This month, Traditional Home’s cover story spotlighted the gorgeous Atlanta residence of Amy Bergman.  Amy enlisted the help of top architect,  Linda MacArthur, a fellow mom, to make her home beautiful, but also kid-friendly.

It was love at first sight when I saw this home, and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here are the reasons why I absolutely LOVE each of the Bergman’s rooms-

Living Room-

I heart…the fact that this room consists mostly of soft neutral upholstery fabrics (with rare pops of color) which makes it easy to change out the color scheme in the future, if needed.

Dining Room-

I heart…the totally funky, unexpected chandelier by Niermann Weeks and how it contrasts nicely with the dark sleek table.

Keeping Room-

I heart…how the scalloped stair wall echoes the curves of the banquette.

I heart…the fact that she even has a banquette at the bottom of her stairs!  What an efficient use of space and such a genius idea!

Home Office-

I heart….how cozy this room feels with the dark dramatic walls and trim painted in Sherwin Williams, Library Pewter.

I also heart…orange (in general) so this room struck a definite cord with me.


I heart…the fact that their cabinets are painted in a color other than white. Don’t get me wrong, I love a beautiful white kitchen, but it’s not every day that you see darker painted cabinets, particularly in this gray-blue.

I also heart…the Anne Sacks glass tile backsplash over the range which makes for a very interesting focal point.

Master Bedroom-

I heart…how they didn’t ignore the height of the room when planning out this space.  A large chandelier, tall swooping bed curtains, and a detailed ceiling, all draw your eye upward and help break up the large expanse of white wall (painted Benjamin Moore’s, Frappe)

Master Bathroom-

I heart…how unique the bathtub is.  With a marble backsplash and a paneled tub surround, this whirlpool tub is nothing short of luxurious.


I heart…the huge walk-in closet. Enough said- the picture explains it all!

What’s not to love here?

Happy Valentine’s!

A huge congrats to Paloma of La Dolce Vita and the whole High Gloss team for preparing such a fabulous first issue!  I am friends with Paloma on Facebook and by the looks of her status updates, this lady has been really really hard at work on High Gloss.  What a huge accomplishment!  All of their hard work has definitely paid off and we couldn’t be happier about another incredible online mag.

I just love how High Gloss intertwines fashion and interiors in a bold, colorful format.  I can’t wait to see what the girls have up their sleeves next.

I do have to say that I was especially smitten with the spaces designed by Erin Gates, Sally Wheat, and David Jimenez.  I won’t spoil the entire issue for you, but here is a sneak peek (and be sure to click on over to see the full spreads)!




J Lo’s Dreamy Digs

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I always get so happy when this arrives in my mailbox…

{Jan/Feb cover of Veranda}

This month I was especially thrilled because there was a story in there that I particularly loved and it happens to be the house of someone you may have heard of before-

J Lo!

Her California home was designed by Michelle Workman and it is so incredibly dreamy! Just look how peaceful her living room is with all the gray-blues-

Lots of understated glamour!

What I loved most is how her home is a mix of high end pieces and affordable pieces (I hate saying high/low as it makes those low pieces come off as subordinate to the high!)  These affordable pieces are certainly anything but inferior. I noticed immediately that her end table was Global Views’ Directoire table in brass and white marble and it looks like she also has the Global Views round Directoire table in the far left corner.  Her accent table between the two chairs could quite very well be Arteriors (if not, it’s very similar to one they used to have).

Her custom klismos lounge chairs in the foreground of the photo are eerily similar to ones I’m getting custom-made for a client’s wine room as we speak.  J LO and I must be on the same wavelength!

I would love to know what blue-gray paint colors she used.  Anyone know?  They are incredibly serene and mix beautifully with the cream and gold accents.

Also notice that they mixed golds AND silvers in J Lo’s home (a great way to add interest and warmth to an overall gray room)

Also, the designer chose to add dark wood on furniture pieces to “ground the space” and so that the room wouldn’t just float away!

Look at this kitchen! Not only is J Lo the Queen of Pop, but she’s apparently also the “Queen of Nailheads” too!

(The light fixture is another affordable, “to the trade” piece by Arteriors)

Oh the bedroom..(sigh).  I’d love to rest my head at night here!  It reminds me a lot of the guest bedroom that Jan Showers designed for Kimberly Whitman.  Same elements- tufted lucite bench, peach wall color, white bedding, abstract art, drapes with valance that match the wall color, and white accent chair.  The only thing that’s missing is the funky light fixture that J Lo added!

For more photos of her stunning entry, informal living room and dining room, pick up a copy of Veranda!


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While the delivery of shelter mags to my front doorstep, continue to be few and far between, it was refreshing to hear of another new online magazine, Adore Home.   My friend BK sent me this link, a forward from a friend of hers, who felt that it had some “Domino-like” qualities. I couldn’t agree more.  With bright, fun interiors lining its pages, it did feel that for a second, Domino re-surfaced.

Online magazines are quickly popping up everywhere.  So many, that you begin to wonder if they will eventually replace the traditional shelter mag?  I definitely think there is a place for both in the design world, as each bring such different, wonderful qualities to the table.

Adore is an Australian home and lifestyle magazine so I did a double take when I saw that the Dec/Jan issue of theirs was their “summer issue” and I thought that this had to be a mis-print.  Well, luckily it’s not! Australia’s summer started December 1st and as summer is my favorite season, I was overjoyed to see that Adore’s newest issue is filled with bright color palettes and tropical weather.  A nice break from the dreary, cold days of winter here.

Read their newest issue, here!

I can’t wait to start watching The Nate Berkus show this fall, premiering next Monday, September 13th on NBC.

It is going to be filmed in NYC, so Nate had to relocate there from the Windy City.  The word on the street is that he moved into a rented two bedroom, 1700 square foot apartment in the Chelsea neighborhood.

I was perusing through Us Weekly the other day (my end of the week ritual) and there was Nate’s new apartment featured in an article.  I love when Us Weekly derails a little to the interiors side!  You don’t see it enough in gossip mags!

The article proves Nate’s not afraid to mix high and low either.  The designer’s Pottery Barn jute rug (that he takes with him from home to home) is among more pricey items such as a gold leaf hand sculpture by artist Pedro Friedeberg.

For an official tour of Nate’s new abode, click HERE to watch the video that was featured on Us Weekly’s website (and I have to say that their sneak peek is MUCH better than my poorly scanned photos from their magazine!)

House Beautiful came in the mail yesterday and what a pleasant surprise!  Our friend and fellow blogger Julia (Chicago) was asked to participate in the monthly “Send Us a Picture Of…” article.  Be sure to check it out!  Julia was asked “what change in her house has made the most difference?”


Oh the Tanners!  How could we ever forget you?  Jesse’s mullet, Michelle’s baby voice, Danny’s obsessive cleaning disorder?  I’m still wondering why and how this show ever left the TGIF lineup!


But what was even more memorable was their San Francisco based home.  In the opening credits, a row of Victorian houses are shown to the memorable tune “Everywhere You Look”.  Remember these?  They are located in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Fran and some even date back to the 1800’s.

full house1

Most people think that one of these houses must be the Tanner’s.  But in actuality, the red doored home that they claim to be the Tanner residence, is really located on another street named Broderick.

Some unforgettable interior shots of the Full House house.

Notice the plaid sofa-


And that overdone window treatment!


Can we say 80’s wallpaper? (and I spy…a mullet!)


This kitchen needs a renovation!


Luckily Full House was just a make believe set and we can now fast forward to the decor of 2009.

Ahh much better!


I know you won’t believe me just by looking at it, but this home (owned by Courtnay Daniels Hayden) actually has a lot in common with the Full House set…and that is, they were both featured on the show!  Well, to get more specific, the exterior of the Hayden residence was.

Courtnay’s San Francisco home is often surrounded by bunches of tourists taking photos of the home’s exterior.  Such a unique conversation starter when guests come over- “I live in one of the Full House houses!”  But this house is certainly a far cry from the outdated set of the 80’s sitcom.

So you want to see photos? You got it dude!






{Elle Decor- January Issue}

That’s the end of the tour. Chity chi bob botta!

When I think of year round “holiday-looking” homes, the Manhattan apartment designed by Miles Redd immediately comes to mind.


Who could forget this beautiful living room from the cover of December’s Elle Decor?


These photos are such great inspiration for the next two days- puts me in the holiday spirit just by looking at them!





{Images via Elle Decor issue- December 09}

The Material Girls want to wish you and yours a very happy and safe holiday!  Looking forward to what 2010 brings!

Lauren Haskett this one’s for you…


You see, my co-blogger Lauren has always had a thing for JBJ (Jon Bon Jovi if you want to get technical).  I remember her going on about JBJ during studio classes back at O.U., on her 18th birthday when everyone else was asking for makeup and clothes, Lauren was begging for JBJ concert tickets, and her first dance with her husband at her wedding was to what else? A Bon Jovi song.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this poster was hanging from her ceiling right now…


So now I’ve combined her two favorite loves in one post-JBJ and Elle Decor.  Today must be her lucky day!  I think I deserve some kind of gold star for merging the two together for Lauren.

We recently were sent these photos from the December 8th event introducing Newark’s HELP Genesis JBJ Soul Homes, a new groundbreaking “green” housing project which was developed as a result of a public-private partnership between HELP USA and Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Foundation.



Fifty one new units of affordable housing with support services for special-needs individuals living with HIV/AIDS and low-income families were unveiled.


{Newark Mayor Cory Booker, Elle Decor Editor-in-Chief Margaret Russell, and Jon Bon Jovi in the model apartment}

Elle Decor supported and donated to the project as well as MG favorite, Home Goods.  The model apartment was completed using stylish and affordable accessories from the retailer and was created by talented designer (and one of our favorite people) Elaine Griffin.


{Elle Decor’s Model Unit (designed by Elaine)}

All of the items in the model home will be given to its residents through a lottery so everyone in the building will benefit from the donations.


{Designer Kenneth Cole, Margaret Russell, Elaine Griffin}

What a wonderful outcome- it’s so great to see such talented and successful people give their time, talent and resources to a project such as this.  On a related topic, let’s keep the spirit of giving going…only two more hours left of Pencils of Promise Blog Day!

Last night I attended a very special event here in Dallas.  I got to tour my highschool’s original building (formerly known as Merici Highschool)

urs 021

I know what you are thinking…it must be some stark, commercial space devoid of any character…well, it couldn’t be further from that!  Luckily it was a little more exciting because the location is an actual residence that someone lives in today.

urs 019

The house resides off of Strait Lane and is the former “home” of Ursuline Academy (the oldest school in Dallas, dating back to 1874).  The Strait Lane location is  just a hop, skip and a jump from its present campus location off of Walnut Hill (where it moved to in 1950).

The house was featured in House Beautiful‘s October 2001 issue.  How much fun to see it as it was eight years ago compared to how it looks now!  It really hasn’t changed all that much.





I was pleasantly surprised from my visit- the house just had so much charm.  It was a very traditional home but with stylish, updated touches.  Just look at that leopard carpet! The yellow walls brought a bold punch of color to the space and were the perfect backdrop for the sophisticated black and white urn pictures.

urs 045

You know how much of a sucker I am for black and white checkerboard flooring! This entry was right up my alley.

urs 008

The formal living room (while not in a style that I would typically flock to), was beautiful nonetheless.  Soft pastel colors paired with gold accents made for a very pretty look in here.

urs 012

I love anything in a series or grouping.  Plates, art, wall shelves, vases- you name it!  Groupings make a room feel more organized and cohesive.  As you can see in the Merici house, lots of thought was put into the placement of their collected items.  I think this is what really gives a home character- rooms that look like they have been put together over time.  This house definitely has history!

urs 016

A Schumacher wallpaper envelopes the warm and inviting sitting room.

I spy the diamond patterned Stark sisal rug…a blogger’s dream! (and what a nice, up-to-date touch in here)

urs 017

I love the cozy “library” feel that the dining room had.  Walls were lacquered in a deep shade of green, antique sconces adorned the walls, and colorful printed screens were displayed throughout, tying in the dramatic wall color.

urs 033

Creamy white balloon shades cover the dining room windows and are surrounded by the soft natural glow of candlesticks.

urs 036

urs 048

The wooden beams and recessed walls nooks, displaying blue and white porcelain in the kitchen, give the visitor some elevated eye candy.

urs 049

The house was so interesting in that the majority of the windows and doors were in very irregular shapes.

urs 041

urs 044

My favorite view was from the second floor looking into the master bedroom suite.  It’s hard to believe that this used to be a school! I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind learning chemistry next to a sunburst mirror and some wallpaper….ahh a girl can dream!

urs 005

The master bedroom was another one of my favorite “pretty” rooms.  It was a bit more on the feminine side (notice how even the vents are wallpapered!) That pristine white bedding definitely had me at hello.

urs 030

It was almost like being in a quaint, life size dollhouse.

urs 027

Wallpaper covered doors throughout the house and even vents! You barely even notice that the doors below exist- they are camouflaged so well!


The study was another notable cozy area.  Globes, antique books, artwork, and wood paneling makes you feel right at home.

urs 024

What a fun and interesting tour it was.  I can’t deny that I love seeing into other people’s homes (especially ones with such history to them!)