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Mirrors & Windows

Posted By Lauren-Houston | Oct 21, 2010 | 7 Comments | Category: Bed and Bath

{photo from the Coastal Living 2010 Seabrook Idea Home}

Recently I designed a Master Bathroom where I removed the bath-tub and designed in its place a new, spacious, sit-down vanity for the Lady of the House.  With the bathtub gone, the large window on the wall behind it was now presenting new design dilemmas – how would I mount a mirror in front of this huge window (and 10 ft ceilings), how would I light the mirror so that at night make up could still be applied, and how would I keep a natural light coming into the room without it being too bright?  Ultimately we decided to move the window up, and do a framed mirror on the new wall, but these images I complied present an interesting scenario for the bathroom…mirrors mounted in front of windows.   

{Also from the Coastal Living Seabrook Idea Home}

{Designer Jill Brinson’s bathroom as seen in House Beautiful…yeah… this probably would not fly with most clients but it looks beautiful styled this way}

Gorgeous yoga retreat as seen on Elements of Style.

I LOVE this Gentleman’s bathroom designed by Steve & Brooke Giannetti

Designer Moises Esquenazi as seen in Metropolitan Home

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So my husband and I have been very hard at work on the nursery.  The first project I decided to tackle was this chest of drawers that I believe Bryce had in his room growing up.  It was in desperate need of some TLC, but I loved the lines of it and new it would be perfect to double function as a changing table.  

The color scheme for the nursery is lavender, dove grey, white, and gold.  The walls have since been painted “Ponder,” a fabulous grey/lavender by Sherwin Williams.  We nearly had a melt-down over some very FOUL smelling Eco paint but it seems to have since been resolved (my poor husband has already put on a total of three coats of primer/paint at this point with one to go to remove the smell).   

Now let me preface this before and after by saying I am by no means a DIY guru,  but every now and then I get the bug and can be very impulsive about starting a project.  Please, please, please excuse the terrible photos – my real camera currently has a broken lens. 

The prep work…yes, it was a game day, and yes, Hartley is proudly sporting her OU jersey. 

The first thing I do is sand the piece down with an extra fine grit sandpaper.  I selected “Nimbus Cloud” by Martha Stewart Living Paint in a flat sheen from Home Depot for the base color and start painting right away – no, I did not prime.  I used about a 2-1/2″ wide paint brush to apply the paint in even strokes.   

Coat one of paint goes on and I as usual start to panic (as I always do when painting furniture and only seeing the first coat).   I’m scared it’s too chalky-white.   

I decide to run to the paint store and I get a quart of “Dorian Gray” by Sherwin Williams for the top to give it some contrast.  I then apply a second coat of “Nimbus Cloud” to the entire piece and start to like what I see.

The next step is applying Rotten Stone to give the piece a more age.  I was nervous as heck to do this…I dabbed a mineral-oil soaked rag in the rotten stone and then wiped on, and then quickly off.  This took a while because I kept wiping too much of it off.  It is VERY subtle (impossible to see in an iPhone photo) but it really helped the piece not look so “flat”. 

I also found this gold wax stuff from Bering’s that I applied with my finger to “highlight.”  Can resist a touch o’ gold!

 So there you have it! 

I may even go back and add some more Rotten Stone.  I’m also still undecided about the hardware, but it works for now. 

So the following weekend (because I wasn’t tired enough) I decided to tackle our t.v. console with the same color but using a heavier hand on the Rotten Stone.  I love it!  You can see a before picture of my t.v. console here.   I had been dying to “neutralize” this piece for a long time but couldn’t decide how I wanted to refinish it.  Having left over paint in colors I know I liked sure made it easier.  I can’t wait to show you all the art work and vintage frames I’ve been buying like crazy for what will apparently be a gallery wall in the nursery since there is no real plan right now :) 

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Not too Shabby…

Posted By Lauren-Houston | Oct 11, 2010 | 3 Comments | Category: Kitchens

The soft industrial vibe of this kitchen is very appealing to me…Would you be surprised if I told you I found it here?

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The unexpected well-placed fine photograph can take a room from catalog to ooo-la-la.  This home designed by Martyn Lawerence-Bullard in the latest Veranda is chock-full of beautiful photography.  

I love everything about this image…the rug, the petitie floor lamps, but most of all, that photograph is KILLER.

{Jeneration Interiors via Elements of Style}

Black and White Photography is still classic, but lately I’ve been drawn to photos with a little bit of color in a very simple frame.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose is a favorite.  As terrified as I am of snakes, that albino python photograph is crazy awesome.  The best part is her 8.5″ x 11″ “open edition” prints are very affordable! 

I ordered this giraffe for the nursery. 

{Help – any one have a source for this photo?!}

{Miles Redd via La Dolce Vita}

Do you still gravitate towards black and white photography or are you ready to mix it up?  Do you have any favorite photographers? 

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