Aerin Lauder has released her first book, Beauty at Home. The inspiring coffee table book takes you into her stylish Manhattan apartment, Hampton home and Madison Avenue office.

aerin lauder

I’m so excited she has given us all a glimpse into these private spaces and personal tips on how to recreate her look in your own home.

Beauty at home 1





Being the granddaughter of Estee Lauder, Aerin is familiar elegance and sophistication.  She talks about her iconic grandmother throughout the book and what lessons she taught her.  Aerin has taken those words of advice and created her own “effortless style”.  The beautiful photographs in her book display many items from Aerin’s home collection.


Beauty at Home is available on You can also shop her home furnishings such as lighting, rugs and fabrics.

Is there any field famed designer Nate Berkus has not tried to conquer? There is no need to answer that because we all know he is popping up everywhere. Oprah has given him his own talk show, he has a bestselling book, and still has time to manage a firm. Host, author, designer- he wears many hats and can now add to that list because his new fall line for Target just hit stores!

This post is paying homage to all his career roles.

He has a great approach to how he conquers residential design. His philosophy is that the rooms should tell the story of who the owners are and reflect their personalities.

Imagine working at his Chicago firm in this open environment!

This just seems like the coolest space to make dinner in each evening. I love that he made the industrial finishes appear so warm.

The play with color, lighting, and shape makes this bathroom very fresh and fun.

The modern art pieces selected really help exagerrate the angles and length of the living room. And who else can make a silver bean bag not seem tacky?

I love the mix of textures and rich tones. The different patterns all compliment each other to create something visually interesting.

I am probably a little biased since I am a sucker for yellow but I wish this was my master walk-in closet!

You were warned about the yellow! Berkus also has fabric lines with fabricut and calico.

I can’t get over this print and color combination!

This honeycomb wall art is part of his new line for Target. Hexagons may turn out to be the shape of the year!

If you are looking for something riskier, this gold and black pillow for Target would do the trick to add edge to your room!

Since Nate is constantly reinventing himself, pushing his talent and clearly not afraid to try new things I cannot wait to see what he does next!

I think it is fair to say that fall is FINALLY creeping up on us here in Texas. Even though summer is fading, we can still sit here and dream of lavish vacation spots thanks to Jan Showers’ latest book, Glamorous Retreats!  A follow-up to the bestselling Glamorous Rooms, her latest work features interiors from locales across North America. The pages take you everywhere from the beaches of Nantucket to the lodges in Colorado down to Arizona ranches. Glamorous Retreats is that signature coffee table book or staple needed for your study collection that everyone should just go ahead and pre-order!

One of my favorites, Michael Kors, (yes, THE legendary American fashion designer) wrote “Design like Jan’s fuses great taste and an expert eye with the reality of life as it is actually lived.”

Jan Showers has the ability to blend Hollywood high fashion with vintage Paris; it’s as if you are walking around Paris in the 1700’s without losing any of the contemporary aesthetic.

harbour island 34 (2)

In this Harbor Island getaway the transition from one period to the next seems effortless.  She has said that she always wants her rooms to look like they happened over a long period of a time, which is why these designs become so timeless. I love how she is able to introduce so many different textures and keep the space feeling cohesive.

I love that she mixes the elegant with the eclectic in a way where this rustic room still feels personal and inviting.

Subtle glamour is the key. As Jan puts it, “think Audrey Hepburn in capri pants.” That really is the perfect metaphor to describe these gorgeous settings!

On sale October 1, we are now adding Showers’ Glamorous Retreats to our guilty pleasures list!

Make It Work!

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Tim Gunn!


Last week I had the amazing honor and opportunity of interviewing the one and only Tim Gunn!  Watch the video here! Be sure to turn your volume up!

Tim has been one of my favorite TV celebrities ever since I watched the very first episode of Project Runway years ago.  I also look up to Mr. Gunn as a role model.  His career in design is truly inspirational.  He’s basically covered everything from architecture to fashion!  His perfect mannerisms, dress, and personality are nothing short of captivating.  And let’s not forget about his outrageously extensive vocabulary that he’s so well known for, as well as the famous ‘Make It Work’ quote that he coined!

In the interview, you’ll find that his love for architecture and design started with Legos as a child! Legos were a a favorite of mine growing up as well (and I’ll admit, I still like playing with them as an adult).  It always seemed that my brothers and I usually got a new set for birthdays or at Christmas.  Who knew such a simple toy could lead to design stardom! (in Tim’s case anyways!)


He’s also written a few books along the way.  I highly recommend picking up one or two if you’re a book junkie like me!


Gunn's Golden Rules

Gunn’s Golden Rules is my favorite!

A Guide To Quality, Taste and Style

A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style will show you how to always have impeccable style that is timeless.

Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible

Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible is a great go-to when you find your self in a fashion conundrum!

I hope you enjoyed my video interview with Tim Gunn!

A special thank you to Mr. Tim Gunn and Caroline Ambuhl of
Sullivan and Partners

The Glamor of Gatsby

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When I was a senior in high school, one of the items on the required reading list was F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.  After chapter 1, I was hooked.  It’s a beautiful story, and if you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it before you see the movie (scheduled to premier May 10th).  The descriptions of the life of the wealthy in the 1920’s is mesmerizing.

Gatsby Bookcover

Original book cover of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby

A life full of partying, prosperity, and feeling the need to be free from the constraints of what was deemed socially acceptable at the turn of the 1900th century brought around the Art Deco movement.  A call for new fashion, new architecture, and new furniture and home decor!  Immediately everything went streamline, architecturally as well as decor.  Geometric shapes, and bold colors were all the rage.

Art Deco illustration1


roaring 20's girl

A real 1920’s beauty bedecked all in dazzling Cartier jewelry.

Baz Luhrmann is by far my favorite movie director and producer.  He can take a old classic story and turn it into something new and over the top like no one else.  You can totally see what I mean if you’ve ever watched Moulin Rouge, or Romeo and Juliet.  His adaptation of The Great Gatsby has once again totally hit the mark with his impeccable style and lavish ways of transforming something great, into something even greater.  If you ask me, I think he’s done a remarkable job defining the 1920’s era by putting a modern day spin on it.


The stunning Leonardo Dicaprio as Jay Gatsby.


Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan

Gatsby's House

Gatsby’s Humble Abode

Gatsby grand hall

Now this is the kind of entry hall I’m talkin’ about!  This is where Gatsby hosts all of his lavishly epic parties.  It’s the perfect atmosphere if you as me!



Welcome to the party!  The outside movie set of the famous swimming pool/fountain party scene.  Looks like a blast!

Gatsby's bedroom

Take a look at Gatsby’s bedroom.  The clean lines and no frills make it the perfect bedroom for such a dashingly dapper bachelor.

daisy's sitting room

Daisy’s sitting room exudes femininity with all it’s pinks and blushing hues, accented by soft whites and golds.  I’m loving that patterned rug and long fringed throw over that side chair!

Even Tiffany and Co. has gotten into the spirit of the movie.  They’ve designed an entire collection devoted to Daisy, the leading female role in the movie.  If you visit their flagship store in NYC, you’ll find their famous window displays bedazzled with 1920’s glamour in  honor of the movie.



Daisy's Handpiece

Daisy's Jewlery

Looking for that special outfit to go along with your new diamonds and pearls from Tiffany’s? Just stroll on down to the Brooks Brother’s flagship store on Madison Ave.  They’ve transformed their store with a vintage 20’s ambiance that’s sure to make you want to pop open a bottle of bubbly!




Still can’t get enough of that fabulous Art Deco style?  Take a gander at these gorgeous rooms!


I love the soft golden back drop of this room.  The ebony furniture pieces make a dramatic contrast against it.  The marble floor inlay is breath taking, and look at that console on the back wall!  I’m in love with the Greek Key motif in white that borders its edges!


One of my favorite pieces of furniture in a grand home like this one, is an entry table that sits in the center of a foyer.  It’s so stately!


Let’s face it, deep down, everybody wants a grand sweeping staircase like this to walk down every morning.  I know I sure do!


This Art Deco interior embodies the clean and simple shapes found in many period buildings.  Check out all that silver leafing on the ceiling!


This Parisian apartment designed in in the early 20’s is still fashionable today!  Just look at the shape of the cocktail table, and the gilded screen behind the sofa!

Deco Wall Papers

I’ve always been in love with these simple and sophisticated prints from the 1920’s.  These wallpapers are still a classic, even after 93 years!

So, if you haven’t bought your ticket yet, what are you waiting for?! This is definitely a movie you don’t want to miss on the silver screen!

In Need of a Notepad?

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I’m ALWAYS reaching for a notepad- especially during this crazy time of year.  My daily to-do lists seem to be getting longer as the holidays approach.  Most of my clients want their homes spruced up before they host their annual holiday parties and prior to family coming in.  To put it simply, the last few weeks and the next few weeks are hectic!

So of course, to keep organized I have my to-do lists all kept in a nice notebook- well maybe not that nice- a Mead Five Star from Walgreens.  I know, I’m out of college, so what I am doing still using these?

Today my notepad ran out of pages (gasp!) and to save myself from writing another item on my to-do list- “make a trip to Walgreens for to-do list notepad”, I saved myself a trip and found a fun notepad that someone from Archie Grand had kindly sent me a while back that I had been just waiting for the perfect opportunity to break out!  This is not just your average notepad…it’s actually stylish!  To be exact, it’s an adorable chartreuse notepad that caters to my profession.  I’m pretty sure that while Walgreens has everything else on the planet (god love ’em), they don’t have one of these babies-

The “Designers I met and Liked” notepad by Archie Grand is awesome!  I love how it looks like a miniature book and is a lot less floppy than those $2 Walgreens pads with the metal spiral bound spine.  I really am a notepad’s worst critic, as I am attached at the hip to mine.

I had to post about Archie’s because I think it would make an adorable holiday gift.  Sure, not everyone’s a designer..but I bet you know some-

Secret Agents



Husbands (from the past)

And if not, you can find a description of someone you know from their massive collection! They are all pretty comical! A+ Archie!

Book Worm!

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The past few nights, after shutting down my computer and retiring for the night, I’ve been rewarding myself by curling up in bed, relaxing, and reading Suzanne Kasler’s Inspired Interiors.  I received this book as a Christmas present a few months ago, and it’s been sitting on the bench at the end of my bed since then, looking so crisp and unused.  I am just now finding the time to open it and completely delve in!  I never like to read these design books hastily.  I need ample time to study the images, read, and re-read the text.

I am now about halfway done with her book and do not want it to ever come to an end!  (however, if it does end, it’s not the end of the world, since I have Kelly W’s Hue as next up on my reading list!)

The only downside to her book is the fact that I can’t rip out all of these gorgeous images and put them in my “inspiration” binders.  Well, technically I could…hmmm tempting!

Suzanne is a design genius!  I’m sure you will agree after viewing these images below.

It has been such a treat to read this book.  I’m like a kid in an “eye candy” store!  So many wonderful images and such great design advice from Suzanne.  I guess I will just have to wait patiently for her next book to come out!

What if I told you that a notable interior designer (who was named one of House Beautiful’s Top 100 designers in the country) was willing to share all of her deepest design secrets with the public?

I imagine you would be pretty excited (as would I!!)


Well, that notable designer is Elaine Griffin and she did recently share her deepest design secrets with the public.   All 238 pages of them!  Her new book, Design Rules: The Insider’s Guide to Becoming Your Own Decorator, comes out November 3rd and we couldn’t be more excited.  I was sent a sneak preview of it (ok, it wasn’t really a preview, I read the whole thing in two days!) and I was so thrilled that someone so credible FINALLY came up with a “step-by-step practical approach” (in the words of Colin Cowie) to home decorating.  It is SUCH a great reference.  I had always wondered why someone hadn’t written a book like this sooner.


Yes, we all have the book, The Time Savers Standards for Interior Design and Space Planning, and don’t get me wrong, it’s a classic, but that book is like lifing weights (on a good day!)  It’s not easy to tote around and almost has too much detailed information in it that it makes my head spin.  And not to mention the fact, that Time Savers doesn’t address the reader with terms of endearment such as “honey”, “sugar”, and “baby” (like Elaine does).  Elaine makes the reader feel very comfortable.  Reading this book is like having coffee with your best friend (ok, your very talented and knowledgeable best friend).


Not only is it entertaining, Elaine’s book “demystifies the process with a smart and savvy, no-nonsense decorating primer” (in the words of Margaret Russell)

So why am I telling you all this?  Because one lucky reader will win a copy of Design Rules!


To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post (between now and Sunday November 8th at 11:59 pm), stating a design question that you have ALWAYS wanted to know the answer to.

One reader will be chosen at random and the winner will receive a copy of Design Rules through the mail.

**Even more exciting, Elaine will answer each question that was posted and we will be featuring the answers in an upcoming blog post!**

(When leaving a comment, please leave your email address or a way for us to contact you in case you win)





{Images from Elaine Griffin Interior Design}

Jackie Von Tobel, of the Jackie Blue Home blog, is definitely one of the hardest working designers/bloggers that I know.  If it’s not one project, it’s another.  I don’t know how she keeps up with it all- I am really in awe of her talent and dedication.

blog banner jvt

Most recently, she has written a design book entitled The Design Directory of Bedding (and no, it’s not her first book either! This woman is on a roll!)


Her new book consists of so much great information in the bedding department.  It is a serious must-have for any designer or homeowner’s library.

And can we just talk about the 1,000 + illustrations that Jackie hand drew herself?  Quite amazing!  You will be so blown away by all of the detail in this book.  It is incredibly organized too which is a plus- sections are divided into bedding components such as decorative pillows, pillow shams, pillowcases, bed skirts, bed covers…you get the idea!





{Illustration pictures from The Decorating Diva and The Design Directory of Bedding}

There are just too many lovely bedding ideas in here to count.  Jackie is truly an inspiration to all of us other designers. I love how creative she is AND am so jealous she can hand draw all of her ideas out.  What a great visual tool for clients to get to see what is brewing in that mind of hers!


As most of you can probably tell, I love to read (books OR magazines)- anything I can get my hands on really.  I am always wanting to learn more and soak up as much design information that I can- so up next for me is reading Jackie’s The Design Directory of Window Treatments!

If the information in here is just as extensive as that in her bedding book, I’m surely in for a treat!

with Jan Showers’ new book, Glamorous Rooms!  I read it all in one sitting.  It is 206 pages of fabulous eye candy and noteworthy design advice from the Dallas based interior designer.


With a foreword by her friend, Michael Kors, and a book case created to look like one of her favorite fabrics, Hinson and Company’s Snow Leopard, this book goes down in history as one of my favorite coffee table reads!

There are so many jaw dropping images throughout her book.  I gathered my favorite Jan Showers’ rooms to share with you (as well as quotes), until you can go out and buy a copy of the book for yourself!  It’s too bad this book wasn’t a magazine or I would have torn out a bunch of pages to keep on hand in my Style Book!


“Create an aura of glamour with some or all of these classic design elements: warm silver-leaf tea paper on the walls, a fabulous Murano-glass lamp, gilded mirrors, a pair of eighteenth-century painted Italian slipper chairs, and a graphic animal skin on the floor”- Jan Showers


“Rugs should be kept understated and elegant.  Though it’s not a hard-and-fast rule, low-contrast rugs typically work best.  However, you may opt for a high-contrast black and white graphic rug to mitigate the vastness created by a double-height ceiling.”


“Mix textures and styles liberally.  Cashmeres, low-sheen satins, linens, silks, velvets, mohair, and wonderfully ironed and waxed leathers are favored textures in living rooms.”


“Mixing silver and gold is always a good idea”


“Never be afraid to mix patterns, periods, and wood finishes.”


“Too much upholstery is one of the most prevalent mistakes made in present-day design, because it lacks detail and interest.  Detail is critical to establishing the singularity and quality of any piece.”


“Two lighting elements are central to all my dining room designs: chandeliers and lamps.  Frequently people are surprised when I suggest that lamps be placed on buffets.  They create a luscious glow in a room that can be quite challenging to illuminate.”


“One shortcut to an atmosphere of warms is the use of dining chairs with upholstered backs.  At a rectangular or oval table, have the host and hostess chairs upholstered in a different fabric than the other chairs if they are a different style.”


“The opulence of bedrooms should extend to the walls themselves.  Soothing colors such as soft greens and French blues are just right.  Ivories and pale peaches complement skin tones, which is a very good idea in the bedroom.”

Her first book definitely aims to please!