{Miles Redd as seen in House Beautiful}

Many times clients are hesitant to add a crazy pattern into the mix because they are scared they will tire of it quickly.  My theory is the opposite, I think we tire much quicker of a sea of beige than one a punchy piece.  If you love the fabric, then chances are that’s the piece you’ll love the most.  I love solid color upholstery as much as the next person because it is timeless and versatile, but I’d love to find a place for a colorful settee.

The much blogged about Living Room of Ivanka Trump (which I still love).  Settee upholstered in a LuluDK fabric.


Above three images found on the Quadrille website. 

{Kristen Buckingham} 

{Cottage Living}

Patterned pieces don’t have to be all crazy-pants either as the above two images prove.

 Have a great weekend everyone!  I think now I’ll spend mine looking for a great vintage piece to recover in one of my favorite prints!


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Interesting!  “Crossover” stylist Estee Stanley (interiors and fashion – I’m a little jealous) and Justin Timberlake have teamed up with the Mint franchise to create a home collection.  I’m very curious as to what this will entail!  Funiture?  Just accessories?  For those of you not familiar, the, “Mint Family” includes JewelMint, StyleMint, and ShoeMint.  Each website teams a designer or stylist with a celebrity to create a small collection with a few designs released each month.  I can’t wait to see what ol’ JT has up his sleeve!


New from Melanie Turner

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Or new to me.  This living room designed by Melanie Turner perfectly sums up my aesthetic and I’m loving it!  It’s fun to find a room you haven’t designed that you could move right into!

Blush pink curtain panels, fuschia velvet pillows, white slips, and a mirrored coffee table – yes, yes, yes!

Perfect Accessorizing