Rick Janecek’s amazing North Dallas home graces the cover of this month’s D Home.  It is a pretty incredible renovation (would love to see the before photos).  As the Creative Director of Global Views, he has the opportunity to try out prototypes of new products in his own home (dream).

The home is absolutely eye candy and a study in just how much you can customize.  I particularly can appreciate the details of the kitchen and bathrooms, and his bedroom only affirms how great a pop of bright orange can look in a white space.

Read the full story here or pick up your copy if you are in Dallas!






{Interior Design by Ellen Hamilton via Quadrille}

Matching your upholstered piece(s) to wallpapered or upholstered walls is an old-school designer trick that honestly takes a designer with some guts now-a-days to pull off.  I always say you’re going to tire of a “safe” room a lot faster than putting in pieces, colors, and patterns that you LOVE.




Heather Hilliard

This does not have to be a stuffy look – I love the way Heather Hilliard took a “traditional” idea and make it clean and contemporary.



Aerin Lauder is the perfect example of a “fresh” traditionalist.



Greg Mendelson via Chic Coles – old school with an edge



Philip Gorrivan via Quadrille

Match your walls to your pillows!



Tory Burch via Quadrille



via Thibaut Design