Road Trip

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Last weekend I took a trip down to Georgetown and Austin to see the progress on the dentist office, do a bit of shopping, and take a much needed “vacation”. Driving around Austin, I couldn’t help but notice all of the gorgeous, historic, and extremely unique homes tucked away in their own little neighborhoods. One of these in particular was a neighborhood called Pemberton Heights, “one of central Austin’s best keep secrets” apparently. I didn’t know there could be so many lovely houses in just one place. I had a fantastic tour guide, a former resident of Austin (my boyfriend Ben) who took me to some of his favorite houses in the area.

They ranged from the outrageous…

to the magnificent…

The “castle” as we came to name it, was one of the most charming houses I have ever seen (what you could see of it). It looked like it came right out of a fairy tale.

I’m sure the person who lived there thought I was a complete nut trying to get a good picture of “the castle”. I should have knocked on the door and invited myself in for a cup o tea!

Just to verify how pricey these are, I took a flyer from one of the smaller houses that was for sale (not pictured) and it was almost 2 mill! Fairytale indeed!

I love this ones awning..

Now for the shopping part…we took a drive down to the San Marcos outlets on Sunday because I was destined to see how the Pottery Barn/West Elm/WS Home, Restoration Hardware, and Crate and Barrell outlets were. I came with all my fabric swatches, prepared to leave with the jetta piled to the roof and strangely enough after all of the anticipation, I didn’t leave with a thing! Although the girl I was with said it was “very picked over”. I thought they were pretty great outlet stores but I think since I was on a search for really specific items, there was a slim chance I was going to find exactly what I was looking for at an outlet.

All furniture at PB/WS Home/West Elm was actually 50% off! I was amazed at some of the prices.

Remember this x bench from WS Home? Sleek and chic at the outlet- 1/2 off!

I spy the Gibson leather Armchair from WS Home…

They had a few decent drapes from West Elm and Pottery Barn that I recognized from the stores…

I think this little turquoise chair from Pottery Barn Kids is adorable!

This chair was 1/2 off- only $400

The Anabel Armchair from Pottery Barn in black and white…normally $1,000- 1/2 off that!

There it was, my previous dream desk from Pottery Barn (was too expensive at the regular store for me so I got an exact replica at World Market instead last Christmas) This Bedford Project Table set is $1,099 at Pottery Barn now but at the outlet it was only $400

My favorite piece of furniture is the chair…and wow did this place have chairs! West Elm, WS Home, Pottery Barn, there were so many chairs there that I recognized from seeing them at the store- some as little as $60 a chair

Lauren and I have both expressed our love for this WS Home greek key chair before, but I must say that I like it in the darker brown leather better- you can see the darker version here

I am in chair heaven!

Lots and lots of bedding too…I then start to see similar bedding to the one I just got at RH, and start second guessing myself!

I have always loved these lux jewelry boxes from West Elm- very tempting! I love the yellow color

Velvet lounger

All in all a productive trip- can’t wait to make another trek out to the outlet in the fall! (or…maybe late summer 🙂

Celebrity homes are often way over the top- each one fighting to have the bigger house…more times than not, the larger they get, the uglier they are. Do you remember Nick and Jessica’s house from Newlyweds? Every wall was painted beige and they did not have anything in there that showed an ounce of their personality- very boring. Or even the Lohan’s house on the new E! Show, Living Lohan- outdated and just plain awful.

Just because they are a celeb and have a large home, it doesn’t guarantee style or character. So we compiled a quiz of some of the best and worst celeb homes out there and want to see if someone out there can guess all 16 right! (no cheating!) By the time I finish typing up this quiz, there is no guarantee that each of these celebs still owns his/her house…they move around like it’s no ones business…and it is of course everyone’s business!

1) This star now has a block of her own…but she was once quoted that she was “from the block”_________________

2) This is the Malibu house of a celebrity whose girlfriend just gave birth to a set of twins in France. _____________________

3) This celeb home is in Georgia; however, this same celeb has a few different homes all over the country. One house was in Austin- she sued its home developer for a nightmare of “broken promises, broken dreams and failure to take responsibility” for her Austin house. _________________

4) This is the beachfront home of the now famous actress who won Miss Ohio USA in 1986. __________________

5) This house in Calabasas belongs to a famous celeb couple who have been together for 11 years and are very close friends of TomKat. _______________________

6) This house in Great Britain belongs to an old rocker who once had a family reality show on MTV _____________________

7) This brunette celeb couple lives in this Beverly Hills mansion. Her first big break was being cast in Bruce Springsteen’s video “Dancing in the Dark” and he is the youngest of five, having all famous celeb siblings. ____________________

#8- This estate in Great Britain is the home of the most talked about woman of the moment rumored to be having an affair with Alex Rodriguez. ____________________

9) This house in Kentwood Louisiana belongs to a pop singer who got her start on the Mickey Mouse Club. _____________________

10) This widowed lady has only recently made up with her estranged daughter. She was wife to one of the most famous tv producers of all time who graduated from SMU Dallas. _________________

11) This famous comedian was one of the voices in the pixar film, Bee Movie. ______________

12) A trained pilot, this actor played the famous role of “Danny” in a movie early in his career. ________________

13) This retreat on Lake Como is a favorite of the actor who got his start on Roseanne. _____________________

14) This house is owned by a celebrity couple who have been together 25 years and still aren’t married (no, it’s no Oprah and Steadman). They were in a movie together in the 80’s where she falls off a ship and gets amnesia. _______________

15) This house is on a show on the E! channel featuring three pretty blondes. __________________

16) This is the home of a woman who came out of jail wearing a poncho she had knitted. ___________________

Will update you with the answers next week! Stay tuned!

The Magic Numbers…

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These mod house numbers I saw in The Nest magazine are from DWR and retail at $75 a piece. What’s so special about these numbers you ask? They are based on the lettering that midcentury architect Richard Neutra specified to be on the buildings he designed from 1930’s-1950’s. Love them- now I just need a house!

It’s funny how small of a world it is…do you remember this house in Hollywood Heights that I posted about a week ago? Well it turns out, the lady who designed its interior is an avid Material Girls reader and emailed to tell me that she was so excited to have randomly seen a house that she designed on our site…I love a good coincidence! Her name is Maria Beck, an Interior Designer in Dallas who owns M.E. Beck Design, Inc. She was kind enough to let us into the house and show us a few photos of her work (and you know I have been dying to peek into one of these historic homes!) so I was more than happy to share these photos…Enjoy!

This is the gorgeous Dining Room Ms. Maria designed. I love all of the contrast she chose to use…rustic table coupled with elegant silk chairs…dark painted walls paired with light cream drapes…so incredibly striking! The chandelier is Schonbek and the four mirrors on the wall are Crate & Barrel’s Dubois Mirrors. I knew I recognized those from somewhere!

The Family Room…what a unique fireplace! I love the architecture in this house. Beautiful arches and curved walls makes this home very irreplaceable. The chandelier in here is original to the home that was built in the 20’s. Maria tried to preserve as much of the home’s original features as possible.

Pretty detail of the original stain glass windows…

My favorite room in the house is the Master Bedroom- so nice and calming. I love all of its neutral tones and attractive furniture. The two pictures stacked vertically over the bed is a nice touch.

I love the arches and ceiling in the Master Bath. A nice luxurious place to soak in the tub. The beautiful chandelier overhead makes this room one of the house’s hidden gems!

The stainless steel appliances and hardware on the cabinets is a nice updated touch to this historic home. White cabinets paired with white marble countertops is a very popular kitchen
choice these days.

Cute and cheerful breakfast area with another original light fixture

I love how Maria kept the house looking historic but also designed it to look stylish and up to date for today’s homeowner. She did a wonderful job. If you would like to contact her, you can email her at

Thanks so much for sharing Maria! I hope to randomly post another one of your houses in the future!

Tucked away in East Dallas lies the historic neighborhood Hollywood Heights and its sister subdivision, Santa Monica. I discovered this area of town because my boyfriend lives in Lakewood which is practically down the street from this quaint neighborhood. There are often days when I yearn to move out of my rented apartment in busy and fast paced Uptown and move somewhere more secluded, green, and quiet. Hopefully one day I will own something that I can call my own and I think Hollywood Heights would be the perfect starter house for me. Each house has so much character and history to it. This adorable neighborhood has large lots and beautiful landscaping making it a very sought after place to live in Dallas.

Most of its houses were built around the 1920’s-1930’s in the Tudor style and are comprised of Austin stone and brick. The houses in this area have been designated a conservation district by the city of Dallas- which preserves the homes and keeps them looking historic. They range anywhere from $300-600,000 and remind me of little gingerbread houses! Within a few minutes from Hollywood Heights is Dallas’ beautiful White Rock Lake, the Aboretum, and Lakewood Theatre. This is really the neighborhood for anyone who loves the outdoors, biking, canoeing, and a friendly, relaxed, family oriented atmosphere.

As I drove by the heights today after brunch in Lakewood, I snapped photos of some of the most unique houses I came across….and these are in fact unique! You don’t see houses like this in the newly developed parts of Frisco, Allen, and McKinney. You can’t find these cute little historic homes just anywhere!

Interesting exterior…

I love how all of the doors and shutters of these houses are painted really funky colors…some turquoise, some purple, some bright pink!

And here’s the purple!

You don’t even feel like you are in Dallas anymore with this one…England perhaps?

I love the ivy growing over the house…I want my own little cottage!

This one looks a little bit more Spanish..and I actually found this one randomly on a realtor’s site- it’s for sale for around $450.

I had to post this one because it looks almost identical to the house I grew up in and the one that my parents still live in today!

Then as you go further into the Lakewood area towards the Lakewood Theatre lie the larger mansions… these houses have lots of character but were almost too big and sat too far away for my camera to get a good glimpse of them! Just a little out of my budget and my camera I decided to stop at this one before I got really sad that I still live in my little 1200 sq ft apartment…once my camera gets up and running again, there will be more to come on Dallas’ most historic neighborhoods…stay tuned!

Posh Patio

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These patio chairs were featured in O at Home this month… I am crazy for all of them but especially the last orange and pink chair (see previous post!)- it’s too cute to put outside! You can buy it at Veneman for $599

Miles has got style!

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We wanted to feature this “room” because it is different than all the others that we usually blog about in that it is an exterior room- not an interior one! I love this quaint outdoor “Living Room” designed by Miles Redd- featured in this month’s Domino.

This 16×21 terrace is a place where Miles can entertain friends and family. I love the teal color palette he chose for this area- that is definitely what grabbed my attention first. I also adore the small mirrored table- not used to seeing those outside but it looks fantastic! He also placed mirrors in the trellis to make the space appear larger. Overall, its glam factor is a 10 on my scale!