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Monday, March 08, 2010 | Category: Design Inspiration, Fashion

I immediately fell for this chic ensemble when I spotted it on Franki’s blog. I could really relate to it because as much as I love black, I do need that pop of color!  My favorite part are the Chuck Taylors…so chic with tights and a mini, yet so practical for walking all over a city!

This Living, Etc. bedroom via Mimi and Meg really exemplifies the casual elegance of the woman’s outfit.  I love the fur throw tossed on the bed and the pop of striped fuchsia pillows, acting as the “scarf” of the room.

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6 Comments to 'Fashion Translation'

Simply Luxurious 08 Mar 10 at 11:22 pm

The punch of color in the first photo is perfect. Love it! And the fuchsia pillows- just enough. Enjoyed the post – simple and fabulous.

Nancy@marcusdesign 09 Mar 10 at 12:24 am

Funny, I actually noticed the Chuck Taylor’s right away! Amazing how color really pops with such a black background as in both of these pics, beautiful!!

Laura 06 Jun 10 at 6:56 pm

This blog is so amazing!!! adore it so much!!! xoxo

Leramic 26 Jul 10 at 2:41 am

the world is changing,as the fashion…

jamie Herzlinger 28 Oct 10 at 12:17 am

FABULOUS! the picture of the outfit and the one of the bedroom-is so chic!
thanks also for the great piece on DVF. the photos of the hotel are so so pretty!

Vaginal Mesh Complications 21 Sep 12 at 8:06 pm

They look fabulous when they ware black pants and blouses. It’s a good combination for white background(snow).

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