Furniture Friday: Furniture Makeover Edition

Friday, August 31, 2012 | Category: Uncategorized


I wanted to share a few furniture “before and after’s” from one of my projects.  It’s always a plus when a client has a few pieces you can reupholster that are the right scale.  Sometimes they just need to be totally re-imagined.  The pair of chairs above used to look like this…    I had the channel tufting removed and slipcovered them in Java Java by China Seas.   They were the perfect size for this nook in their Master Bedroom.




The client’s existing chaise lounge totally transformed in my FAVORITE pattern by Galbraith & Paul.




In their Living Room, I added a clean waterfall skirt and slipped the chair in a tan and white small stripe.

(Please excuse my un-staged iPhone pics)


I hope you’ve enjoyed a fun twist on Furniture Friday!  Have a great Holiday weekend!

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2 Comments to 'Furniture Friday: Furniture Makeover Edition'

Estefanía Mendívil 31 Aug 12 at 10:49 pm

Wow! they look so different, your fabric choice was great!

Cortney 11 Sep 12 at 1:47 pm

I am on a serious budget when it comes to furniture so I’m ALWAYS looking for inspiration on how to recover or recreate used pieces. I love what was done to these pieces and I’m currently searching for fabric I want to use on an old couch I’m trying to recover. Seeing how beautifully done this piece was gives me hope that I can do the same! Thanks for the inspiration!

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