Voting has officially begun for the Bloomingdale’s Big Window Challenge!

These three room vignettes (currently on display in Bloomingdale’s windows) were each designed individually by Bloomingdale’s, Apartment Therapy, and Elle Decor.  They were required to use Bloomingdale’s furniture and accessories (including a three-drawer chest from Bloomingdale’s new Hudson Park Loft collection).  After they were done furnishing with Bloomingdale’s items, they were allowed to bring in some of their own favorite antiques and collectibles to add the finishing touches to the room.

You have from now until January 28th (at midnight EST) to cast your vote online HERE or you can vote by texting this number- 89800 and entering the number for your favorite window.


2- Apartment Therapy

3- Bloomingdale’s

We just sent our vote off!  Here is the current tally-

Who will win?

Will it be Eileen Joyce for Bloomingdales?

Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan for Apartment Therapy?

Or Eddie Ross for Elle Decor?

We shall soon see!  If you live in NYC, you can stop by Bloomingdale’s at their 59th Street location and see these fabulous window displays in person.

There are some designers whose work I am just left speechless over- a feeling of awe, respect, and admiration for the designer’s work comes over me.  I am left wondering how I have never come across their work before and also excited that I have been introduced to a design firm with such talent and creativity.

Atlanta’s Habachy Designs is one of a kind in my opinion!  I visited their site the other day and was blown away.  Their designs are innovative, fresh, bold, unique, and downright stunning!  This Atlanta design firm focuses on both commercial and residential projects- each project with a personality all its own.

Polished Salon_Lounge

I have to say that although I love all of their work, I am most captivated by their commercial work.  Who wouldn’t want to get a mani/pedi in a sea of turquoise and hot pink bliss (perfect for the MG in all of us!) or have cocktails under neon lights? (hand raised over here!)

Their project photos are such delicious eye candy that I couldn’t wait to showcase them here.  Sit back, relax and get inspired!

Polished Beauty Lounge- Atlanta, GA

Polished Salon_Overall

Rhinoceros Boutique, Atlanta, GA


Shoe Bar, Atlanta, GA

Shoe Bar

YieldQuest, Atlanta, GA



Holiday House, Atlanta, GA



Aurum, Atlanta, GA


Bachelor’s Residence, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Compound, Atlanta, GA

Compound  - "MB1" Bar

Compound  - "MB1" Lounge

DIFFA 2008, Atlanta, GA


Douglas Residence, Atlanta, GA


Dressed, Atlanta, GA

Dressed Restaurant_Dining

Etebello Spa, Atlanta, GA

Entebello Spa_Custom Reception

Entebello Spa_Lounge

Entebello Spa_Custom Pedicure

Entebello Spa_Stairwell

Entebello Spa_Custom Retail Fixtures

My Facebook BFF Kelly Wearstler posted this image on her wall yesterday.  It’s the sneak peek of the Viceroy Anguilla hotel lobby.  Haven’t seen any photos of this one yet.

Looks really interesting!  Can’t wait to see more.  And is the hotel concierge in the background wearing a fedora?  Love it!  The whole thing is so Kelly Chic!


One of my clients recently informed me that she will be staying here in a few months- so incredibly jealous!  This place looks amazing!

Lauren Haskett this one’s for you…


You see, my co-blogger Lauren has always had a thing for JBJ (Jon Bon Jovi if you want to get technical).  I remember her going on about JBJ during studio classes back at O.U., on her 18th birthday when everyone else was asking for makeup and clothes, Lauren was begging for JBJ concert tickets, and her first dance with her husband at her wedding was to what else? A Bon Jovi song.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this poster was hanging from her ceiling right now…


So now I’ve combined her two favorite loves in one post-JBJ and Elle Decor.  Today must be her lucky day!  I think I deserve some kind of gold star for merging the two together for Lauren.

We recently were sent these photos from the December 8th event introducing Newark’s HELP Genesis JBJ Soul Homes, a new groundbreaking “green” housing project which was developed as a result of a public-private partnership between HELP USA and Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Foundation.



Fifty one new units of affordable housing with support services for special-needs individuals living with HIV/AIDS and low-income families were unveiled.


{Newark Mayor Cory Booker, Elle Decor Editor-in-Chief Margaret Russell, and Jon Bon Jovi in the model apartment}

Elle Decor supported and donated to the project as well as MG favorite, Home Goods.  The model apartment was completed using stylish and affordable accessories from the retailer and was created by talented designer (and one of our favorite people) Elaine Griffin.


{Elle Decor’s Model Unit (designed by Elaine)}

All of the items in the model home will be given to its residents through a lottery so everyone in the building will benefit from the donations.


{Designer Kenneth Cole, Margaret Russell, Elaine Griffin}

What a wonderful outcome- it’s so great to see such talented and successful people give their time, talent and resources to a project such as this.  On a related topic, let’s keep the spirit of giving going…only two more hours left of Pencils of Promise Blog Day!

A Room With a View

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The greatly anticipated opening of the Viceroy Anguilla Resort and Residences in the British West Indies is finally here- it opens for reservations tomorrow!  The tranquil and luxurious resort was decorated by none other than everyone’s favorite hotel design queen, Kelly Wearstler.


She has another commercial project under her belt and I must say that this hotel looks quite heavenly!









I wonder if it is possible to rent out a closet here?  Rates start at $695/night for an Ocean View Studio.

Click here to book your next vacay…and then please pack me in your suitcase!

There are a lot of commercial interior designers out there, but it is rare to find someone who specializes specifically in commercial movie theater design.  I discovered this when working for Montague Design Group, a Dallas-based movie theater design firm.

For almost two years, I worked for Melissa Montague (the founder, owner and very talented designer).  Although she was my boss, she also played the role of mentor and friend.  I really did learn so much from her about the business and interior design.  Her creative, entrepreneurial spirit definitely rubbed off on me!


MDG has designed more than 350 movie theaters around the world- so I guess you can say Melissa has pretty much perfected the art of designing theaters.

Every theater she designs has such a distinct personality.  One in particular, is the Cinemafusion theater in Anaheim California.  I had to share this one as it is my favorite!


Rotating colored lights and electronic movie posters attract moviegoers to the entertainment venue.


Natural stone columns, modern pendant lighting, glass tiles, and a custom designed wallcovering make the box office so unique!



A bright and stylish color palette of orange, turquoise, chocolate brown, and green encompass Cinemafusion.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a movie theater this up-to-date anywhere near me!


More glass tile and colorful seating pods in the bar/lounge area.



There is even a swanky lounge here called the Sky Lobby where you can purchase drinks to enjoy in the lounge area or even in your seat!   They did an amazing job with the lighting design in here.  Notice the cool 3-form elements that hang from the ceiling.



The entrances to the theaters have large numbers covered in colored plexiglass.  These oversized elements make it so much easier (for people like me, who get lost easily) to find the right theater they need to get to.

If you are a theater owner and yours needs a facelift or you are planning on building a new one, contact Melissa– she can help!  She is the best in the business… I can vouch for that 🙂

Orange Italia

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I went and ate at Ristorante Cibus tonight (located in Northpark) and it was wonderful…but who could expect anything less than that from Dallas restaurateur, Alberto Lombardi? With seven successful restaurants under his belt already, there was no question that Cibus would turn out to be a dining hit with Dallasites.


The food was delish and the decor was equally amazing.  The plethora of bright orange throughout the restaurant was right up my alley!

Booths upholstered in an orange geometric print and orange chandeliers made this commercial interior pretty unforgettable.


Luckily it was a cool 85 degrees and I got to sit outside.  I had a great view of the orange acrylic chairs and fun yellow accents that pervaded the outdoor seating area.


If you want a more casual atmosphere, Cibus also has a Caffe and Gelateria next door- where you definitely won’t miss out on any of the orange appeal!


Where was I when this tray came around?


Will orange be the new phenomenom for dining areas like red was five or six years ago?  I hope so! I am loving this fresh, stylish color and it definitely worked on my appetite!

Vacation Inspiration

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This past week I’ve been in Hawaii for a much needed vacation.  Last month was incredibly busy for me so I welcomed the week long break where I (attempted) to stay away from internet, work, and anything design related.

But the funny thing is that being a designer, you really never can escape design.  It’s too challenging to turn off your design radar for a week and ignore the beautiful interiors that surround you.  While the other people that I was with would notice the amazing beaches and exotic plants, I found myself walking into a space and commenting on the glass tile or funky fabric on a wing chair.  I always had my camera with me so I couldn’t help but take pictures of what I saw to share with you all!


For the first half of our trip, we stayed in Kapalua (in Maui).  We decided to venture out one day to The Four Seasons in Wailea which was about an hour away.  I think my boyfriend thought I was crazy that I wanted to spend a day touring hotels when we could be touring something else- like maybe a beach? Ok maybe touring hotels IS a bit nutty but it comes with the territory of dating a designer- we are constantly needing to feed our desire for eye candy!


The Maui Four Seasons is known to be one of the “world’s most acclaimed resorts”…and the interior certainly proved that!

Two large sculpture heads greet you at the front entry.


Oversized sconces were prevalent throughout the hotel interior.  The one thing I kept noticing about every hotel I visited (including mine) were the light fixtures.  Huge lanterns, sconces, and pendants adorned the hotel lobbies and corridors.  I even spotted some Visual Comfort ones at a historic Westin in Honolulu!


I loved how everything in the lobby was so airy and open.  White walls enveloped the space with shots of color thrown in unexpectedly.


The seating areas were a lot of fun.  I like how the colors don’t scream “beach” and are very understated.  But at the same time, the space isn’t stark or uninviting.


The golden ceiling and coordinating pillows warm the space up- breaking up all of the white.


No spa time for me on vacation- but I would have loved to have seen what was beyond these doors!


What was so interesting about this hotel is that they had lots of cool art on display- like these pieces of colorful and intriguing blown glass.


And the vendors weren’t overbearing either- (which was a huge plus in my book).  They weren’t stalking you down to take a look at their stuff or have you listen to their life story (which happened to us in Costa Rica!)

Gorgeous gorgeous paintings!! I wanted one of these so badly- didn’t even bother looking at their price tags.  They looked a little out of my souvenier budget.


The artwork on display in the hotel was equally amazing.  I had to get a close up of this so you could see the detailing.  A multitude of holes were burned (from a cigarette?) through Japanese rice paper to create this piece.


I thought this piece of art was a great idea for a DIY project- framing a large quilt.  I am always looking for eye catching ways to take up space on a large wall.  The wall below wouldn’t have looked right with lots of smaller pieces- instead, one large one really jumps out at you and makes a statement.


And another massive sconce!


The designer certainly took “sconce it up” to a whole new level!



The art work in this place was amazing- fascinating statues to boot!


Me and my sister Catherine in front of the rice paper art


(see Cath, I told you that you would make it on the blog one day! 🙂


What was most inspiring about this hotel was the intricate detail on everything- notice the coffee table, sofa arms, bar face and cabinets.  So much texture- love!




I live for the Academy Awards every year. Celebs and movies are two of my passions so this night is always so much fun for me to watch. I try to see every Oscar movie nominated before the show; however, this year I am desperately lagging behind.

On award night, we usually only get to see what happens on the red carpet and on the stage…but what about behind the scenes?

Where do the famous presenters go to wait before they give out some of the year’s most prestigious awards? Well, there is a room designated just for this- the infamous Architectural Digest Greenroom. It’s the 7th year that the magazine powerhouse has designed for the Greenroom and what an incredible space it is!

This year I got a sneak peek into this hidden gem. Architectural Digest chose Stephen Shadley to design it this year and it looks amazing.

He went with a “Seventies Modern” design that incorporated a scenic backdrop of Los Angeles from the Hollywood Hills. He also used Baker furnishings including an 11 foot sofa with black lacquered arms. To top off the look, he added in a lucite and alabaster chandelier, a vintage brass and lacquered 1960’s table, a custom quartz bar created with CaesarStone’s Concetto, a gorgeous silk fabric wallcovering, a modernized shag rug by Karastan, and everyone’s favorite- garden seats!

Several of Stephen’s past clients have been none other than movie stars themselves! Diane Keaton, Woody Allen, and Robert Altman.

All 920 sq feet of the space gives off a sleek, simple and monochromatic vibe, providing a calming backdrop for the night’s presents as well as its winners.

Can’t wait to see who takes home Oscar on Sunday!

After almost ten months since I was hired on, the pediatric dentist office that I have been talking about/working on for so long is now open for business! I leave on a little roadtrip to go attend its grand opening tomorrow in Georgetown which will be a nice break in the week from the normal routine.

It being my very first dentist office project, I will say that designing for kids has never been so much fun!

It’s amazing how fast a space can be built out and go from this concept board…

To this…in just a few months

It’s a strange bittersweet feeling when a project comes to an end- you don’t know whether to be excited that it’s all built and everything’s completed or to be sad that it’s all over with. I guess you just have to be ready for what’s next!
If you are in the Austin/Georgetown area, you should go stop in and see Dr. Kelly at Star Smiles– she even has “Star Bucks”, video games, and sugarless candy, for the kiddos!

{More Star Smiles pics to come on EJ Interiors site!}