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Houston Design Blog | Material Girls | Houston Interior Design » “Classy or Trashy?”

That’s why I’ve been missing…I just got back from vacation with my husband, his parents, and brother. We were all over the Caribbean, and I must say, my favorite spot was Trunk Bay in St. John (see above photo). It felt so “Swiss Family Robinson.”

(Bryce and I at dinner on our trip)

Whenever I shop the sales racks, discount stores, outlets, or even the “chain” design stores, I often have to ask myself, friends, or mother/mother-in-law, “is this classy or trashy?” I came to that predicament last night when I saw this zebra rug at Z Gallerie. I am often a victim of, “it’s $169!?! Yes, I’ll take it!” I have gotten burned many a times buying something simply because it was on sale or a great deal and ended up with something I don’t looooove only wanting to replace it with something better in a month. So, everyone, is this rug classy or trashy? Should I hold out for the stenciled cowhide? Or should I be proud that (even though I eat steak) no animals were harmed in making this rug? My justification is that it would be perfect for a future kids’ room, and even though I’ve loved zebra rugs since I was 13, I may get very tired of them as they have now officially saturated the market.

As seen on the Z Gallerie website….

As seen the “Dining Room” of our Apartment…

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16 Comments to '“Classy or Trashy?”'

Dianne 08 Jul 08 at 7:34 pm

Love the rug but it doesn’t show under that table. I’d use it some where that it shows!

franki durbin 08 Jul 08 at 11:04 pm

oh boy. in truth, I LOVE the zebra rug concept, but I dislike the ones with a border (like this one). the best ones (even faux) are border free. was that too honest?

Lauren 09 Jul 08 at 12:49 am

No, I appreciate the honesty. I have been going back and forth on border vs. no border. I think I just reallllly like the zebra rug concept under my table. They’re great, you can throw them pretty much anywhere!

Cote de Texas 09 Jul 08 at 2:13 am

I love your dining room and that mirror is wonderful! And I think the zebra is just what it needs!!! You could always pull it out some more toward the camera view. I think it looks great and you’re right – it will be perfect anywhere. If you ever want a real one, cheap, let me know – I have a great source: 1200.

Anonymous 09 Jul 08 at 3:37 am

I like it! Right after I read your post, I saw this, so I’m not the only one!

Lauren 09 Jul 08 at 4:38 am

Thanks for the feedback, Joni and anon…it really made my DR come alive!

PVKansas 09 Jul 08 at 4:43 am

Not good. It’s reminiscent of a flattened squirrel out in the middle of the road. So unless you like road kill, stay away!

Kirsten 09 Jul 08 at 6:16 am

I love how you love honesty!! I think it cameras beautifully. I do agree with the border issue but hey, $169!!!

Lauren 09 Jul 08 at 6:53 am

Yes, for $169, it’s very hard to take back, border and all!

Anonymous 09 Jul 08 at 6:41 pm

I’d recommend the crewel zebra rug from Williams Sonoma home. More expensive, but would be larger under your table.

Anonymous 09 Jul 08 at 6:57 pm

I suggest going to Ikea and buying a neutral colored sisal rug to put underneath the zebra rug. I think this will help to ground your dining room table better (and will help with the small size of the zebra hide).

Anonymous 12 Jul 08 at 4:49 am

I just saw this post from a few days ago…and have to vote against your $169 opportunity; maybe I have seen too many real ones, but this one just reeks of “Design on a Dime”. So sorry! Take Joni up on her offer. She knows the GREAT stuff at the GREAT prices!
Love your blog!


Things That Inspire 13 Jul 08 at 8:18 pm

I barely notice the rug because I can’t take my eyes off the mirror and sconces. Love the mirror – where is it from? It is the perfect shape and size for a dining room!

Lauren 14 Jul 08 at 4:36 am

Great idea on the sisal from Ikea, I need to get over and check them out.

Has anyone looked at the stenciled zebra cowhide rugs on ebay? Thoughts?

The mirror is from Restoration Hardware (sadly I don’t think it available anymore). I have seen it at the outlet in San Marcos, Texas though…

animalprintpro 25 Sep 09 at 8:34 pm

Lauren, I love your dining room, it is clean and very tasteful; I think the zebra rug is too small for your setting. It just doesn’t do much for the room. I understand the good bargain, yet I believe that a zebra rug can do a huge great effect in a room, if it is the right one. Not all zebra rugs are the same.
Love your blog!

avantgardenist 31 Dec 09 at 10:06 am

I think it belongs ON the table.

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