Zebra Cowhide Rugs

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This is strictly a self serving post but, has anyone purchased a stenciled zebra rug? I would like to buy one but wasn’t sure about Ebay… the prices are good (buy-it-now in the $200’s) but I’m still a little squirmish about it…

Above two pictures are examples of the ones available on E-Bay.

This rug is available online through Neiman’s. Is it just the styling or does it look better? Worth the price tag?

A link on E-Bay led me here to this rug…border or no border?

I’ve also seen a few in Houston ranging from $400-600ish. I’d love any feedback/advice anyone has to offer!

I love antiqued mirror! I just really hope it is not something that gets so overdone that I grow weary of seeing it. I just think it is so beautiful, especially on this pendant from Pieces.

I have long been obsessed with one day having a custom tented cabana much like Katie Stassi’s.

(picture via la dolce vita)

Although in my opinion, nothing can beat custom, Z Gallerie just made it a whole lot easier to get the look for less. These canopies are very chic and very affordable. Available in three colors (black, lime green, and espresso) I still like the classic black and white combo. Which one do you like?

I saw this floor lamp at the Room & Board store in Chicago and it was love at first sight. For some reason, I don’t really like floor lamps…but oh this one…perfection, and only $199!

Chair on a Budget…

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If you have champagne taste on a beer budget (we use that expression all the time at the office) you must learn to see past stigmas and brand names. I have not seen this chair in person, but I think it could be a knock-out. The cushion would be a breeze to re-upholster and voila, it looks triple the price! Would you guess it comes from here for only $149.99 ?!

Daily Candy

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This mirrored screen from Lighting by Gregory would be a great way to add height and drama to a room.

I always like to peruse Z-Gallerie at least once a month (although I find the store to be a little on the messy side and overwhelmingly tribal), but never-the-less I always seem to find some cute accessory or trend worth snatching up.  I got this bowl in the lime green color and I love it! It’s simple and I think looks much more expensive than the $29.95 price tag.

BTW, the orange looks really sharp in person.