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Houston Design Blog | Material Girls | Houston Interior Design » Furniture Friday: Match Your Furniture to your Walls


{Interior Design by Ellen Hamilton via Quadrille}

Matching your upholstered piece(s) to wallpapered or upholstered walls is an old-school designer trick that honestly takes a designer with some guts now-a-days to pull off.  I always say you’re going to tire of a “safe” room a lot faster than putting in pieces, colors, and patterns that you LOVE.




Heather Hilliard

This does not have to be a stuffy look – I love the way Heather Hilliard took a “traditional” idea and make it clean and contemporary.



Aerin Lauder is the perfect example of a “fresh” traditionalist.



Greg Mendelson via Chic Coles – old school with an edge



Philip Gorrivan via Quadrille

Match your walls to your pillows!



Tory Burch via Quadrille



via Thibaut Design




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3 Comments to 'Furniture Friday: Match Your Furniture to your Walls'

Figgy 10 Jul 12 at 8:49 pm

My cousin Leonard Serota who designed Gimbel’s NY Dept. store in the 1960’s had a Pucci bathroom with matching Pucci wallpaper and shower curtain.
Simply divine and uber chic! these rooms are amazing. thank you, figgy

Chicago Interior Design Firm 12 Jul 12 at 9:21 am

This is an amazing idea I really like it and I also want to make my bed room like this.
Thank you for sharing such an informative post to us.

Angelina Willium 16 Jul 12 at 12:30 pm

Design is really gr8, is that wall paper all over walls or paint? I like your ideas, looking forward to fallow some tips.

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