Well it was a crazy busy weekend at Casa de Haskett as we worked very hard to re-do my teeny tiny office in just forty eight hours.  I’m excited to show you the “before” & “afters.”  Who doesn’t love a great makeover, anyways?

So here’s the run-down…I was given ULTRA LED Dimmable 12W A-line light-bulbs by SYLVANIA, a $500 gift card to Lowe’s, and a weekend to basically whip out a miracle.

I’m beyond embarrassed to share the before photos.  I’m cringing…yes, it was a complete mess.  I didn’t even bother straightening up for the photo – just keeping it real. 

Okay, ENOUGH with the ugly!  Now for the plan…I have to go into any design project whether it large or small, with a plan.  You’ll see that the plan was tweaked just a little, but for the most part it served as a great guide (and kept me organized) during my shopping spree at Lowe’s! 

Seriously, it’s tiny but I know I can make it work for me (click image to enlarge). 

I knew that adding a skirt to the desk would immediately help corral the clutter (not that I just want to shove all of that mess underneath the desk).  I would like to hide the trash can, shredder, etc.  It has also been painfully clear that I need a better solution for fabric samples. 

The loot @ Lowe’s.  I feel like I got a lot of bang for my buck! 

Now, finally, the AFTER photos: 

One of my first pieces of inspiration was the silver and white wallpaper I found on clearance at Lowe’s for $15!  I knew it would be perfect on the back wall.  I picked a coraly-pink paint by Olympic for the walls and decided to paint the bookcase the same color because I didn’t want a white bookcase to “pop…” I wanted it to feel more seamless in the space. 

Let’s talk lighting.  Lack of good lighting was a major problem.  I found the chandelier at Lowe’s and added the SYLVANIA ULTRA LED lights.  One thing to note about LED lighting is that it is a very clear, bright, light.  I love the fact that I won’t have to change my light bulbs so frequently as they last 25 times longer versus the incandescent bulbs I was using before!  SYLVANIA’s ULTRA LED series is also dimmable so you can really control how much light you would like.  The chandelier I installed is large for the space (though I love the drama this provides), so I am using SYLVANIA’S ULTRA LED 8W A-line bulbs.  I could work happily with just the 12-watt bulb in my lamp.  This bulb allows me plenty of task light which is so important when working.  I can’t wait to replace all my current incandescent bulbs with ULTRA LED 12W A-line bulbs!   SYLVANIA also makes DOT-it Linear Swivel LED fixtures that you can adhere to the under side of cabinets or shelves.  Make sure to visit the SYLVANIA website to look at all the new LED products.  The improvements and advancements in LED lighting is so exciting, not to mention going green and saving green is an added bonus in any makeover!   

The gold baskets that now hold fabric samples were originally copper that I spray painted gold.  The white IKEA boxes I already owned were each individually sorted and re-organized so I wasn’t hanging onto unnecessary clutter.  It was so much work sifting through everything and purging what I didn’t need. 

Overall, I’m very  pleased with the new lighting, new organization, and totally new feel of my office!  If you are inspired by my makeover, be sure to head to the SYLVANIA Facebook page and enter their Room Makeover Series!  The contest is going on through 5/6 and one lucky person will win the Grand Prize: a $1,000 gift card to Lowe’s.  Imagine what you could do with that!

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25 Comments to 'My Office Makeover – The Big Reveal!'

Niki 02 May 11 at 4:06 pm

LOVE it! Ahhh….so refreshing. Inspiring!

Ispirato Design 02 May 11 at 4:27 pm

Amazing what a difference the chandelier makes. I bet you just feel better in that space now!

Jessie@www.mixandchic.com 02 May 11 at 4:33 pm

I am inspired by your idea of putting a skirt under the desk to conceal unattractive but functional things like shredder and trash can. What a lovely office makeover! Love the pretty chandelier, too!

daily decorator 02 May 11 at 4:37 pm

Love the bins on wall. Came out great. Happy working! ~Tracy

Shan 02 May 11 at 4:53 pm

I love it !

25th fabulous street 02 May 11 at 5:35 pm

Fabulous makeover!
You office looks really great now.

alissa 02 May 11 at 5:42 pm

I’m so inspired! What a great use of a small space!

Kim 02 May 11 at 6:08 pm

Very nice! And super score on the wallpaper – I’ve always loved the lattice pattern

Mareah 02 May 11 at 6:33 pm

Gorgeous makeover! I am in love!

stephanie 02 May 11 at 6:44 pm

looks fantastic!

Lisa 02 May 11 at 8:37 pm

u did a great job! I need someone to do mine for me!!!

Dayna 03 May 11 at 12:31 am

Gorgeous!! It’s a small space but I can see that you totally maximize every square inch with style!

Rebecca-NY 03 May 11 at 2:51 am

looks great! you’re inspiring me to to do a HUGE clean and re-org

janette 03 May 11 at 4:23 am

This room looks so lovely! I think I’ll do something like this in the my bedroom although it’s an apartment for rent in Buenos Aires, so it has to be temporary, but…. I can’t stand to live in a sad room anymore!

remodel 03 May 11 at 5:41 pm

Really like the new look

Alison 03 May 11 at 7:50 pm

Impressive! You fit so much storage into a small space.

Can you tell me which program you used for the plans, elevations? I’m getting tired of drawing!

Lauren-Houston 04 May 11 at 1:44 am

Hi Alison, I use Auto-Cad for all my drawings

Lauren-Houston 04 May 11 at 1:45 am

Janette – we’re renting too! A little paint never hurt anyone 🙂

Lauren-Houston 04 May 11 at 1:45 am

Kim – I couldn’t believe it! It looks even better installed than it did on the roll

Mer 04 May 11 at 6:24 am

I love your office makeover tips & photos! I’ve been searching for office inspiration myself. Thanks!

interior design firm 04 May 11 at 4:10 pm

Wow…what a great accomplishment for one weekend. I love the wire storage baskets on the wall. Thanks for sharing:)

Tatiana 04 May 11 at 4:10 pm

OMG, love love love the finished result – great work! Could you please tell me where you purchased the bronze baskets?

Stephanie 06 May 11 at 2:35 am

STUNNING TRANSFORMATION! I love how the white opens up the space and all the little details you put into your office! That chandelier is the PERFECT finishing touch! Definitely inspirational, thank you for sharing!

Lauren-Houston 06 May 11 at 6:11 pm

Tatiana, I got the baskets in the kitchen/organization section of Lowe’s and spray painted them gold.

Glam at Home 09 Jun 11 at 5:34 pm

What a pretty office! I”m re-doing my office right now and the lighting is my number one issue.

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