Get on the Navy Train

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Bathroom Style

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Orange Crush

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I know this is a little random, but I’ve been looking for an umbrella holder for a while now. I need one to store wrapping paper but they are also great for blueprints. This one totally fits the bill! Bonus – everything on (excluding furniture) is 20% off right now!

At times it is hard for me to pin down my exact design aesthetic, but one thing is for sure, I know what I don’t like, and I definitely know what I like when I see it. I REALLY like San Fransisco Decorator Palmer Weiss’ portfolio. I know it gets beaten into the ground, but the combination of clean lines with traditional touches (and that glam factor) is what I have always loved. Palmer Weiss has it down to a science. She has the details (I love the borders on her window treatments) without making it look over-decorated.

Fun, fresh color and an over-sized pattern on a traditional chair.

Gold traditional mirror with a clean-lined table skirt…just the right amount of pop.

It is always nice to see an unusual color combination like robin’s egg blue with emerald green.

This room is why every female designer dreams of having a little girl.

Traditional but not stodgy.

She shows her range with a restrained color palette…

Then pumps it up with lots of color.

Palmer received a coveted spot on The Domino 10 Decorators on the Verge. Click here to read a great profile done by Ronda of All the Best.

Monday Pretty

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Because we could all use a little pretty on a Monday afternoon.

{Peter Dunham’s table for a “posh holiday bash” at the Beverly Hills home of Juicy Couture co-founder Pamela Skaist-Levy as seen in Western Interiors December/January 2009.}

{Photography by Lisa Romerein}

Golden Glam

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I was quite surprised when I read this bedroom designed by Kate McIntyre and Brad Huntzinger for the San Fransisco Decorator Showhouse was a child’s room. Forget Hanna Montana posters, this room if fit for a young glamazon in training.

The custom mural is the only indication of child-like whimsy. I’m not a mom, but I don’t know if this would really fly for a young girl. I mean you need at least 100 picture frames with pictures of you with your friends, a bulletin board, not to mention your shrine to Joe Jonas. One thing is for sure the space certainly does not apologize for being gorgeous. I have a feeling the girl that would live here is one sophisticated little d-i-v-a.

Photography by: Michal Venera via Traditional Home

This designing duo also owns Ironies, a knock out home furnishings line they started in the 80’s that I can only describe as earthy-modern-glamour. Here some of their fabulous pieces…

This light fixture is CRAZY BANANAS, I love it!

This sconce is for Emily!

I can only imagine how gorgeous this is in person.

The contemporary Material Girl loves to give gifts just as much as she likes to receive them. Here’s our round-up for all price points.

$20 and under…

This is a tough category…how to do cheap but not look cheap. Fortunately, Etsy saves the day. The website is my go-to spot for great, inexpensive, personalized, even handmade gifts.

I think we all love giving gifts the recipient would never buy for themselves. For the avid reader, these Mod Bookplates by Avie $20/36 fit the bill.

What Material Girl doesn’t love or need personalized stationary, I know I can’t get enough!

Crest Emblem Monogram Note Card Set $12/12

Hot Hoops 14kt gold Hammered Hoops

Old Navy is my secret spot for super cheap enamel jewelry

Enamel Tile Bracelet $4.99

$50 and under…

Who says you can’t judge a book by its cover?

Platinum Bosphorous Vases $29-49

JCrew Harlow Blouse $39.99

Paper and Ink Personalized Paperweight $35

I finally found chevron pillows thanks to Erin of Elements of Style. BONUS: they are currently 25% off.

$100 and under…

I’m going to ignore the fact that Stephanie and Heidi Pratt tried to ruin fur vests for me forever when they wore them to visit Nana and suggest this one…on sale for $78

Tory Burch Medium Cosmetic Case $75

JCrew Jeweled Plume Clutch on sale for $69.99

For even more great gifts, check out House Beautiful’s home gift guide!

Domestic & Curated

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I recently attended a book signing in conjunction with the Design Excellence Awards by Paper City Magazine (a must read for those living in Dallas or Houston) and we picked up a signed copy of “Domestic Art: Curated Interiors” for the office. Browsing through it today (it’s a fabulous book) this entry by Jan Showers caught my eye. I’ve always loved the contrast (and that the art would be SO easy to replicate) but I had never seen the rest of the house belonging to Kimberly and Justin Whitman.

Sorry for the poorly scanned image, but this living room is TO-DIE-FOR. Perfectly “curated,” it of course has Jan Showers’ signature glamour factor without any of the Hollywood Glamour cheese.

The lamps by Hinson are perfection as is the framed woven paper work by artist Rusty Scruby.

Interior Photos by Ka Yeung Photography.