The Layered Effect: Art on Curtains

Monday, July 13, 2009 | Category: Design Inspiration


{Gary Spain via So Haute}

I LOVE the look of artwork hung on a wall of curtains.  So luxe!  Here are some of my favorite rooms illustrating this layered look.


{Pal and Smith}


{via Blueprint Bliss}


{photo above and below via Two Ellie}



{Liz Woods as seen in Southern Accents Septemeber/October 2008}


{McAlpine, Booth, & Ferrier Interiors}

Mirrors also look especially lovely when hung on the fabric of a bed canopy.


{Designer Matthew Patrick Smyth via So Haute}


{Robyn Karp via So Haute}


{Phoebe Howard}

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11 Comments to 'The Layered Effect: Art on Curtains'

Online Room Makeovers 13 Jul 09 at 7:36 am

Beautiful rooms and beautiful artwork! I only wish art like that was easier to find! Hehe

Courtney 13 Jul 09 at 9:56 pm

The look is so luxurious-feeling– both with artwork and mirrors! Great collection of images.

spark! (Ada-Marie) 14 Jul 09 at 2:40 pm

I love the Liz Woods room and the idea of the delicate driftwood wreath layered over the curtains. Thanks for the eye candy!

Ava Pierce 14 Jul 09 at 10:55 pm

This is absolutely gorgeous! So’s your blog; I’ve given you the “One Lovely Blog” award @ Keep up the great work!

Dorm Bedding 16 Jul 09 at 4:28 pm

Some really great examples 🙂 I absolutely LOVE the image from Phoebe Howard – just beautiful.

Houston's Weekly Chic 16 Jul 09 at 9:02 pm

Talk about thinking outside of the box! What an inspiring look! Any ideas on the best way to hang something on a curtain?

Lauren-Houston 17 Jul 09 at 10:01 am

My husband asked me the same question…love the look, but how do you do it? I think the simpliest way to do it would be to have a break in the curtain where two panels meet. You could easily place a nail/screw/bolt in between the curtains and the panels would close together to hide it. You could also hang the artwork from the ceiling. I’m sure there are other ways but those are the two that I could think of.

So Haute 18 Jul 09 at 10:21 am

Hey Lauren! I really love this look too. I was thinking of doing a wall of soft curtains behind my bed to add some texture and possibly putting a piece of art in front. We’ll see! And thanks for the shout out;-) xo

Gem 24 Jul 09 at 6:48 pm

I can ask So Haute too, but do you know of any place in Houston where I can find some curtain panels similar to the lavender ones on the canopy bed from So Haute? I would love to re-create that look and I haven’t been able to find that color! It’s so dreamy! Thank you for any assistance you can give.

Evan Adams 28 Jul 09 at 12:40 pm

I love this look, it’s so elegant. I was wondering if i could hang my painting off the same rod as the curtains? Like just using some thin line, such as fishing line? Do you think the relief/folds of the curtains would help to hide a line?

Annmsp 14 Jun 10 at 2:29 pm

Your website is like a blonde with a brain. I love it. Jokes aside, very informative aricle and equally impressive design.

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