Furniture Friday: Makeover Edition

Friday, January 13, 2012 | Category: Uncategorized

So I thought I would share a personal project…”personal” meaning my own small Living Room.  We had a kitchen fire in September (everyone was fine) and have started the process of replacing or repairing the things that were damaged.  Our white slipcovered sofa and green silk chair were trashed from water and smoke damage.

This is our old apartment but shows the “BEFORE” of the sofa…



My sofa had to basically be re-built (notice the new arms) and I made the switch from slipcover to a neutral upholstery in a linen/cotton blend.  The green chair was skirted and I added a gray cotton velvet.  I’ve been wanting to de-colorify our place for a while now, and all it needs is a punch of hot pink peonies! (side note – our coffee table is usually more “styled” but alas, the box o’ accessories is most likely in my husband’s car trunk left over from the frantic hustle pre-Sadie Bday party).



The green silk chair was never my favorite piece in the world (really used as a desk chair in our bedroom but in our new place the scale was better for our LR).  Silk was obviously not my first choice and not practical for dog & baby.

And chair after….


Skirted in a gray cotton velvet that changes color as the day goes on.

Here’s another “AFTER” of the same chair.  My Mom also had a pair, so we had them re-done in a punchy coral and added a box-pleat skirt.  These are the head chairs at their Dining Room Table.  Just waiting for the go-ahead on aqua/chartreuse wallpaper and silk turquoise drapes!

I hoped you enjoyed this FF.  It is always extremely nerve racking for me to share personal projects but I love it when others do, so why not??

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8 Comments to 'Furniture Friday: Makeover Edition'

Alexandra 14 Jan 12 at 3:39 am

It looks great!! The colors you chose are very pretty and hello big awesome clam shell! I love personal posts because they are more relatable and over more fun to see things in ‘real’ time vs. through a pro lens which make anything look good lol

cutecookie 14 Jan 12 at 4:25 am

Thanks for spend time teaching us about decoration
love your great work.

Susan-The Kitchen Designer 14 Jan 12 at 12:06 pm

So sorry about the fire! Lovely pieces, all of them. I really like the sofa. Great texture and it looks so warm and comfortable. Coral is a favorite color too…it’s so versatile since it’s at once fresh but elegant on this chair.

barbiebird 15 Jan 12 at 9:22 pm

gr8 work, nice decoration especially for wall deor

Lauren-Houston 20 Jan 12 at 3:56 pm

Thanks for all the “props!” Glad you all enjoyed

Shirley Barr 06 Feb 12 at 10:08 pm

Just found your charming website! Would love to send a couple of images of interior accessories I’m swooning for right now. Can I do that? BTW I tried to post Furniture Friday (Parsons Chairs) but it said page had gone away…?

Shirley Barr 06 Feb 12 at 10:09 pm

P.S. Did you say who did this great upholstery work or do I click on something else? Always need good vendors!

Scott Weaver 14 Feb 12 at 3:56 am

Wow, I can’t believe that is the same couch. Where did you take it to have it re-covered? Awesome blog!

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