Trina’s Newest!

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Are you loving the new additions to the Trina Turk indoor-outdoor collection at Schumacher as much as I am?  I spotted these on a recent shopping trip to the showroom and I’m actually presenting one to a client tomorrow!  I’m sure you are thinking that I’m crazy to even be pondering outdoor fabrics right now (in 26 degree weather)…well, this indoor-outdoor fabric is going indoors this time!  The fabric that I chose below is actually for the clients’ upstairs where their game room and son’s room reside.  There’s no doubt that this fabric will wear well in the highly-trafficked space (the ping pong table is up there too so you know with three boys in the house, this room will get lots of use!)

Not only are most of these fabrics pretty soft, they are washable too!!  Makes me want to consider I/O fabrics for every room in the house!

Super Fabrics

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Calico Corners has just debuted a new fabric collection, Iman Home, designed by the supermodel herself.

I must say that I’ve always REALLY liked Iman.  She has such a calming presence about her.   She doesn’t bring the drama like some other supermodels do (ahem, Naomi C) and she has always come across as very classy and sophisticated.  Don’t you agree?  Other models should take lessons from her on how to behave!

Her colorful collection for Calico reflects her world travels and unique personal style.  The patterns are rich, exotic and textural.  With all of the rage over animal prints and ikat fabrics, I have no doubt that her collection will do well!

My favorite might be this peacock print.  Anything peacock is very hot right now (I think I saw about five people who were dressed as peacocks for Halloween!)

She has tons of other interesting and bold fabrics to choose from too….this is only the beginning!

Great job Iman on taking your love for fashion and beautiful clothing and turning it into something good!  Other supermodels should be more like you!

Like Mother, Like Daughter!

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Now I know it’s tradition to showcase “materials” in the interior design sense on our blog; however, tonight I just couldn’t avoid going the fashion/ jewelry route with my post and had to spread the word about these fabulous accessories by Dallas jewelry designer, Elizabeth Showers.

These aren’t just your typical accessories either…they are like little pieces of art.  I can’t believe I just discovered her designs, (especially after following her mother’s interior design work for so long).  I am so glad I did, because her rings, bracelets, and necklaces are the ultimate jewelry eye candy!

Her accessories incorporate all of the colors and finishes that I tend to gravitate towards in the interior design world- such as turquoise/teal, emerald, gold, silver, pink, cobalt, and orange.  I am a girly-girl and so of course, I flock to her uber feminine, colorful designs that interject a glamorous touch.

Elizabeth credits both her grandmother and her mother as being inspirations to her creative development.  So in honor of Mother’s Day, I gathered my favorite designs by both mother and daughter of the Showers’ clan.  It’s pretty amazing to look at their work side by side and see how they influence eachother’s designs.  As they always say, like mother like daughter!

{Elizabeth’s Turtle Creek showroom will be open May 3rd and 4th, from 10 am-5 pm.  10% of retail sales at her showroom and on her website will be donated to two charitable causes- 2×2 and The Elisa Project from now through Mother’s Day}

3131 Turtle Creek Boulevard, Suite 1118

Dallas, TX 75219

With every new year, comes a re-cap of the last.  For the past two years, I’ve carried on the tradition of doing a post right before the new year, entitled “Flashback (insert year here) Trends”.

Last year, my post, Flashback 2008 Trends highlighted the year’s fashion crazes and how they ultimately influenced the world of interiors.  The year before?  Same concept- how fashion paralleled with interiors in 2007.

2009- what a year!  Here’s a look back on the year’s most popular prints, colors, and materials in fashion and some examples we found of how they can be used in the home.  (thanks to all the celebs who participated!)

1) Hot pink





{House Beautiful}


{Traditional Home}

2) Leather




{Metropolitan Home}

3) Neon


domino neon green

{Domino- via Coco Kelley}

office jonathan adler

{Jonathon Adler- via La Dolce Vita}

4) Pastel







5) Fringe

Carmen Electra and her boyfriend spent two hours in Barneys New




6) Futuristic


MH Miami 04

{Metropolitan Home}

MH Miami 05

{Metropolitan Home}

7) Sequins





{Nate Berkus for HSN}

8- Boho Chic



{Domino- via Coco Kelley}

9) Plaid



domino tartan (1)


house beautiful 2

{House Beautiful}

10) Neutrals

panettiere hayden 2009 nov whales1



{Veranda Magazine}


{House Beautiful}

Crystal Clear Living

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How would you like to live in this sleek condominium building in Soho?


{Urban Glass House Condos}

A twelve story mid-rise building designed by the late architect, Philip Johnson, the Urban Glass House was the last project before Philip’s death.  It gets its name from his famous 1949 glass-enclosed home in Connecticut.

I remember watching a very lonnng movie in design school about the Glass House.  Interesting, but quite long!


{The Glass House}

Currently fashion designer, Jill Stuart is living in a “glass house” of her own.  Her and her husband reside in the sleek Urban Glass House condos in Manhattan.  Talk about lucky!  I can only imagine the amazing view from her window (which apparently, according to Jill, she gets a nice view from her bathtub of boats and the Statue of Liberty!)


Her modern penthouse was featured in this month’s Elle Decor and looks nothing like what you would imagine.  It is much more calming and simplified than some of her designs- but who can blame her?  After a long hard day of dealing with printed fabrics, there’s no wonder a designer likes to come home to a serene, clean lined space.  Just look at stylist, Rachel Zoe’s home!  It’s hard to believe that such a simplistic residence belongs to such an uber accessorized, and flashy fashionista!






{celebs in Jill Stuart}

Jill’s home was designed by Selldorf Architects and houses six bedrooms and five bathrooms.  This open and airy space is definitely minimalism at its best.









Normally I tend to gravitate towards more colorful and busy spaces, but I just couldn’t resist with this one!

And here’s a glimpse into Jill Stuart’s runway show at the NY public library during fashion week.  Her Spring/Summer 2010 collection included a futuristic collection that had a strong 80’s vibe- so fun!






Alice Temperley has designed a small, but attractive collection for The Rug Company consisting of pillows and what else? Rugs!

You can see color and pattern similarities between her clothing line and those products that she designed for The Rug Company.

This 7 foot diameter, rose shaped rug has us wishing we had an extra $4900 on hand to spend!

Her woven cushions consist of fashionable leopard and floral prints, that are completely handmade.

We love when fashion designers move into the home, because what place couldn’t use that extra bit of style designed by some of the industry’s best!

Now if only I could afford her precious RC pieces…but she has designed clothing for Tarjay before, so there might be hope of me owning an Alice Temperley SOMETHING one day!

An Afternoon with Dennis

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Fashion designer, Dennis Basso has outfitted all different kinds of people in his well known luxury fur: NY socialites, celebs, movie characters, and hip hop artists, (just to name a few). His luxurious mink/ sable coats and chic alligator handbags are just a few of the fashion pieces he is known for. (I’m sure PETA just loves him)

{Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada- wearing a Dennis Basso fur coat}

Luxury is what he’s known for best- so I wouldn’t really expect anything less from his own getaway home, which was featured in Elle Decor this month.

Him and his partner, Michael Cominotto have about 4,000 square feet of outdoor living space on the Long Island village of Water Mill. They love to retreat here from the chaos of the city. Being big fans of the outdoors, they will have friends (like Tori Burch) over for lunch, drinks and swimming on the weekend.

His one story poolhouse is a 50 ft long x 20 ft wide space. All I can say is that I’m so completely envious!

His navy and white color scheme was conceived by interior designer, Kenneth Alpert. Blue and white ceramics, high backed wicker chairs, ginger jar lamps, leather ottomans, and Sunbrella fabrics, are just some of the features that draw me to this space. Oh and did we mention the fully stocked bar, delicious entrees and desserts to boot?

Dennis, we’ll join you for a cocktail any day!

Trina: To the Trade

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I worked for Neiman’s for a short time after I graduated college…being exposed to designer’s upcoming collections and gorgeous clothing on a day to day basis, was not half bad I must say. But they put me in the contemporary sportswear department with an awful buyer who I thought was comparable to Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada. She was very harsh and we were expected to know about the various fashion designers in her department. At this point in my life names like Milly, Cynthia Steffe, Vince, Tracy Reese, Rebecca Taylor and Trina Turk were foreign to me. After spending a good amount of time around their collections, Trina Turk soon became one of my favorite designers and a household name, no less.

Pics above and below from her Summer ’09 collection

Trina is no stranger to bright color and bold pattern- it’s no wonder her first clothing boutique opened up in Palm Springs.

Then in May 2008, Trina Turk residential opened next door to the original boutique in Palm Springs.

The most recent Trina news is that she has a new line of indoor/outdoor fabrics for Schumacher.

I am just slightly obsessed with them!

So many exotic prints to choose from…

And don’t worry, there is plenty more where these came from- view the rest of her Schumacher fabrics here

Who will be the next clothing designer to launch a home or fabric collection?

Flashback 2008 Trends

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Since the Material Girls love fashion so much, it has become a yearly tradition for us to do a post summing up all of the trendy styles of the season- looks that go for both fashion and interior design.

Last December we did a post called Flashback 2007 Trends using celebs as our fashion icons and this year we are going to present you with the same concept, but for 2008!

A lot of 2007’s trends are still going really strong- metallics, animal prints, and gray hues. These fads don’t seem like they are going anywhere, anytime soon.

Here is what we perceive to have been some of the most prevalent trends throughout 2008…..


The floral print seemed to have been taken to a whole new level this year. The long, flowy maxi-dress was a hit this summer as well as the shorter, knee length style.

Wallcoverings are back and are as stylish as ever! Displaying large, floral printed wallpaper brings the outside in and takes an ordinary and simple room from drab…to fab!

{Photo via This is Glamorous}


I have never been one to love primary colors- they always feel a little childlike and outdated to me; however, the red carpet ladies above prove me otherwise! Their primaries have lots of zing! I don’t see any old or outdated looks here.

A bedroom in this month’s Elle Decor gives a fun, fresh and updated look on the traditional primary colors.


Oh celebs these days! Walking around thinking that they are wearing the next Monet. Gotta hand it to them for getting creative with their attire! Leighton wears an “art print” mini dress above. It shows that she is fun, daring, and not afraid to wear her “art on her sleeve”!

Lots of celebs have been wearing this fashionable “art print” on their clothes this year…however, I think one star got lost in translation….

Did Demi accidentally let little Ashton get into her paint set?

Art has been around ever since the beginning of time of course- this is no new “trend”; however, abstract artwork is in fact one of my favorite kinds and mimics the graphic and vague celeb art prints that we have seen so much of this year in fashion.

{Photo above from Domino Magazine}


When metallics first arrived on the scene (about five years ago), gold was all the hype (and I have to credit Lauren for showing me her gold stilettos our senior year of college and introducing me to “the hottest thing in Norman, OK”…at the time) But as years have passed, while gold is still as popular as ever, silver has re-emerged as one of the leading metallics and gray has followed closely in its footsteps.

Earlier this year, Lauren and I wrote an editorial for Chic Today online magazine called “Silver versus Gold”- this was really fun for us to debate which was the better metal!

While designers and homeowners used to think of grey as being a color only Debbie Downer would paint her house, this hue has recently materialized onto the design scene as a fresh, new neutral! Use it with black and white or as a background for other bold colors such as light blue, deep orange, lilac, or even yellow. Gray usually renders itself to more of a modern space unless of course you use it in a Swedish type setting.

The room above was designed by Dallas’ own Julio Quinones- (featured in Met Home)


Charlize looks amazing in this x backed, black dress. Actually, Charlize looks amazing in anything! This movie star siren can certainly pull off this look.

Bring a little piece of “Charlize” back home with you-

The “X Bench”- available on looks somewhat similar to the star’s LBD. The X motif has just been everywhere this year.
{Image via Point Click Home}


Ikat has emerged this year as one of the leading trendy fabrics. Even large retailers like Pottery Barn carries Ikat pillows and upholstery. We saw it everywhere- celebs, fashion, homes. It was hard to open up a magazine that didn’t have something Ikat in it!

This kitchen belongs to Erika of the Urban Grace blog- after debating between lots of different fabrics, she ended up getting a Lee Jofa Ikat fabric made into cafe curtains for her kitchen window…it looks absolutely PERFECT for her kitchen. We love!


This year there was no shortage of feminine design. One minute we saw Eva Longoria on the red carpet wearing a big bow, the next, Natalie Portman was prancing around in a gorgeous ruffled dress.

Homes seem to take their cue from fashion, so it’s no surprise that we spotted this beautiful ruffled table skirt in a photo of a feminine looking entry way from Absolutely Beautiful Things blog.

Lace, ruffles, bows, pastels- anything frilly was the theme this year!


You can always count on Rihanna, the ultimate representation of “rocker chic”, to sport something edgy and fashionable. Whether it’s a new haircut or leather jacket, Rihanna has been making fashion waves for the entirety of 2008!

This room by Candice Olson (taken from Point Click Home) does just the same thing. Daring and unexpected, black walls, a zebra, rug, and gold accents would make this room the ultimate competition on the red carpet.


Just the other week, I tried explaining to my mother what “ombre” was…we were at Tarjay and saw an “ombre” shirt and my mom was so confused- “you mean tie-dye?”

Here’s a good definition I found of Ombre for you mom and others out there who might be unsure of this fancy French term.
‘From a French term for “shaded,” ombre is a color effect where the color gradually changes from light to dark over the item of clothing’

Angelina surely stunned those on the red carpet when she wore this Ombre dress (above). Although the ombre was very pretty, most were just very focused on if she was pregnant or not!

Cameron Diaz with the same trendy look…

There aren’t a ton of homes I have seen this year with ombre, but the trend is slowly catching on. I found this image via Coco Kelley. Here, drapes fade from white to blue and give this dining area a nice, serene look.


Oh dear, this by far is my least favorite fashion trend of all! Had to save the worst for last, I suppose. I think the boyfriend jeans trend looks a bit messy and unkempt on celebs that normally look so polished! The photo of Katie above actually does not look so terrible with heels, but other photos I have seen of her and Posh make them look positively disheveld.

To ahieve the boyfriend look in your own home is not hard…it really just requires a very laid back atmosphere with neutral colors or using navy and reds. Of course, why decorate your own home in the boyfriend style when you can just use your boyfriend’s!! (advice given to me by Katie Cruise, wearing Tom’s jeans on the streets of NY)

And that’s the top 10 trends! However, there was one more trend that we featured a few months ago on our blog, that has gotten a lot of hype and that is the Typography trend!

Statement t-shirts were everywhere on celebs this year-

I am so happy celebs wear statement t-shirts so I can know what’s going on without even reading my Us Weekly!

Homes have mimicked this trend in decor- usually in art pieces, pillows, or other accessories. Nate Berkus’ home seemed to have been a hit with bloggers and readers (especially the “word” art he has hung in the back corner)

In addition to letters, numbers are also used quite often.

And while another year is summarized in trends, here’s to yet another

Happy New Years everyone!

Often in Us Weekly or People, there will be that article that shows “day” Katie Cruise and “night” Katie Cruise. “Day” Katie will appear with less makeup, large sunglasses, wearing skinny or “boyfriend” jeans, strolling around looking more casual. “Night” Katie has smokey eye makeup, a tight fitting dress or ball gown on, and looking positively stunning- ready for a more formal occasion.

Day Katie

Night Katie

Your tableware should follow this same transformation. It’s always good to have two sets- one that’s more casual for the daytime and another that is more fancy for when dinner guests come over.

I don’t believe in never using your good china either. Something so expensive and special shouldn’t just be collecting dust in your cabinets! Break them out when good friends are over- there is never a better time than today!

I love Cielo Home and its tableware collections that are categorized under Formal Table (night) and Everyday Table (day)

Everyday table:

This dessert plate was designed by renowned Italian designer Missoni (known for their colorful and creative patterns) Retails at $58

Missoni dress (looks similar to the plate above)

Katie also in casual floral for day wear

Another “Everyday” table item- this Checks Round plate was designed by Thomas Kellar

Katie in a similar pattern

Formal Table:

This plate, designed by John Derian, was an Elle Decor award winner! At $158 each, this plate is worth every penny- gorgeous! Every piece is hand signed by John himself. The colors he used look perfect together as does the mini “brooch” looking piece in the center of the design.

Katie with a similar brooch looking design on her dress

This coral “Cristobal” dessert plate, was designed by Alberto Pinto (he is hired by royals and also celebs to design their homes and palaces!) What a fun job. I love the vibrant, deep hue in this plate- I can see this table setting being really dramatic at night- especially if it was paired with black, white and gold!

Katie also breaking out her fiery red for night!

As you can see, there is a time and a place for different sets of china (informal and more formal)…take it from Katie, she won’t be wearing her boyfriend jeans on the red carpet anytime soon!