Quick Round Top Trip!

Monday, September 28, 2009 | Category: Antiques and Collectibles, Sales


On my way back from a weekend in Austin, I stopped by the BIG antiques fair in Round Top, Texas and the surrounding towns.  I call it “Round Top,” but I end up spending most of my time in Warrenton.  “Excess” is one of my favorite locations, and there are certainly some great deals to be had.  The above space is one of my favorites, and I came home with a few things from there.  The proprietor is not one for customer service…grrr…but his goods are really unique and “on trend.”


Lots of tortoise shells!


I loved this HUGE fixture pulled from a Palm Beach hotel – it was made entirely of lucite.  Trashy or Classy??  Me loves!

So that’s my quick recap, I was only there for a few hours.  The show is still going strong so check it out if you can!

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9 Comments to 'Quick Round Top Trip!'

My Notting Hill 28 Sep 09 at 8:32 am

ok – now I want to jump on a plane and go! I can’t but I am curious – is there a vendor there that helps people ship stuff back home if they didn’t drive?

Paloma {LaDolceVita} 28 Sep 09 at 10:55 am

Great finds! I really hope to be able to make it on Friday or Saturday!

Wendy 28 Sep 09 at 11:24 am

There is nothing better then a successful trip to an antique fair.

London Calling 28 Sep 09 at 3:37 pm

So close but yet so far. I can’t believe I live in South Texas and have never been. Maybe I can change that this week.

Julia-Chicago 28 Sep 09 at 7:06 pm

So insanely jealous!
I want to goooooo!!
Thank you for a taste of it…awwwww a bit far away.

Lauren 28 Sep 09 at 7:11 pm

Most dealers are more than happy to help with setting you up shipping back to your home.

You MUST go if you live in South Texas – we are so lucky to be so close!

Sally 28 Sep 09 at 7:53 pm

I’m cracking up about your favorite booth. My friends and I just refer to him as “Grumpy”. Although I must say, he seemed to be on his best behavior when I was there. Of course, it was one of the first days…

Lauren-Houston 28 Sep 09 at 10:37 pm

My mother-in-law said he was pretty nice the first day too! Not to me though, ha ha!

Matters of Style 30 Sep 09 at 6:21 pm

Loving those tortoise shells- I would love to put one on the wall- although I did help a turtle cross the street the other day and would feel kind of bad. I vote fab on the chandelier!

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