There is something magical about a large, grand entrance hall. It’s something I’ve always associated with a real, fancy, grown up house. They definintely don’t have to be formal or fancy though, even a round table at a back entrance can look great! I’m particularly drawn to round or octagonal tables in said Entrance Hall. Here are a few of my favorites – from rustic to refined!

Resident MG Design Idol, Kelly Wearstler, has launched an e-commerce website, and let me tell you, it definitely got my blood flowing this morning! I was not surprised that I loved so, so many things (that blazer is probably my favorite), but I was really pleasantly surprised that there were tons of items under $500, and a good amount even under $200. Go check it out here.

Here are the items I’m loving…


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I’m a big Sharon Montrose fan, and immediately ordered her book, Menagerie, when I received the email about it a little while ago. The best part – a hardcover copy is around $11!

It’s back. I’m back!
Since my baby girl and working part time with a full time load have kept me a little preoccupied, I’ve decided the best way to get back into the blogging swing of things is to go back to an old favorite, Furniture Friday. What more fitting piece of furniture than baby cribs?
I obsessed over cribs. Obsessed. It took me a long time to pull the trigger on one for Sadie. I was not impressed with the beds that took you from 0-20. We all know that by the time she’s ready for her “big-girl” bed I’ll be ready to design a custom day-bed or something!
I did a lot of research before we bought ours, but I have not researched each and every crib represented in this post. Please read up on the manufacturer and recalls before you buy any crib!
I broke them down by category…P.S. I may have saved the best for last!
{Laura Garcia’s Nursery as seen on The Glow}
{Chloe Redmond Warner}
Via CotedeTexas
{Oeuf Sparrow}
{Kalon Studios “Caravan” Crib}
{Massucco Warner Miller}
{Amy Morris}
{Found via Pinterest}
{Restoration Hardware Baby & Child’s “Jourdan” Crib}
Art for Kids’ “Cottage Crib Verona” in Reef Blue Linen
Restoration Hardware Baby & Child’s “Belle”
Restoration Hardware Baby & Child’s “Adele”
Restoration Hardware Baby & Child’s “Martine”
Restoration Hardware Baby & Child’s “Millbrook”
Bratt Decor’s “Venetian” in Venetian Gold
Art For Kids’ “Vintage Spindle Crib”
Newport Cottages’ “Rikki Crib”
Bratt Decor’s “Soho” Crib in White
KFD Designs
Nurseryworks “Uptown” Crib
And lastly, my dream. I wanted to design a lucite crib when I was preggo – looks like someone beat me to the punch! Nurseryworks’ “Vetro” Crib.