Lucite & Gold Chandelier  

This week I’m mixing it up!  I decided to feature some of my favorite Craig’s List finds from MG Cities New York & Chicago.  If you like it, next week I’ll hit LA, Dallas, and Houston! 

If the above lucite and brass chandelier was within a 60 mile radius from me, it would be mine!  Sight unseen!  I love it…perfect for a little bathroom. 

You certainly have to look past the bad photography and out-dated upholstery when searching through the pages and pages of listings.  Look for quality pieces by Baker & Hickory Chair and don’t be scared to get specific.  Looking for a Quatrine Slipcover Sofa?  Just search it, you never know! 

NYC Finds…

Charles Hollis Jones Lucite Table

Rattan Bench Settee

Vintage Desk

David Netto Crib

Chicago Finds…

Mid Century Mirror – someone please buy this!


Hickory Chair Sofa – classic lines, redo it in a punchy fabric!

Vintage Picture Frames for your DIY art projects. 

Oil Landscape – I love the soft colors

Baker Credenza – huuuuuuge credenza, perfect for your roomy loft. 

Pointers for wheeling  & dealing on Craig’s List:

#1 – Use Common Sense.  If someone wants to wire you money sight unseen before they leave on their honeymoon (yes, I’ve gotten that email), it’s probably too good to be true.  Use discretion when responding to questionable emails.  Also people will low-ball you.  Be prepared to counter.

#2 – Try to meet in a very public place, and do not go alone.  

#3 – Bring Cash to purchase & Only Accept Cash (Or Money Order)

#4 – Prepare for disappointment.  I tried in vain to sell an antique sofa & chair.  After annoying several no-shows and nearly giving them away, I consigned at a local Auction House and came out ahead.  Don’t get desperate, and be patient.  Post your items under multiple categories.  It’s free after all!

#5 – Key Search Words – Just a few I use:  Baker Furniture, Hickory Chair, Lucite, Acrylic Furniture, Oil Landscapes, Regency, Vintage, New Sofa, Campaign Furniture, bamboo…what key search words do you use?  Good luck and happy hunting!

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8 Comments to 'Furniture Friday: Craig’s List Edition'

dallasDECORUM 11 Jun 10 at 12:30 pm

Great finds Lauren! I love that chandelier as well! I use mid century modern, saarinen, knoll are a few!

Decor Girl 11 Jun 10 at 7:38 pm

Excellent options! These would work in almost any interior. I think I have to have the lucite table. There are such great deals to find, it just takes vision. Nice selection!!

Roll up Doors 25 Jun 10 at 7:10 am

I love to see different type of old furniture…nice photos and information thanks for share it.

Houston Artist 26 Jul 10 at 9:25 am

Lovin that crib…

My new baby boy Zane would look mighty hip in that..

Leramic 27 Jul 10 at 4:02 am

Thanks for doing that blog post, the renderings look great, and I can see the range from quick to higher quality, that helps! You’re a peach!

living room furniture 09 Sep 10 at 9:52 pm

I love the Hickory Chair Sofa in image number 7.
I have seen a similar piece being used as living room furniture.

Shamima Sultana 12 Oct 10 at 9:08 am

Nice frame…like it:)

Jenny Hernandez 16 Jan 12 at 12:49 am

Thank u so much for graig list tips. Iam wanting to explore the world of Craig List and have to admit I am gun-shy.

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