was pleasantly surprised to see furniture pieces that stylish on there (no offense Craig’s List, but you can get pretty outdated looking at times).

I joined the booth’s email list and got the sweetest email from Kristen, the owner and buyer for the booth at the WE.  She asked me what I was looking for and of course, I proceeded to tell her my entire house list!  It turns out, she had just the pieces for me.  I ended up buying a white bamboo dresser and four cane back dining chairs (and I didn’t even desperately need dining chairs, but who could pass up such a good deal!)

Kristen sells out of her finds very quickly (her prices are very reasonable), so it’s best to hit up her booth before the weekend.  She has done so well at White Elephant, that she is now acquiring the booth next to her existing one, so she will have double the space (and double the goods!)

Below are some of her current pieces in her booth (but I guarantee they won’t be there for long!)

I had to admit to Kristen that I’ve been to White Elephant for the past four weeks in a row (and multiple times in one week).  Antique shopping really has become an addiction.  I felt better when she admitted that she was a consignment store stalker too and am pretty sure there must be more of us out there!

White Elephant Antiques

1026 North Industrial Boulevard

Dallas, TX 75207

Booth #1121

Digital shelter magazine, Nesting Newbies, featured the Material Girls’ go-to home resources for “affordable luxe pieces” in their newest online issue.

Be sure to check out Page 164 for our favorite home decor spots in Chicago, Dallas, New York and Los Angeles.  Also, you don’t want to miss other great design advice given by some amazing bloggers, entitled “Nestimonials” beginning on Page 159.

Dallas Design Guide has recently launched the DG Consignment Board on their website.  Here, you can fine furniture and accessories from Texas consignments.  These include things that came from showrooms, galleries, and designers themselves!

What’s funny is that I have spent the last three weekends going from consignment shop to consignment shop in Dallas looking for a unique dresser and a coffee table.  When this email popped up yesterday, I was so thrilled to see that there is now a virtual consignment shop that has Dallas treasures compiled into one place!  Imagine the gas money (not to mention time and energy) I could have saved just sitting at my computer.  Hopefully more consignment shops will follow this trend- wouldn’t that be nice?

Some of my favorite finds from the DG Consignment Board-

Wayfarer Side Chair

Calypso Chair and Ottoman

Sofa Lounge with Acrylic Base

Mies Bruno Chairs

Coming soon…I’ll be posting my Dallas consignment shop adventures and those amazing objects I’ve come across (at a steal), that someone out there needs to snatch up!!  Times like this, I wish I had a big storage unit for those “one day I’ll need this” finds!

I’m getting ready to move and am looking for a new sofa to go in my future house.  Sofas are the hardest piece of furniture to pick out since it’s the piece you end up spending the most time with so it truly has to be right.  Comfort, style, depth width, etc are all key factors when choosing a sofa.  Of course, how could you forget cost and lead time too?  I am needing a sofa QUICK and did I mention, on a budget?  Those two factors combined is not going to make for an easy hunt.

Of course I have my dream sofa in mind, (don’t we all?) but the dream sofa just isn’t feasible right now.  It’s something that I really need to save up for and spend my time thinking about so I don’t jump into something that I’ll be wanting to sell on Craig’s List in a couple years.  The sofa I am looking for is my “transition sofa”…one that will last me a few years and eventually (hopefully) lead to the dream sofa.

I’ve found a few stylish sofas, for under $1,000.

{Olivia Slipcovered Sofa– $599}

{Carmen Sofa– photo via Shelterpop– $799}

{Ektorp Sofa– $399}

{Sutton Sofette– $699}

{Chloe Velvet Sofa– $899- photo via Decorpad}

{Emerson Sofa– $499}

{Dean Sofa– $999}

{Troy Sofa– $999}

{Jefferson Sofa– $929}

{Studio Sofa– $499}

{Westwood Sofa– $999}

{Pauline Sofa– $999}

{Avenue Sofa– $899}

{Night and Day Convertible Sofa– $588}

{Dallas consignment sofa- $400}

Which one is your favorite?