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I was in Vegas this week for the Coverings Tradeshow Media Tour and had fun learning all about the latest and greatest in tile and stone (and meeting some really cool bloggers and editors, to boot!)

The show was held at The Sands Convention Center at The Venetian and consisted of 46,456 square feet of tradeshow! Now that’s alot.  There was so much to see in so little time, so I thought I’d highlight my top five parts of the Coverings’ experience-

#1- TREND UPDATE– On Tuesday, at the Tile of Spain Press Conference, Patti Fasan gave a very informative talk on the 2011 trends for tile and stone.   Here are some of the trends that she touched on-

  • Camel- “the new neutral”.  When it’s mixed with black, it’s a lot less stark than black and white together
  • Blues- from dark indigos to light shades (in a vintage look)
  • Mirror like reflections- opalescence or a clear/mirrored surface, and metallic tints/sparkle
  • Textured tile surfaces- folded, twisted, pulled, stretched (manipulated flat planes to create interest)
  • Ceramic tile in different shapes
  • Rich, tarnished gold mixed with brown is the new metallic (she pointed out that it “reeks of luxury”). She also said that copper is a big one (in stones, wood, and textiles)
  • Purple- influenced by browns, grays (and even standing on its own)
  • Faded, weathered sepia hues with vintage inspired motifs
  • Browns- less stark than black, but a warmer, softer palette than grays
  • Tile that looks like menswear fabrics (herringbone, linen, etc)
  • Thick tiles inset into the face of cabinets to match the wall tile and medicine cabinet tile
  • Lack of red (she said that red is receding this year and is used mainly as a temporary accent)
  • Digital printing on tile
  • Pastels- such as ice colors and champagne (hues with just hints of color)

#2- TILE OF ITALY- On Tuesday, we also visited the booths at the show encompassing the “Tile of Italy”.  First off, let me just say that the Italian tile that I witnessed was absolutely GORGEOUS (almost as much as the Italian men that were stationed at each booth 🙂  Talk about well dressed! Some of my favorite booths that we visited-

SICIS- there are no words to describe SICIS.  It was my favorite booth at the show and I knew that MG readers would really appreciate it, so I made sure to snap lots of pics.  SICIS is known as an “art mosaic factory”. I’m sure you’ve seen their ads in magazines, before, displaying their luxury mosaics.

On the Italy tour, we also saw-

Tile made from recycled televisions at REFIN

Incredibly thin porcelain tile at LEA (their Waves collection)-

Incredibly large tile (48″x48″) at FLORIM group in different neutrals.  This series, dubbed Nera, also comes in trapezoid sizes.  FLORIM also had lots of glass tile in neutral colors, that were nice and versatile.

Funky wild tile from Mosaico (a relatively new company- only three years old).  The new tile from their Area 25 Collection is composed of 95% recycled glass.  Their Dialoghi collection gives you the opportunity to create your own custom design.

We also saw tile from Viva and Emil that were made to look like wallpaper-

#3- TILE OF SPAIN- Tuesday morning, we visited the booths of Spain.  Spain is really on top of their game here.  They had fabulous booths with really informative presentations (and not to mention tapas AND sangria!)

Peronda showed us how they used inkjet technology to produce “Graffiti-like” tile-

Grespania– had lots of options for imitations of natural stone (shown here is an imitation of Carrara marble produced through ink jet technology)

Their Palace Collection of porcelain tile was also really interesting-

The Onix booth had their 98% recycled-content glass mosaic tile on display.  These tiles are great for pools and spas.  Their tiles can even be done in gold leaf for a high-end application)  They can also produce custom designs. I learned that they were one of the first companies to make atypical shaped mosaics, such as ovals.

#4- NORTH AMERICAN TILE- Now of course, I can’t forget the American tile tour on the top five!

Crossville had a very colorful booth which displayed their latest “Color by Numbers” collection.  This series coordinates  their color block porcelain floor tile with Benjamin Moore paint.

I enjoyed “learning about”/devouring their color coordinated M&M’s too-

Art Tile Village- we learned here how artistic tile in general, is a North American phenomenon.

We came across a lot of “tile that didn”t look like tile”….(made to look more like wood and stone)

{Wood done in ceramic at Florida Tile}

{Iris, one of the leaders in digital printing technology- which means that they take designs and make the tile look like real stone}

#5- OUT and ABOUT- Aside from the scheduled tours, I did venture out a bit to see what the rest of the show had to offer.

I had an appointment to meet with the folks over at Bondera and had fun playing around with their pressure sensitive adhesive-tile rolls.  This adhesive can be used on a countertop or backsplash and makes installing tile a breeze!  What a great and easy DIY project.  The process takes a lot of mess away from typical tile installation…literally just peel and stick!  *Warning- only 36″ tile or below, can be used!*

Since Material Girls are such nuts for metallics, I had to snap a photo of this wall tile from Villeroy and Boch

More fun accent tiles-

Thank you Coverings for such a great experience!

Light to Dark

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Choosing a grout color for the subway tile in your kitchen, is definitely something you want to take the time to consider.  Do you want white grout to create more of a seamless effect or light/dark gray grout for added contrast? I am partial to a little contrast myself!


(White on white- Decorno)


{Gray on white- Absolutely Beautiful Things}

But how often do you see black-grouted subway tile?  Yesterday I came across this New York City kitchen (below) that was designed by Miles Redd and  all I could think was wowza!  The black grout is such a statement maker!



The black gives you that extra bit of graphic punch in the kitchen and coordinates wonderfully with the black honed marble countertops.

And if that wasn’t enough to make your head spin, how about those black glossy cabinets in the butler’s pantry? Gorge!


It’s amazing how different the black-grouted kitchen looks compared to the gray-grouted kitchen.  Which grout color suits your fancy?

For more fabulous photos of this apartment, that was featured on the cover of the December Elle Decor, click here.


They design their kitchens in all white!


They buy x benches!


{Kristen Bell’s home featured in In Style “Inside Stars Homes”}

There are just way too many similarities between myself and Kristen Bell! We could be sisters.

Simply Chic

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I came across the most simple but lovely photograph today…


{House Beautiful}

All it consisted of was white ironstone and reliefware pitchers set against a background of Benjamin Moore’s Rural Earth paint color.  As basic as this photo was, I completely fell in love with it.  The display just felt so clean, graphic, and organized.  There’s such a nice contrast between the light vases and the dark background.

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that get me.  And what a difference an accent paint color makes here! Such drama in this photo- loves!

Over Exposed

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It’s no secret that I hate to cook…I don’t own a spatula (which I found out the other week), I drink out of teacups with no handles, and if you open my kitchen cabinets, pots and pans from my college days are thrown inside in a messy disarray.  (Ok maybe this is TMI) but this really is the one room in my house that I just don’t care enough about to organize and spend money on.

So needless to say, open shelving would NEVER be an option for me in my kitchen.  Talk about embarrassing! I would never willfully let people look inside my cabinets.  But I have to give credit to those people who can pull it off- the ones that keep their shelves looking nice and organized with crisp white dinnerware displayed in a manner that looks like Eddie Ross popped into your kitchen for a consultation.


{Design by Jonathon Adler}


{House Beautiful}



{Traditional Home}


{Traditional Home}




{Country Living}



{House Beautiful}

So the big debate- to expose or not to expose? (You already know my personal vote) but which do you prefer in your own kitchen?

Lamps in the kitchen?

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Would you ever put lamps on your kitchen countertop like they did here? Something to ponder!
{Image via Southern Accents}

Kitchen of the Month

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Somehow I always seem to get way too caught up in fabrics, furniture, and accessories that I often unknowingly neglect kitchens on our blog.

But after seeing this “Kitchen of the Month” featured in January’s House Beautiful, I just had to share. I really think I have found my DREAM kitchen.

I am often drawn to soothing, clean color palettes and this one fits that description to a tee.

Walls painted in Ben Moore’s Beach Glass set the tone for this contemporary yet traditional kitchen.

I love white marble in a kitchen; however, when paired with white cabinets (while pretty) is way too simple for me. One of the best parts about this kitchen is that that it has deep espresso stained cabinets- a little more uncommon than traditional white.

I am captivated by those bright white ghost chairs pulled up against the sleek, contemporary dark wood table and stainless steel fireplace. This is my favorite picture of the kitchen by far.

And the 14 foot vaulted ceiling in the dining area? Don’t even get me started! Gorgeous

I wouldn’t change a thing about this kitchen- it really is perfection to me. This kitchen is going straight to my Style Book. Eileen Segalman- you’re my hero.

Coo-Coo for Cocoa!

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With all of this cold weather….(wherever you may live), wouldn’t it be great to have William Sonoma’s Bialett Hot Chocolate Pot!

That rich and creamy cocoa looks so delish- I don’t drink coffee, so I must have something to keep me warm!

Dainty Dish Towels

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As you probably have figured out, the Material Girls love any and all printed fabric…but what about the fabric on your dish towels? Those just like anything else in your home deserve to be stylish and take center stage in your kitchen! We love these vintage looking towels below from Couture Dreams

Each retails for only $22! Enjoy!

Kitchen Inspirations

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There is something so 80’s glam about this kitchen that I just can’t resist (featured in Luxe Magazine). Ever since I laid eyes on Kelly Wearstler’s all black kitchen I have been intrigued by this look. All black is daring and sophisticated.

Kelly Wearstler Kitchen

This kitchen designed by Michael S. Smith boasts a custom metal hood with a pewter finish. Pewter is an up and coming surface that is emerging on hoods and countertops. Beware: it is gorgeous, irresistible, and VERY pricey.

This kitchen graced the cover of House Beautiful. At first, I wasn’t so sure, but as I have studied it I have grown to love its individuality. What I am drawn to the most is the wallpapered ceiling, and those bar stools!

This kitchen caught me eye in the Fall Issue of Luxe, and really, what’s not to love? What I like especially is that the granite on the countertops is also run up the wall. Keep the back-splash simple but beautiful. It should compliment, not fight the other elements going on in the kitchen.