I love, love, love seeing my favorite celebrities and fashion designers in their homes. I’ve heard it said that you either do fashion or interiors well, rarely both. You would think that they go hand-in-hand but trust me, I’ve seen great interior designers in need of a little make-over (or make-under) and uber-chic fashionistas whose homes leave a lot to be desired.

Michael Kors’ home seen above is EXACTLY how I would picture it. I think he “matches” it perfectly. His uniform of black blazer, t-shirt, and jeans is reflected in his apartment with a classic and crisp color scheme of black and white. I think his place personifies the ultimate chic, urban, bachelor pad (no ratty leather recliner in sight).

{for more on her home, visit Bandelle}

I have to admit that the home of uber-stylist and MG favorite, Rachel Zoe, surprised me a little at first. I mean she coined the word, “excessories-” when it comes to fashion she is no minimalist. Her home, however, is a great juxtaposition of her personal style. While her persona is over the top, her home is streamlined and dare I say, neutral. I can totally relate, being surrounded by colors and textures all day, I just want to come home to something totally relaxing without any elements that make me ansy or hyper.

{photos from Habitually Chic}
Amy Smilovic’s (of Tibi fame) living room is a great example of how bold color CAN be soothing (and that grey and yellow never seem to get old). By keeping her fabrics and accessories simple, she can add that shot of yellow that really wakes up the room.

I love Molly Sims’ personal style (thanks, Rachel Zoe), I think she is gorgeous and her homes definitely seem to suit her. Designer Kishani Perera of Fuse ID (check out her amazing portfolio) is the design talent responsible for her chic abodes.

I love the living room in her L.A. home just as much as her NYC living room.

{check out more on M.A. Belle}

Eva Jeanbart Lorenzotti, the creative mind behind Vivre, is the proud owner of my all time favorite closet. I just found the other shots of her home featured in Global Guide, and they do not disappoint. I love the rich textures and colors…her home definitely reflects a cultured, well traveled fashionista!

So, what about you, do you feel like your home matches what’s in your closet?

I have been meaning to blog about this bathroom since I got back from the Kitchen and Bath Industry show in April. Meredith Corporation puts together full size model kitchens and bathrooms for each of their magazines in the middle of the trade show floor. This bathroom designed by Robert Young, the senior design and project editor for Traditional Home and co-designer Toshie Lim, CKD, CBD was completely stunning in person. The concept was, “if men are from Mars and women are from Venus, how on earth can they share a bathroom?” The answer, separate his and hers areas with one common area (this is becoming very popular in new homes).

I think what really made my jaw drop was the custom art-glass mural by Erin Adams design for Ann Sacks.

The view from the common room looking into her bathroom area.

I think I may actually prefer the Man’s suite. What about you?

To read more and for product specifications click here!

Photographs by Greg Scheidemann

{photo from here}

The Master Bedroom of Naeem Khan has long been filed away in my head as a personal favorite, but it wasn’t until Ondine recreated the look on Top Design that I became enthralled with the mirrored headboard. Ondine had her carpenter whip this together but I am still a little bewildered as to how this was created. Ikea sells a four pack of mirrors about the right size for $4.99/four, but does anyone have a recommendation on how to get the differing angles? All I can picture are plywood wedges painted black that the mirror is attached to…but what is the best way to create said wedges?

Ondine’s room as seen on Top Design.

Ikea mirrors.

Creeping around the Home Depot Expo website (I know, random), I found this mirror. The website does not give the size or the price, but it is pretty darn close to Ondine’s creation. However, what I love about Naeem and Ondine’s look is the height of the headboard. By looking at this picture, the mirror does not look as if it would be as dramatic, but it could still be a nice option.

I’d love to hear every one’s advice on how you would re-create the tiled mirrored headboard!

Our guest room is in need of a little face lift (Hartley totally concurs).

This space designed by Mary McGee is a personal favorite, and I love the strict color scheme which makes it calm and cohesive.

A wall of bookshelves would be nice, but the space does not really allow. I really do like the way these shelves are styled (and I have tons of those white Ikea boxes in our office – they are so chic and so cheap).

What’s cheaper than West Elm? Why West Elm on Overstock of course!

I need a fun lamp like this one from Memorial Antiques and Interiors.

I would love this set for above the desk!

Chair from Tarjay!

Ivory silk panels for the windows.

I’ll take these in multiples!

An ornate old gold mirror would be perfect spray painted white.

I do have a vintage chair in the room that I would love to clothe in a great Quadrille print.

So that is my quick inspiration so far…I am still on the hunt for the perfect {cheap} headboard… I did find this screen below (it is folded up but opens to 63″ wide).

{Via Point Click Home}

Oh, Nate…

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So after seeing a Nate Berkus mirror for the Home Shopping Network on Katiedid’s blog, I just HAD to check out his line.  All I can say is I about freaked out when I saw this headboard. 61″ high, love it!

These are some of my picks…

I have to admit, I know pretty much nothing about shopping at hsn.com or on t.v. for that matter.  I did sign up to receive emails alerting me to when Nate is hawking his wares on t.v.  Is it possible to get a better deal during said “hawking?”  Do the prices go down, do things sell out?  Has anyone ever bought anything off t.v.??