Parisian Perfection

Tuesday, January 04, 2011 | Category: Design Inspiration, Fashion

“Glamour,” is a word that gets thrown around quite a bit – myself being very guilty in describing practically everything I’m drawn to as, “glamorous (which actually irritates me)”  My personal design mantra is, “comfortable glamour,” and honestly I’m stilldrawn to gilded mirrors and Lucite like a tween girl to Justin Beiber. 

In a design age where “Hollywood Regency” has been watered down and commercialized ad nauseum, it’s hard for me to find glamour dens that really speak to me.  My jaw hit practically hit the magazine page when I saw Sally & Michel Perrin’s Parisian Flat in the latest Harper’s Bazaar (HB happens to be my favorite fashion magazine with a dang good monthly home editorial called, “A Fashionable Life”). 

The custom marble patterned carpet perfectlybalances the marbled-top gilded coffee table.  Mercury glass mirrors everywhere apparently reflect the floodlights of the tourist boats that float the River Seine.  In short, it is my dream Parisian pied-a-terre.  The gray and teal color scheme feels fresh and true glamour ooozes from this flat. 

Okay, I’ll stop talking and just show you the pics!  The apartment was designed by Chahan Minassian and all photos are from his website – make sure to check out the rest of his portfolio!


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