I spent last Saturday and yesterday in Round Top, Texas. It’s that time again – the big, huge, massive Antiques Show that has now spread practically from Brenham all the way toWarrenton. I love that I live a mere hour and a half away. They were two very busy full days so I don’t have tons of photos (and these are from my iPhone), but I still wanted to share. These show(s) are really a must see if you love furniture & antiques!

{This sconce was one half of a pair of the most beautiful sconces I’ve ever seen. Photo taken at Marburger in Vickie Kienast’s booth}

I was on a major rug kick this year…

This mirror was EVERYTHING.

Pair of Opaline Lamps. LOVED these (these lamps and mirror below also in Vickie Kienast’s booth).

Crankypants at Excess in Warrenton had three of these beauties (if you’ve ever gone to Excess, you probably know who I refer to as, “Crankypants”).

Has anyone else gone to the shows this year? What caught your eye?

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7 Comments to 'Round Top Round Up- Fall 2011'

Mary-Aromatic Oils 03 Oct 11 at 8:04 pm

The sconce is really beautiful, and Paris, j’adore the Eiffel Tour

sally Wheat 03 Oct 11 at 9:07 pm

Crankypants!!! Ha!! Heck yeah, I (and all my friends) know EXACTLY who you’re referring to. We just call him Mean/Grumpy Guy.

Home Remodeling Charlotte 03 Oct 11 at 9:52 pm

That is gorgeous!!
I love it!

Jamie 04 Oct 11 at 2:03 am

i went saturday too! i didn’t see nearly as many wonderful things as i usually do. we should meet up next time!

Lauren-Houston 04 Oct 11 at 2:40 am

Jamie, for sure! Where is your favorite place to hit?

Lauren 06 Oct 11 at 3:35 am

Sally – didn’t get the pleasure of interacting with him this year – sadly he was never in his booth when I was there. No love lost!

Jenn 01 May 12 at 11:35 pm

Who is Crankypants and do you know how I can contact him? I need one of those bubble fixtures!

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