Here’s a peek at the official photo of the Architectural Digest Greenroom backstage at the 61st Emmy Awards.  This red hot lounge area was designed by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard.  I love all of the rich colors, texture, and pattern in this eclectic room. The Greenroom definitely emits a lot of energy!


Click here to download the time-lapse video of the making of the Greenroom.

{Photo by Craig T. Mathew/Mathew Imaging}

It’s Showtime!

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It’s that time of year again- when some of the biggest designers come together to create Metropolitan Home’s Showtime House.  We blogged about this showhome last year and it was even the inspiration for our 2008 Material Girls/Swank Lighting design contest.

However, last year we had only renderings to show you- but this year we have the actual photos of these tv show inspired rooms.  14,000 square feet of fun- check them out!

The Dexter Dining Room by Marie Aiello

What a fabulous dining room! I used that same Seatbelt chair in my Home for the Holidays exhibit at the DMC a few months ago.  Everyone went crazy for it…and now seeing it multiplied by six, all I have to say is wowza!


Marie quoted that a lot of broken/fractured items are displayed throughout the Dexter rooms representing the fractured person that Dexter has become.  The fractured dining table is below and was created by Marie herself (she named it “Cut”)


The Dexter Kitchen- designed by Marie Aiello


The United States of Tara second story lounge- designed by Francine Gardner

If you’ve never seen this show before- well, let’s just say that Toni Collette’s character, Tara, definitely needs a separate room design for each of her distinct and vibrant personalities! This playful pink one was designed for “T”- Tara’s teenager personality on the show who decides to come out every once in a while- much to the chagrin of her family.


Nurse Jackie Waiting Room- designed by workshop/APD

I haven’t seen this show yet, but I hear it is great.  Maybe even as great as this living space!  Walls are made of Corian with drilled indents that make a pattern of pills, representing Nurse Jackie’s addiction.  An inset of roses shaped into a red cross signifies Jackie’s inner person.



How clever- they even mounted perscription pill bottles to the entry wall! The burnt orange definitely pops against that dark brown.


Californication Entryway- designed by Joannah Kornak for Holly Hunt

For those of you who know Hank Moody from Californication, you are probably already aware of his various shortcomings and faults.  Poor Hank- always gets a bad rap!  But for once someone decided to highlight his strengths as opposed to his weaknesses- as shown through Joanna’s entryway design.  I can’t get enough of that Cork wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries.


Weeds Lounge- designed by Paul Latham

I don’t watch Weeds on a regular basis but people keep telling me that I need to!

Isn’t this lounge amazing? I am loving the natural mossy green color he used throughout the space…a dark accent wall and a green leather slipper chair by Global Leathers complete the look.


And his accessories definitely encompassed the “Weeds” premise- glass bottles with plants preserved inside add interest to a table.


The Tudors Dining Room- designed by Piero Lissoni and Nicoletta Canesi

The Tudors is such a beautiful show in itself.  With such gorgeous set design and pretty costumes,  it’s only suitable that their showhome room measures up to this- and indeed it did!

This is one of my favorite rooms- I love the custom-made chairs by Martin Albert Interiors.


The bust of Henry VIII is covered in Swarovski crystals! How’s that for royalty?


To see the complete set of photos, click here

(photos by Antoine Bootz, courtesy of Metropolitan Home’s Showtime House 2009)

Which is your favorite room and which Showtime show has got you hooked?

“The place is like a museum. It’s very beautiful and very cold, and you’re not allowed to touch anything.”


I’m sure this statement made by Ferris Bueller would be a great selling point today for Cameron Frye’s house.  This home, made famous by the legendary 1986 movie,  just went on the market for $2.3 million.

Remember this house? It’s not too easy to forget!  Cameron Frye sent his father’s cherished Ferrari crashing through the walls of the steel and glass pavilion and into the woods.


Yep- that one..”The 1961 Ferrari 250GT California. Less than a hundred were made.”  His father spent three years restoring that car.  “It is his love, it is his passion” and….as Ferris quoted, “it’s his fault he didn’t lock the garage.”


The home, on the other hand, is still in good condition.  The 5,300 square foot house, in Highland Park, Illinois, is filled with art and beautiful architecture.  Apparently, there has already been a lot of interest in this house.  It even comes with a wall of Ferris Bueller movie memorabilia.









For more info on this 370 Beech Street house, click here!

Labor Day weekend proved to be very relaxing…I stayed in town, took it easy and caught up on all the movies I hadn’t seen.

I saw two movies in particular back to back…

One, a modern day love story- “What Happens in Vegas”

And another romance (set back in the 1930’s)- “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day”

Each was filled with lots of romance and quite similar in some ways- two characters fighting the fact that they are really in love. The movies keep you in suspense- “will they or won’t they get together”?

However, I became less involved in the stories than I was with each movie’s set design- the sets were almost a third character in the movie’s plot!

In Vegas, you have a small, cluttered, chaotic bachelor pad that created a lot of strife in the movie between the two characters. Cameron Diaz, an uptight, neurotic, hard working, independent woman who is not used to such an untidy and unorganized home is forced to live with Ashton- an eternal bachelor who could care less if the floors were swiffered! Cameron constantly gets upset over Ashton’s laziness and unkempt ways. This NY apartment makes for some good drama!

She is forced to live there on a judge’s orders and ends up being completely miserable!

Nice neon beer signs Ashton! I also love the brick walls and random objects of clutter in his busy Living Room. Yikes. The best part is that his bed folds out from the wall (and that is where Cameron gets the pleasure of sleeping!) I think I would have a heart attack if I lived here with him.

She doesn’t look too happy to be living there! Would you have put up with Ashton’s anticts for a few million dollars?

Then you have Miss Pettigrew…ahh watching Miss Pettigrew was like the calm after the storm…I absolutely fell in LOVE with her/her boyfriend’s London penthouse apartment (circa 1939) So much more calming than the disorderly NYC apartment.

This is the lovely entry and staircase…

Here we have her exquisite Living Area

And her bedroom! No words can describe how beautiful her bedroom is- silk, mirrors, tufts, oh my! The colors of her room are actually the colors I am redoing my bedroom in (but with a little more blue to it) So calming.

Miss LaFosse- always getting herself into trouble

She does have such a beautiful flat!

It’s hard to overlook the storyline when you have scenes this gorgeous! Sarah Greenwood, the production designer for Miss Pettigrew, did an excellent job on this movie (her previous credits include an Oscar nod for Atonement). She did a perfect job of creating such a glamorous, “Hollywood” world for Miss Pettigrew to step into. The NY Times interviewed Sarah- you can read it here.

I must say that I would take Miss Pettigrew’s move-in situation over Cameron’s any day!

I am loving the latest collaboration between Met Home and Showtime…(yes the home magazine and the tv channel teamed up to create “Metropolitan Home’s Showtime House”). What could be better than a mix of TV and design? My two forms of entertainment!

Renowned designers Jamie Drake, Laura Kirar, Vicente Wolf, Amy Lau, White Webb, Tori Golub, Johnny Grey, Luca Andrisani, Enea, Kirsten Brant and Jim Zivic have re-designed a Gramercy Park townhouse into a lavish abode of modernism, enthused by the hit tv series- Californication, Dexter, The Tudors, Weeds, The L Word, and United States of Tara. Love all those shows! I can only imagine what the insides of this home looks like.

The good news is that you get to see it too! Showtime filmed a half hour special around the making of this house. If you have Showtime, you can get it On Demand or on bonus features on Showtime series DVDs. But it gets even better…if you live in New York, you can stop by and actually take a tour of the home! $25 admits you anytime 11-4 pm starting on Sept 13th. More details on

Here is a sneak peek!

Jamie Drake’s “Californication” Design Board

“Hank’s Study” rendering – Californication

Laura Kirar’s “The Tudors” design board

“The Tudor’s” Living Room Rendering

Vincente Wolf’s- “The L Word” Design Board

“Weeds” Living Room Rendering

I was so inspired by Met Home’s tv inspired home and Coco Kelly’s recent reader contest (don’t forget- her submissions are due Aug 18th!) that I think it would be fun for our readers to get a chance to design their OWN room based on one of their favorite tv characters! Could be a new or old show but the winner is the one whose room captures the tv character’s personality the best!

For example…
It could be a vacation home for Charlie on Lost (god knows that boy needs a vacation after what he’s been through). It could be a quaint and simple apartment for Pam on The Office, a glam place to party for Audrina and Lauren on The Hills, a renovation of Living Lohan’s Long Island house (someone please- I beg of you, they desperately need it!), a real house for McDreamy (he needs to get out of his trailer), or even Carrie and Big’s apartment that we never got to see completed after the movie ended!

After we get all the submissions via email by November 1st, we will announce a winner on November 15th!

Only rules are- it should be a pretty well known tv show and you must include a pair of Swank Lighting lamps in your design board.

Please make a virtual or real scanned in collage of any type of room you choose- feel free to go crazy with fabric samples, furniture/ lighting pics, paint colors, cut outs from magazines- you name it! (and hey if you are a good artist, feel free to include a drawing!) A small description describing your tv character’s room and why you chose the decor you did, would be much appreciated- send to

**The winner will receive a pair of lamps (valued at more than $2,000) from Swank Lighting!**

We are excited to see what you come up with!

Get Carried Away!

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It’s finally almost here- the highly anticipated Memorial Weekend opening of the Sex and the City movie…it’s been years since we’ve seen Charlotte, Samantha, Carrie, and Miranda in anything together but it feels even longer since we’ve gotten a peek into their NY apartments…Will the new movie have the same old sets in it? Or have the characters moved on to bigger and better things? We hear that Carrie has! Apparently in the new movie Carrie is getting married to Mr. Big and in the preview, they go house hunting together. While we don’t have too much info on their new homes, their old apartments as single gals were quite fabulous.

Look at all those clothes! I would love to get a peek into Ms. (or shall I say Mrs.) Bradshaw’s wardrobe in the new movie! I never understood how a tiny NY apartment closet would have held all of Carrie’s clothes- I guess that’s why they call it a tv show!

A pretty simple but sophisticated apartment- It provides a nice neutral backdrop for all of Carrie’s colorful clothes!

Carrie’s very low key, unfussy bedroom- I wonder where she got her paint color? In some lights it looks gray and in others, more of a taupe

The entryway to Carrie’s apartment- nice bookcase that provides lots of storage- perhaps for all of Carrie’s publications

I have always adored her drapery fabric and its large circle pattern!

And you can’t miss Carrie furiously typing away at her computer for her next column (insert Carrie voice over here, posed as a question)

Charlotte’s bedroom- just like Charlotte, this room is extremely organized, pristine, proper, and traditional

Another view of her stylish bedroom- warm woods, gold accents, and floral wallcovering, make this room some place homey that Charlotte would feel comfortable in

Now onto Miranda… her place is very pretty due to the help of her infamous designer! Remember that episode where Miranda’s Interior Designer came over with a lamp and left with the guy Miranda had her eye on? Woops! I am guessing Miranda didn’t give her designer too many referalls after that!

I love her Living Room…she glams it up a bit with the sunburst mirror, which to me is very unlike the uptight pessimistic Miranda!

Samantha’s Bedroom- of COURSE Sam has to have the bold red bedspread to mimic her bold and fiery personality! Lots of lush pillows and dramatic bedding make the bedroom the focal point of her house- go figure!

Samantha’s bathroom looks like it came right out of a hotel spa…could be because her life is one big vacation!

I love Samantha’s home but what if I told you the photo above was really Samantha’s home? I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but the photo above IS where they filmed Samantha’s home! They just edited the outside a bit (this is located in the Meatpacking District) I actually went on the Sex and the City bus tour while I was in New York about three years ago and they took you to a bunch of places where the show was filmed…I was saddened to discover that their apartments did not really exist! Only the exterior of Carrie’s does and people actually live there!

Desperate for…paint colors?

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With all of the drama continually happening on the hit show Desperate Housewives, it is almost impossible to notice anything other than the catfights, marital drama, and murderous plots. Who ever thought to notice paint colors? Well, that person is me- as it seems I don’t have anything better to do since the writer’s strike is STILL going on and all of our shows are on repeats! Blogging has recently become a larger part of my life with my decrease in television watching and what better topic to focus on than the Desperate Housewives’ set!

Tom Walsh is the genius Production Designer involved in choosing the paint colors for Wisteria Lane. All are Benjamin Moore colors- you will be happy to know- as these are widely accessible and very durable. Tom feels that you should tell the character’s stories through their environments and that’s why he carefully chose paint colors to reflect each of their different personalities.

All of the houses incorporate Ben Moore’s Whisper Violet 2070-70 for their trim and picket fences to make the setting “clean, bright and ideal”. They used a hint of violet on all of the conventionally white trim since the show is in fact set on ‘Wisteria’ Lane.

Wisteria flower

Nothing is too detailed in the homes due to the characters’ hectic lives. The producers did not want any distractions from them. Color is used in character association- each of the characters in the show having their own distinctive palette (the majority of which are soft and muted)

Susan Mayer– works from home as an illustrator- they used mostly soft pastel colors for her house to signify her sensitive, creative, and colorful personality.

Lynette Scavo– Busy working mother with a hectic life raising four young boys. She is the only desperate housewife to get deep blue in her scheme- perhaps because of her house full of boys?

Gabrielle Solis– Former model with no kids- living a glamourous but deviant lifestyle. They gave her the warmest color scheme. Signifies her Hispanic Catholic background. The pumpkin shade in her Living Room suggests her fiery personality and unfaithful history with men.

Edie Britt– Couldn’t find a single photo of her house online (could be because it burnt down last season!) but here are the paint colors for Edie’s home. Edie is your girly girl always wearing tiny dresses and trying to seduce the neighbors so I’m sure this is why her color palette stays feminine, sultry, and seductive. This is my favorite palette!

Bree VandeKamp– Bree is known as a bit of a perfectionist. It’s no surprise that her color scheme is very calming and is nothing too bold. Her simple “pretty” colors echos Bree’s personality to a tee. The wythe blue is a color that would make her fiery red hair pop on the set!

X-cellent Apartment Style

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So every month we decided to feature the Interior Design of a movie set that catches our eye. This month it is the almost out on video, The Nanny Diaries. I must say, I loved the book; however, I hear the movie doesn’t quite live up to the book’s potential.

I am anxiously awaiting its arrival at Blockbuster, purely for the set design- we hear that it’s fantastic! (All 12 rooms and 5 baths of it!)

Andrew Basemen (the set designer) did an incredible job in making the X’s apartment look traditional, classy, “old money”, and especially a reflection of their personalities.

Some of you might have already seen Mr. and Mrs. X’s traditional Manhattan apartment on the big screen, but for those of you who haven’t, here is a sneak preview:

Can you believe Mrs. X’s closet? All of those designer shoes perfectly organized and don’t forget that gorgeous vanity!

Laura Linney (playing Mrs. X)- we love all of the cool blue hues in her bedroom

Tranquil and traditional Guest Room

Ironic how they have such a large kitchen, but I can’t imagine Mrs. X cooking a thing!

Andrew (the set designer) told, he acted counterintuitively, creating a room “as uncomfortable for kids as possible, which is the opposite I do for my clients”

Son’s Bedroom

Clean and contemporary furniture coupled with traditional accessories make this living room chic and fabulous

Entry Hall- everything is perfectly symmetrical and rightfully in its place- shows Mrs. X’s strict personality

Exterior Elevator Hall- Can you believe that table was only $100 and the glass bird lamps were only $65 each?

We love the cream on cream palette of this dressing room

Traditional Home actually had a contest when the movie first came out where you could win the Henredon furniture from the set! Too bad we got word of this 6 months later..

All I have to say is that as cold and cruel as Mrs. X was in the book, I have to admit, she does have fabulous taste!