Vero Linens Giveaway Winner!!

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Congratulations to Mary Claire from Gwynn, VA! She is the lucky winner of a queen set of Egyptian cotton sheets from Vero Linens!! These sheets are so luxurious, Mary Claire has some serious zzz’s in her future.

Mary Claire says that she will be using these sheets in her cozy old farmhouse on Chesapeake Bay – How relaxing! She describes her style as comfortable, vintage, and beachy! Congrats again Mary Claire, we know you will LOVE your new sheets!

Thank you to all of our readers who participated in this giveaway! Stay tuned for our next giveaway coming soon!



Vero Linens Giveaway!

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We are SO excited to announce that we are partnering with the very luxurious Vero Linens for this month’s giveaway!! Vero’s luxury cotton bedding has been produced for over 150 years by a family of craftsmen in Northern Italy – so they know how to make some quality bedding! Vero Linens utilizes old-world finishing techniques including the classic hem-stitch finish on their sheets, pillowcases, shams, and duvet colors. Vero Linens uses only the finest grades of Egyptian cotton produced to make some of the finest cotton goods in the world. PLUS, they sell their linens directly to the consumer so there is never a retail mark-up! How great is that?! This means that Vero Linens doesn’t sell their linens through retailers and there is no retail mark-up, and with luxury linens this typically means a mark-up of 225% to 250%! So you really can’t beat a deal like that!

Enter here now!!

Now one lucky MG reader has the chance to win a complete set of 100% Egyptian cotton sheets in the color, pattern and size of your choice! Vero Linens’ sheet sets are available in two patterns, solid and tone-on-tone stripes, in three neutral colors:

Diamante Pillowcases

Righetta Pillowcases

A set like this would normally retail for well over $1000, so enter HERE now for your chance to win fabulous sheets (and a great night’s sleep) for free!! 

This giveaway will end May 27th and the winner will be announced on MG Monday, May 28th! 

Attention Dallas dwellers! Mark your calendars for an exciting event organized by the amazing people behind the thriving, non-profit organization Dwell with Dignity!

Launched this past Saturday, April 14th is the much-anticipated “Thrift Studio” fundraising event: the bi-annual 30-day pop-up shop in the Dallas Design Center that is selling the overstock of donated, gently used furniture, housewares, accessories, and high end designer finds to the local public! One hundred percent of the proceeds from the “Thrift Studio” will benefit the future of Dwell with Dignity and its mission to help families escape poverty and homelessness through design, providing those in need with furnishings, art, bedding and kitchen supplies, even food for the pantry.

This month-long event will take place every Tuesday-Sunday between April 14th-May 12th with participants including Wisteria, Michelle Nussbaumer, Horchow, Container Store, and TLC Contract, among others. Purchase your ticket today! You might even run into your very own Dallas Material Girl 🙂

Although we’re always on the lookout for fun, creative showrooms, it’s sometimes hard to find one whose character truly stand out from the rest. But West Palm Beach, Florida-based resale shop Circa Who has done just that with its wild selection of colors, fun trimmings, and collection of whimsical pieces from artichoke lamps to dolphin candlesticks.

Circa Who manages to fulfill your wildest design fantasy, while not going tacky-overboard, and the store’s owner and buyer Tracy Deramus describes the pieces as “20th Century furnishings meets vintage Palm Beach.” We love the mix of fabrics and colors that the store offers, with more than enough pieces to satisfy even the most avid of bamboo-lovers.

Here are a few of our favorites…

Orange ‘X’ Benches


 Pair of Clam Shell Lamps


Hollywood Regency Mirror

Cyprus Root Console

Faux Bamboo Chippendale Arm Chairs

Greek Key Headboard

Faux Bamboo Barrel Chairs

Pagoda Mirror

William Haines Cabinet

Artichoke Lamp

We asked store owner Tracy a few questions:

When did Circa Who open, and what inspired you to open your own store?

 The store has been open since 2004. While buying things to put my own house together, I realized there is so much FAB merchandise out there with so much LIFE left. I started buying all the things I loved and hoarding them in my husband’s warehouse and he encouraged me to open up a shop.

What inspires you to find “20th century-meets-West-Palm-Beach” pieces?

  I love the 20th century design, and how it was interpreted through Palm Beach details, especially in the 1970s!

Do you have a favorite room in the house to decorate?

The entrance/ foyer.

Who would you say are your ‘typical’ customers?

DIY decorators.

What is your favorite aspect of owning your won business?

Doing something that I LOVE to do!

Anything else you would like to share with Material Girls readers?

 I always tell my clients that it is the piece I fall in love with, not the color or the fabric. It’s the new life that I leave up to them!

Check out the site for more information on the store and its playful pieces!

IO Metro Giveaway Winner!

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Congratulations to Lisa from Plano, TX on being the winner of our IO Metro pouf giveaway!! Lisa is the lucky new owner of this adorable pair of gray and white kilim poufs!

We wanted to ask Lisa a little about her design preferences and her plans for her new poufs –

Lisa told us that she recently furnished an entire room with IO Metro pieces – Her new poufs will fit right in!

Lisa also told us that her favorite paint color is Benjamin Moore’s “Nimbus Gray” which is a soothing blue-gray color –

Here it is used in a bedroom –

Thank you to all of our MG readers who participated in our giveaway! Stay tuned for the next giveaway coming soon!


Bright Ideas

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The problem: you coordinated your dream room and finally selected the perfect lamp to compliment the look- but there’s no outlet in sight… OR the only thing in sight is the lamp’s bulky cord. A tripping hazard and just plain ugly. We’ve all been there.

The solution: (we wouldn’t leave you without one!) Cordless lighting solutions from Modern Lantern! This husband and wife team was tired of searching for outlets and decided to do something about it. With over 15 years of product development and interior design experience between the two of them, they are now combining their talents to create a product that has never been seen before.

Cordless and sleek, these lamps operate off a lithium ion battery and LED bulb duo and can last 15 hours when fully charged. Their convenient concept allow you to move them from room to room on a styling whim and are offered in 6 different styles to best suit your space!

Talk about a bright idea!



Not only are these lamps functional, but they go with just about every decor – from modern to girly glam! Say goodbye to ugly cords and hello to Modern Lantern! We think we’ll be seeing a lot more from this innovative duo!

In honor of tonight’s Oscars, I wanted to share a very exciting and personal interview that I was fortunate to have with the designer of the Oscars Greenroom!! For this year’s 84th Academy Awards, Architectural Digest selected Waldo Fernandez, designer to the stars, to design their backstage greenroom! We were given the chance to have a private phone interview with Waldo, and Emily generously passed along the opportunity to to me (her assistant, Taylor) and I was so thrilled to do so! I could not wait to talk to Waldo about his glamorous design for the Oscars greenroom, but little did I know he would share amazing, personal stories about his relationships with some of Hollywood’s biggest names (including Elizabeth Taylor and Brad Pitt!!)

Here is a little background information on Waldo – Waldo Fernandez is one of Hollywood’s legendary interior designers. He came to the United States from Cuba to explore his passion for design and love of the arts. Waldo’s career began as a set designer for 20th century Fox, and his involvement in the entertainment industry led to his very successful career and large list of celebrity clientele. Fernandez’s impressive portfolio, spanning more than three decades, not only includes homes for an incredible roster of clients—Elizabeth Taylor, Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, and Darren Star among them—but also a number of commercial projects, such as the Beverly Hills Hilton and the West Hollywood Soho House club. So you can imagine how excited I was to talk him!!

Waldo was just as friendly and humble as he looks in the picture above!

Take a look at his fabulous design for the Architectural Digest greenroom, inspired by 1930’s and 40’s Hollywood glamour. Oscar greets you as you enter the gorgeous space! –

Roger Davies for Architectural Digest

Roger Davies for Architectural Digest

Waldo has a passion for furniture and said that for this space he wanted to start with only good quality furniture – no reproductions. To achieve the 1930’s and 1940’s Hollywood look of the greenroom he went back to his sources and selected only the highest quality furniture from the 20th century. He carefully selected Schumacher fabrics for the upholstery and told me that, “if you select beautiful fabric and good quality furniture, the whole room comes together.”

Roger Davies for Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest partnered with Caesarstone, California Classics Reserve Collection Flooring, Circa Lighting, Feizy Rugs, Giati Designs, HP, Questroyal Fine Art, Samsung, and Schumacher Fabrics to furnish this beautiful space and provide it with the latest technology!

Roger Davies for Architectural Digest

The color palette of the greenroom was inspired by his love of gray – specifically a cool gray wall finish from Donald Kaufman Color. From there, Waldo layered the color throughout the room in different tones and then added in the cream color with Schumacher upholstery fabrics. In all of Waldo’s designs he uses a neutral color palette because he believes that the art, furniture and fabric are what give life to the room. He believes the walls should be a soft color because it goes with anything and “walls without art are dead.” – We couldn’t agree with him more!

Roger Davies for Architectural Digest

Waldo used rugs from Feizy to soften the space.

Roger Davies for Architectural Digest

In a smaller sitting area, Waldo centered a Ruhlmann-style dining table beneath a simple chandelier from Circa Lighting. This is a perfect example of Waldo’s refined, glamourous style and his appreciation of quality furniture.

Roger Davies for Architectural Digest

The custom bar features a CaesarStone countertop.

Roger Davies for Architectural Digest

The outdoor space is furnished with Giati Designs “Castillo” metal furniture.

Here is Waldo lounging in the Oscars Greenroom with the amazing HP ENVY Spectre laptop. HP provided ENVY Spectre laptops for the greenroom so the celebs could keep track of the action online during the show!

Be sure to check out this video tour of the greenroom provided by HP!

Waldo was one of the nicest and most inspiring people I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with, so I am very excited to share this interview with you all! Here are more highlights from my amazing chat with Waldo –

Of course I had to start the interview with MG’s favorite quesiton: “What is your favorite material?”

Waldo replied that his favorite material would have to be fabric. He loves textural fabrics that are woven with beautiful materials – he does not like plain fabrics with prints. For the upholstery in the greenroom he selected an ivory Schumacher fabric that was a mix of cotton, rayon, wool, and silk – VERY luxurious! Of course Waldo could only select the best for the Oscars!

My next question for Waldo was whether or not he was going to attend the Oscars this year. Waldo replied that he was not attending, and that he preferred to spend the night at a friend’s house watching the show with a cocktail in the comfort of their living room. He said the bar was way too crowded at the Oscars! In past years, he spent the evening at his dear friend, Elizabeth Taylor’s home, just the two of them, watching the show. Then we talked about his history and friendship with Elizabeth Taylor – I was so star struck I could barely speak!! Here is Elizabeth Taylor in her home designed by Waldo Fernandez –

Firooz Zahedi for Architectural Digest

Waldo told me that the most memorable experience of his design career was his opportunity to work for Elizabeth Taylor and the close friendship that developed between the two of them over the years. He met her for the first time many years ago when he was “fresh out of Cuba,” he said he was shaking at their first meeting because he couldn’t believe he was talking to THE Elizabeth Taylor – I couldn’t even imagine! He recalled that, “She was sitting by the pool in a bathing suit with a reflector on her chest” – so glamorous! She told him that she was leaving for the Cannes Film Festival and needed her house finished in two weeks!! Like any designer would say, Waldo said, “That is impossible.” (Here was one of my favorite moments from the whole interview…) Elizabeth Taylor replied, “Nothing is impossible, my love.” – And amazingly Waldo finished her entire home in two weeks!

See the tour of Elizabeth Taylor’s home in Architectural Digest HERE!

My next question for Waldo was, “If you were going to the Oscars who would you be most excited to see?”

Waldo told me that he would love to see his clients Angie and Brad!! (As a huge fan of both, I could not contain my excitement!) He told me that “Brad was fantastic and a pleasure to work with.” He said that he and Brad were a perfect match because, “Brad has a passion for architecture, good furniture, and art” just like himself! He said that Brad reads about design and architecture and really gets into it. – So from what Waldo told me, Brad really is perfect!!

I asked Waldo what his favorite room to design for Brad was and he simply said “the whole house.” I can imagine it would be hard to pick just one!!

Waldo also just finished a project for the writer of the Sex and the City movies, Darren Star! This project was featured in the February issue of Architectural Digest! Here is Darren’s living room –

Roger Davies for Architectural Digest

You can see the full tour of Darren’s Bel Air home HERE.

To wrap up the interview, I asked Waldo, “What is one piece of advice you would give young, aspiring designers like myself?” He told me, “Never be scared talking to your clients, but still listen to them, and stick to what you believe is right.” Such wise words! He also told me that the most important aspect of interior design and being a designer is knowing scale – Once you understand scale you know how everything in a room works together! Thank you so much Waldo!

It really was a dream come true talking to Waldo and getting a behind the scenes look at the design of the Oscars greenroom! Thank you HP for this amazing opportunity! Be sure to watch the Oscars tonight and be on the lookout for the greenroom and Waldo’s beautiful design!

I.O. Metro Giveaway!

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We are thrilled to announce our latest giveaway is with the fabulous I.O. Metro!! For those who don’t know, I.O. Metro is a chic (yet affordable) furniture, art, and accessories store that offers cutting-edge looks at a fraction of the retail cost! Jay Howard founded the company in 2005 at the age of 23! Which is pretty impressive considering they have now expanded to 18 stores across the United States AND they have partnered with the famed designer, Vern Yip!

Now one lucky MG reader has the chance to win not one, but TWO gray and white kilim poufs from I.O. Metro that retail for $199.95 each! These are the company’s most popular poufs! They measure 18x18x18 and consist of wool and cotton. These poufs are as functional as they are fashionable – use them to prop up your feet, as an extra side table, or even as an extra seat. Go HERE now for your chance to win!

Seriously, how cute are these?! They would make a great accent in any room.

Take a look at some of I.O. Metro’s other great pieces, and be sure to check out their website for more fab finds!

Geo Gold Mirrored Cabinet – Only $250!!

Armitage 47″ Round Dining Table – $599.95

21″ Diameter Aluminum Side Table – $199.95

Fun accessories like the Bronze Iron Strip Ball would look great grouped together! – $24.95

34″ Diameter Flower Leaf Mirror – $99.95

And finally, one of our personal favorites – The Zebra Cowhide Rug. $499.95 for this gorgeous statement maker!

Go here to enter our I.O. Metro giveaway now, trust us you don’t want to miss out on this one! Entries will be accepted until 12 a.m. Sunday, March 11 (ET). Our lucky winner will be announced here on Material Girls on Monday, March 12th. Good luck to you all!

How would you like to wake up and have your coffee on this terrace every morning?

Well, Jennifer Aniston and her beau of choice (Gerard Butler, Bradley Cooper, etc) will be doing just that!

Word on the street is that Aniston purchased not one, but two condos in NYC’s West Village and is planning on combining them into one duplex (and obtaining a whopping 2,700 square feet of space).

Jenn- we beg of you, please hire the MG’s to help with the decorating of your new place. I know Perez calls you Maniston, but the interior design of this place is way too masculine for you. I don’t know you personally, but this look just does not seem to suit the stylish girl who made “The Rachel” cut a household name. But who are we kidding? We know you will call Courtney and Coco to come over and you all will get to decorating- see you on an upcoming Architectural Digest cover.


The Material Girls

{Images from AOL Real Estate and Curbed}

Home Goods’ Homecoming!

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I never thought the day would come when Home Goods would open up a location near me!  It’s always a long journey out to their Irving, Allen, or Richardson locations from where I live, so I had always wondered why they didn’t have a location in the heart of Dallas.

What an exciting email that I got today that announced “Home Goods to Open First Dallas Store on Sunday, April 10th”.  Yep, you heard it right here folks…colorful gourd lamps and inexpensive “rock crystal” bookends, will now be at the fingertips of local Dallasites.

The new store is going to be located at The Shops at Park Lane at Park Lane and Central Expressway in less than a month- get excited!