Things are finally feeling a little more normal after Hurricane Ike here in Houston. Some traffic lights are still out but electricity has {mostly} been restored to the millions of people who went without for so long. I think almost everyone in Houston knows someone who was drastically affected by Ike, but our city has really rallied together in an impressive way.

My husband and I hopped around from house to house like gypsies (we were without power for over a week) and I wanted to share the LOVELY guest bedroom we stayed in a few nights. Our friends, Katherine and Brett opened their home for over a week to friends, friends-of-friends, pets, you name it. We watched a lot of this….

Had many a laugh about my dog’s mad camouflage skills….

We did a little bit of shopping and a lot of eating!

Back to the guest bedroom… I just adore it or as Jonathan Adler would say, it’s “j’adorable!” It is a very nice color combination of grey, black, and purple. Here’s what I can remember: headboard – Archer by Crate and Barrel; lamps – Neiman Marcus Last Call; Bedding – Chambers by Williams Sonoma; two dark purple throw pillows – Crate & Barrel: prints above bed – Katherine found them in England; nightstands – thrifted, re-painted, & new knobs.

I have a sneakin’ suspicion that Hartley wants to go back to Brett and Katherine’s and roll around in the flokati.

I also think my husband would go to the zoo once a week if he could! Nothing like a nice “hurrication.”

Well after a split-second decision to head to my parent’s house in Fort Worth to avoid Hurricane Ike, I am safe and sound (and we think our place is okay too).  I picked up a couple of magazines today and am loving the August/September Western Interiors.  This bedroom by a Material Girls favorite, Betsy Burnham, is just perfection!  The 1950’s folding screen is amazing and I love the color scheme!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  Be thankful for the “little” things like electricity… our Houston friends are sweatin’ something fierce right about now!

{My lovely In-Laws, Wally and Cathy}

I’ve mentioned before that in college and for a year and a half following graduation (before we moved to Houston) I worked for my mother-in-law. She truly taught me SOOO much, I mean they don’t exactly do a great job on teaching window treatments in school (and you can make some very costly mistakes)! We had such a blast running around Norman-OKC-Edmond searching out fabrics, furniture, and of course spending hours in some of our favorite antiques stores. Cathy really has a gift for entertaining, something that she is really enjoying in their new house. Every Thursday night a gaggle of girlfriends show up and she serves dinner, wine, and I think often attempts to show a movie (but they are waaay to busy talking and having fun).

The Dining Room in their new house. The table was found at an antique store in Tulsa (they have great French Country antiques in Tulsa), the chairs were inherited (she has very cute fabrics purchased for them), buffet was a Round Top purchase, zebra runner on table is from Z Gallerie, and the sconces were from a tent sale at a lighting/furniture store in Edmond (she bought them on a whim and finally has a place for them).

The kitchen… I really like the white dishes behind the glass doors! So cute, and yes, it always looks like that! The decor always changes depending on the seasons or holiday.

The breakfast area. The furniture piece was another great Round Top purchase. They had put down brick floors in the kitchen of their former house, and what do ya know, here they are again in this kitchen!

Bryce and I’s room…the bedding was like a 19 piece ensemble from Martha Stewart (she replaced some of the matchy pieces with some other shams and pillows. The headboard is Pier1, the lamp was a Lowe’s find customized with vintage post cards. The picture over the bed is from Mister Robert in Norman.

The desk is antique with Anthropologie pulls, mirror is a great Hobby Lobby purchase, and chair is Pier1.

Cathy’s office…walls are Ralph Lauren’s metallic paint, the floors are hand-scraped wood, the shelves are custom built-ins (came with the house).

I really thought I had taken more pictures, I will have to do a follow up post of other rooms including the famous, “Man Cave.” I know Cathy is feverishly working on window treatments!

If you are in the Norman-OKC-Edmond area (or elsewhere) and would love to retain Cathy’s Design Services, email me and I will forward her your contact information!

Rock Candy

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I’ve always had a thing for gemstones and rocks. As a little girl I had this awesome chunk of amethyst that I got from a quarry Leadville, Colorado. That forever sparked my interest in quarried rocks (I always wanted to stop at rock stores off the highway- weird, I know) and now “rock candy” is popping up all over the design world. I loooove the Tangerine Calcite lamp from Swank (seen above) with the touch o’ lucite…perfection!

The Recycled Glass Cluster Lamp from Swank looks like it inspired by nature.

Jan Showers’ Miles Lamp

The Budget Options…

Williams Sonoma Home Bookends @ the Pottery Barn Outlet in San Marcos (I think $69/pair)

Selentine Tealight Holders from Z Gallerie

Now I just have to save up for one of those fabulous lamps!

I heart this rug, and so does Nate Berkus and his Assistant, Lauren Buxbaum…

Nate Berkus Assistant, Lauren Buxbaum’s Living Room via Brown Turtleneck Sweater as seen in Chicago Home and Garden.

Nate Berkus’ Apartment via So Haute.

So the question is, would you use Ikea’s version for a fraction of the price?

***Update: Pottery Barn has a cotton version for super cheap, but it looks like the 8′ x 10′ is sold out…

I am officially submitting my entry into the 1st ever Material Girls Design Contest.  Seeing as how I am a “Materials Girl” my entry is probably not official, but if anything, it should motivate you to create a board!

Let’s first talk about the couple that I spent {way} too much of my free time on, the couple everyone loves to hate…Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag.  Now when I think of “Speidi’s” love nest the first things that come to mind are graffiti, zebra, chenille, and probably more zebra….

I’m afraid that if left up to this terrible two-some their future-possible-maybe- 12 million dolla Malibu beach house would look a little like Bobby Trendy-meets-Anna Nicole-meets Hot Britney (wait, aren’t they all virtually the same person??)

Realistically, Spencer and Heidi would not have the sense to think, “hmm, our Love Nest is going to be filmed for 3 million + viewers a week, maybe we should seek professional counsel before we purchase this tiger print chenille wood frame sofa w/matching chair and ottoman for our new beach house.”  Heidi would probably justify the purchase with, “tiger is the new zebra, plus it’s expensive but it looks cheap.”

SO in my effort to spare the world of the disaster that could be, I have created this inspiration board for the two to lull over and let me know what they think… it’s still all glitz and glam but without the tran.

So let’s talk color scheme… not to offend the color purple, but I kind of think that could be Heidi’s favorite color.  Spencer compromises because he too looks good in lavender.  I went with Cole & Son because they make a mean wallpaper and L.C. doesn’t have it (that would of course be a criteria).  Obstacle #1: The Sofa.  Now Spencer would want letha, letha, and more letha, but Heidi wants a softer, more glamazon, feel.  Spencer gets his letha but Heidi gets a sofa with more feminine lines.  The bed would be another big battle.  Spencer wants a wooden sleigh, Heidi wants a princess canopy bed… I convince Spencer they need a version of the sleigh bed only upholstered, and Heidi is won over because the fabric sparkles.  The art is easy- the minute I saw these pieces by David Mach on Jessica Claire’s blog I knew they were the ones.  The large piece reminds me of Spencer’s affinity for all things graffiti, and obviously Heidi fashions herself to be the Poor Man’s Monroe.  After countless hours spent in long design meetings with the duo the rest falls into place….large Art Deco mirror from 1st Dibs, awesome Swank Lighting lamps that add that touch of zebra, latte cowhide rug, sleek bar, and reflective surfaces galore.

I think deep down in my heart of hearts they might be kind of fun clients.  Lots of blood money to spend (thank you, L.C.) and a big, ‘spensive, beach house to fill – Call Me!  XOXO

Welcome to Viewville!

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{Shadow by Wendy Cooper}

Viewville is a family run online source for gallery-quality (and affordable) photography. The prints available on the website are all the personal collections of professional photographers. The site is easy to navigate (it’s an art gallery, online), and made for all. Viewville really does have quite a variety of pieces, here are a few of my favorites!

{Work Surface 1 by Michael Jensen}

{Wild Grass by Penny Gentieu}

{Fenestration by Paul Crosby}

{Movable Mountain by Penny Gentieu}

{Ashley by Ellie Kingsbury}

{7:54 PM by Paul Crosby}

{Tinturn Abbey by Paul Crosby}

{Trees, Maggiano, Italy by Paul Crosby}

{Schoolhouse by Sara Jorde}

{Salton Sea Resort by Buck Holzemer}

Art is so personal, be sure to browse through all the categories on the website, you’re sure to find something you love!