Dramatic Doors!

Monday, August 10, 2009 | Category: Design Inspiration, Designers


{photo by Kim Myers Robertson}

As I was making my way through this month’s Lucky Magazine, I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this photo.  It wasn’t necessarily the clothing that caught my eye (though I do love that clutch), it was the door!  Lucite handle, ribbon trim detailed with a nail head in each corner –  perfection!  Here are a few of some of my favorite glamorous doors…


{photo from here}




{above three photos – Miles Redd}

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9 Comments to 'Dramatic Doors!'

Designer Chik 10 Aug 09 at 12:21 pm

Wow the doors give a new concept to closure, they give me great ideas, wish I could see the details of the first door your description is delicious…
Thanks for sharing

Dee Marksberry 10 Aug 09 at 1:29 pm

The zebra and mirror doors are amazing. Love your posts!

Linda /Mom 11 Aug 09 at 8:30 am

* Would certainly ENJOY annnd USE the study in the first pic… and the zebra doors in the next??? ~ As long as it’s faux, that too would be a delight to have~~~ such fun and soooo unique!!!

Thanks~ great posting!
Linda in AZ *

Merri Cvetan, The Design Coach 11 Aug 09 at 10:46 am

The door from Lucky Magazine would be so easy to duplicate, especially with a cheap hollow-core door. Some paint, a few nail heads, ribbon and glue!

Maren 11 Aug 09 at 1:58 pm

I tagged the exact same page from Lucky for the exact same reason! LOVE those doors…I had a quick daydream of having those to the entrance of my future dressing room (emphasis on “future” and emphasis on “room”!). If I had that cool outfit and looked like a model, that would be nice too! 🙂

Taylor 11 Aug 09 at 6:18 pm

These are definitely inspiring!!

Down Pillow 20 Aug 09 at 7:55 pm

Ooohhhh…I LOVE the mirroed door in the third photo – gorgeous!

Mikhail 25 Aug 09 at 11:17 am

It would be desirable to see continuation

AJ 12 Oct 09 at 10:38 pm

WOW I love this space! Doors are truly transform a space! TheSlidingDoorCompany can create gorgeous doors on the cheap

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